Rayne the Hedgebot

Biographical Information
  • Rayna (mispronunciation)
Romantic InterestsHydro the Sharkbot
Physical Description
  • "Fur/Hair": Royal Purple/Turqoise
  • "Skin": Dark Grey
  • Eyes: Cyan/Black
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Various guns, knives, flamethrowers, ect.
  • Able to use various weapons
  • Abnormal strength
  • Flight (for a short amount of time, however)
Other Information
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorUser:Sunny the Hedgehog

Rayne the Hedgebot is a Robian Hedgehog.

Physical Appearance

Physical Features



Unlike other robots, Rayne has a mouth. Rayne is capable of talking like a normal mobian. It is shown that the inside of her mouth is grey, and she has no tongue. However, she does have thorn-sharp teeth (which are also grey and made of metal/steel). It is also notable that her voice sounds robotic, and yet still feminine.


Rayne is capable of blinking her eyes like a normal robian. She can change the shape of her eyes also (as in changing her face expression).



Rayne has a strange and very wild personality. She enjoys frightening others, usually by ambushing them and pretending to attack them (sometimes even doing so). This trait makes her notorious and disliked, though she doesnt seem to care. Another part of her violent personality shows when she is depressed, and constantly critisizing herself (while asking others if they agree with her). However, she acts quite generous and affectionate to her few friends, and will do anything to protect them and make them happy. Her aggressive side shows towards small children and some teenagers. She will mercilessly threaten them to the point where she unsheathes weapons (but never attacks). The only time she is seen in a calm mood is when she's tired or when in a serious situation.


  • Scaring others (a favorite past-time of hers)
  • Protecting her loved-ones ("If I ever have to sacrifice myself for them....then I absolutely will!")
  • Screams ("It's like music to my ears!")
  • Her notorious ego (she enjoys the fact that some people are afraid of her)
  • Being herself ("I never want to be anyone else! I like myself just the way I am.")
  • Humans (she believes that they are civilized beings just like mobians)
  • Much more


  • Being called a "hero" ("I'm not a 'hero'. I've never done anything that special.")
  • Children and Teenagers (~both human and mobian. She will constantly threaten them.)
  • When her friends are in danger (~and she would be devastated if she couldnt save them)
  • Not being able to sleep-in ("I need my reeeeesssst....")
  • When random people try to talk to her ("I dont even know them. Why would they want to talk to me?")
  • Extreme heat (she's afraid of melting (even though it's unlikely that she even would melt))
  • Electricity and Water (~can make her go haywire and possibly shut her down for a certain amount of time)
  • Much more


  • Water (though she will do chores for her friends which include water (such as washing dishes, watering gardens, ect.)
  • Electricity
  • Fire
  • The thought of her friends dying (~which would be even worse if they were to die at her own hands)

Abilities and Weaknesses

Rayne has all of the typical abilities that other robots have, including abnormal strength, short term flight, and the ability to produce various weapons and use them with high knowledge. However, Rayne -unlike other robots- is light-weight, and can run at a fast pace.

Even though Rayne is immune to water on the outside, if it gets inside her, she can very well go haywire (it isnt vital to her, however). Strangely, she is capable of having a seizure (even though she's a robian) if she sees too many flashing colors. At times, she is also slow/thick-headed, and cannot compute information as quickly as normal.

Interactions With Other Characters

Hydro the Sharkbot

Rayne has a very good friendship status with Hydro. Though she states that she sees him as a friend only, she actually has some romantic feelings for him. Even so, she doesnt show any shyness towards him.

Rayne strongly disapproves of Hydro's "perversion", and she will often confront him and critisize him about it.

Theme Song(s)

  • Nightmarish Waltz ~ This song describes Rayne's violent persona. This is Rayne's main theme, seeing as she is violent and wild most of the time.
  • Promise ~ While Nightmarish Waltz describes Rayne's violent habits, Promise describes her more calm persona.


  • Despite being a robot/robian, Rayne is capable of using contractions (such as "can't" and "you'll").
  • Her main theme song, "Nightmarish Waltz", usually plays when she's in the midst of a slow-battle, or when she's talking to someone while in the midst of scaring them.
  • Rayne's full name is "Rayne Lönnroth", and judging by her last name, she is Swedish. She infact knows how to speak Swedish, and before she was roboticized, she had an accent as well.

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