Gender: Female

Age: 18

Species: Mongoose

Race: Shironan

Alignment: Chaotic Good




Brother: Geo Sedim


Rayna has a tan muzzle with two tinges of fuzz on both side of her cheeks, with a smaller tinge above the two. This coloring extends to the inside of her ears, and her torso's front. The rest of her body is covered in snowy white fur, with no extra colorings unlike her brother. Her hair is waist length, and colored rose red; her hair is styled in waves and she has small bangs in her face, none blocking her eyes. Her eyes share the same rose coloring, though her eyes turn green when her power is in use. 

She wears a black leather jacket that she keeps zipped up, while under that is a blue tanktop. She wears a pair of denim jeans, and black high heel boots. She also has a single piercing on her left ear. It should be noted that she wears a bandanna on her right arm.


Rayna is like her brother in that she is extremely patient, usually being bothered only by something far too annoying to ignore. However, this is where the similarities end. Rayna is an extremely mischevious girl, often times getting into trouble wherever and whenever she can. However, even she can get serious; and when she does so, she remains like this until the reason for her change in attitude is either fulfilled or done.

It should also be noted that Rayna also has a southern accent like her brother, but she hides it rather well. It's when she's either flustered, furious, or embarrassed that the accent comes out.



Rayna, ironically, possesses the power to manipulate air; the opposite of her brother's earth manipulation.


As a mongoose, Rayna naturally possesses incredible leg strength; with her ability to control wind augmenting her speed.


Though she never made an actual appearance, Rayna too was an alternate version of a character. In her case, it was Mina.

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