Raymondland is an imaginary small city-state named after its creator Raymond Oswald F. Given the fact that Raymondland only takes up a fourth of her small continent, it has a low population. Raymondland isn't very rich, but neither does it even have a need, since it has no one to trade with. Raymondland's currency was actually imported from the Cheeseman Universe via chatrooms, and that currency is known as muneez. It's pretty much the same as American currency (pinookz=penny, noikelz=nickel, dijalimseez=dime, quartemz=quarter, and muneez=dollar), and the only differences are what the bills look like and what the coins are made out of. Raymondland doesn't have an actual government, but does have a council, with Raymond and his alternate personality Ray as her co-chiefs.


Raymondland is a mixing pot of various species, but as of now, there hasn't been anyone actually born there. Most of her inhabitants are imaginary. The main race in Raymondland is of course Raymondeezk* (pronounced Raymondese). The main religion of Raymondland is Christianity, since the only church it has is Christian. The language spoken in Raymondland is actually a distorted jargon from the English language, yet they have their own alphabet (26 letters), their own grammar, and their own time system.



Raymondland was created after Raymond created his alternate personality Ray. Raymond befriended Ray and created Raymondland so they could have a happy place to retreat to. The two agreed that they would rule the city-state together as its co-chiefs, since someone would have to govern it while the other was in the physical world. When Raymond became friends with Angel, he made a way for everyone to come to Raymondland so she'd be able to visit. At first, few people would consider going to Raymondland because it was to dangerous with out expertise, but then Ray found out that if he'd open his eyes all the way, he could teleport whomever is standing in front of him to Raymondland. This discovery made it safer to travel there.

War against Asterix

Raymondland was once threatened by Asterix of the Failmondyzzle, who hated the Raymondeezk*. She wanted to destroy it by bringing a black hole to the continent, and then travel to the physical world and bring a black hole into the solar system. In order to make it harder for her victims, she separated Ray and Raymond, making Ray a physical being. She did this so one of the two would have to go to sleep in order to govern Raymondland, making him more vulnerable. Raymond saves Raymondland by chasing her out with his army. He brings his army into the physical world and lets Msyung take control the soldiers to fight Asterix's. Raymond and his friends teamed up with Dr. Eggman to stop her, and the plan Eggman formulated played out smoothly until Raymond was given the task to finish Asterix off. Seeing Asterix weakened, Raymond refused to let anyone hurt her, giving her enough time to heal, teleport away from the defenders, and summon a posse, which almost kills Raymond and his allies. Ray had to sacrifice his life to cripple Asterix and send her to the Andromeda Galaxy. In order to replace his fallen friend, he unanimously elects Angel to be the co-chief of Raymondland until he finds away to ressurect Ray.

Rise of Rämen the Warlord

He and his friends (sans Angel) stage a raid on Dr. Eggman's lair to steal a device that could teleport people from different universes into theirs. Against Eggman's warnings, Raymond activates it and accidentally summons Rämen, a corrupt version of Ray. Ramen injures Raymond and his friends, impeaches both Angel and Raymond from their role as Raymondland's co-chiefs, starts a democratic government (soon becomes a dictatorship), and assumes power as its president. Rämen brainwashes the Ramondeezk* military and most of the citizens, and then sends an army to kill Raymond and his friends and also take over the physical America. Raymond stages several battles with Rämen, the battles quickly escalating to the use of chaos emeralds. Raymond finally realizes that he can just create Ray again, as he is a facade persona, and kills Rämen with a dirk. After the victims of Rämen are free from conscious enslavement, Raymond and Ray go back to ruling Raymondland as its co-presidents, fixing everything back to normal in the process.

The Asterisk Invasion

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Notable Areas

The Raymondeezk* Council House, Raymond Juice factories


Things that belong to

N8THEGR8/N8DASPAGR8IOZ/TheToastervision: Rämen the Warlord, Raymond the Hedgehog/Ray the Hedge, Asterix, Dr. Eggman (OCA)

FireBlaze: Angel Polyweather

SEGA: Dr. Eggman (canon)

Noeltheevilblonde: Original concept of Asterix

messybones/Speedytacos: Mysung the Hedgehog

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