This Article is for a character who will appear in many crossover fangames with sonic the hedgehog.



Rayman is a bizarre character... He was conjured up from moon beams during the second summer solstice by the nymphs. The reason for his creation was to protect the land known as The Glade of Dreams. He possesses a wide array of powers and abilities. He's very heroic and adventurous with quite a sense of humor. He gained the trust of the residents in the Glade of Dreams rather quickly as he doesn't hide his good nature from anyone.


Rayman has no limbs and no neck, yet he is somehow able to eat. He wears a purple shirt with a re bandanna wrapped around where his neck should be. He sports some fancy yellow sneakers and cartoony white gloves. He has spiky golden hair that hangs a bit over his face but does not prevent him from seeing.


Rayman possesses several skills, he is a fast runner and a quick thinker, he can make incredible umps, run up walls, breathe underwater, glide with his hair, and on top of all that, he is immortal. Whenever Rayman takes damage he inflates, pops, and reforms in a matter of second. Even though he's indestructible it doesn't mean getting hit won't hurt him. Rayman can throw his fists to hit enemies from a distance since they are not attached to his body, the longer her charges up his punch, the farther his fist will fly!


Rayman has rescues the very nymphs who created him on several occasions as well as protect the Glade of Dreams from the mysterious Mr. Dark. He has encountered many foes and not a single one has been able to stop him.

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