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"I like to think of life as a violin, you play with all your soul, until a string breaks."
~Rayla Mari Opal


Early Life

<p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt;">Rayla was born on day 16, 3215. She lived with her mother Ralder the Hedgehog, her sister Rebecca the Hedgehog and occasionally her father, Stalpher the Hedgehog; who usually disappeared for months at a time. She was taught by her mother how to use a Katana and usually played in the forest near her house, Deerwood, with her best friend and 'neighbour' Tianna the Cat. Rayla had a normal, average Mobian life until the age of seven; when a Necromancer named Mavinic the Hedgehog came, burned down a quarter of Deerwood. Though the whole forest would've been destroyed if it wasn't for Rayla and Tianna, whom were playing 'Tag' the time the fire started, Tianna smelt the smoke and her and Rayla investigated. After the fire spreading at an immense speed, threatening to burn the whole of Deerwood down, Rayla and Tianna began pouring water over the bushes and trees where the fire was headed too. In the end, the fire stopped and died down when at the bank of the stream which ran through Deerwood. Unfortunately a little less than half of the forest was burned and destroyed by the blaze, leaving a black mark that can still be seen today on Mobius from air.

When Rayla and Tianna came back, Tianna ran back to her home to where her mother was waiting, angry and concerned. While Rayla ran to her house looking for her mother, who was gone, only her two year old sister and a note with a black symbol of necromancy. After a week of waiting for her mother at Tianna's house, Tianna's mother had gotten a call from someone, saying that Stalpher, Rayla's father, was missing and presumed dead. For a girl at the age of seven, Rayla had gone through depression and anxiety, wondering what had happened too her parents, if they were really dead and who would look after her two year old sister, Rebecca. After six years of being educated by Tianna's mother, who was a teacher, Rayla and Rebecca knew surely that their mother was dead and moved on.

One night during those six years, Rayla had gotten a dream from the Goddess Heather. The Goddess told Rayla that she was meant to protect this stone made from the souls of evil from Necromancers such as the one that killed her parents,


Unsure of what to do in her life, Rayla set off with her sister and Tianna, hoping to get a job. Though what the trio didn't expect was being hunted by the necromancer that killed Rayla's mother and her father. Later on, Rayla discovered that the necromancer was named Mavinic, and was hunting her because he would avenge his farther, Aerion, by destroying the bloodline of Agate Guardians. Now Rayla's main objective is to protect the ones she cares for from Mavinic, though destroying the bloodline of Agate Guardians isn't the only thing that Mavinic wants.


Rayla is a purple anthopomorphic hedgehog. She has dark brown eyes, slightly longer spikes than your average hedgehog, pale olive skin and looks like an athletic type (even though she isn't). Most of the time, she wears purple, only on some occasions (or when she feels like it) does she wear black.

Her usual clothing is:

Purple T-Shirt
Magneta Jacket
White Gloves with Purple Outline
Purple Griplock Pants
Grey/Black Belt
Purple Sneakers with Thin White Stripe down the middle.
Agate Amulet


Rayla is usually a fun and loving friend to have around, though at times she can become a little hyper or creepy. In a dangerous situation/fight (usually involving Mavinic), Rayla can become extremely protective of her friends, and if any pain were to inflict on them you'd better be prepared to run for the hills. Though team-work isn't her strongest point, she will try her best to cooperate with them or find a way to resolve a problem. Since she's an Agate Guardian, she is "apparantly" the leader of the rest of the Guardians, as much as she resents it and tries to get Tianna to do all of the leader jobs, she ends up doing them in the end.


Like the rest of the Guardians, Rayla posseses the ability to manipulate light (photomancy).


Rayla has the ability to create a mental sheid, or in other words, a forcefield. This ability has saved her skin, along with her friend's a countless number of times.

She has also been called a Dream Walker, mainly because of the fact that she can invite herself into other people's dreams, as well as invite people into her own dreams. It has also been suggested that the dreams that she has are occasionally about upcoming events which might take place in the future.


A handy skill that Rayla learnt from the mother was the art of swordfighting, even though her mother never got the chance to fully teach Rayla sword skills, Rayla has learn enough to use her katana for self defence.

Rayla, out of curiosity and for a way to express her emotions of the loss of her family, learnt how to play the violin. Though she can only play four songs, one of them was a lulluby that her mother used to sing to her, which summons the light powers (photomancy) to strenghen for a certain amount of time.

Though it is not a very useful skill, Rayla can talk non-stop about something that she simply wants to get off of her chest, it's annoying for others but it sure makes her in a better mood afterward.


One of Rayla's main weaknesses would be in mid-battle with Mavinic, stressed, tired and just wants to have some peace in her life for once, Mavinic finds that as an oppotunity to go low and talk about Rayla's parents and what method he used to kill them. Rayla usually takes it all out on Mavinic afterward, but whilst Mavinic is going low, Rayla becomes completely vulnerable and super easy to attack. If it wasn't for her friends, Rayla would be toast.


"Hiya! I'm Rayla Opal!" - When introducing herself

"The hedgehog knows best!" - Random quote

"DON'T. CALL. ME. PURPLEY!!!!" - When Raven Riverblood calls her 'Purpley'

Battle Quotes:

"Bring it!" - When about to engage in battle with Mavinic

"Why am I fighting you!? We're supposed to be working together!" - When fighting with a friend

"Better luck next time bro!" - When winning a battle

"You knew you had it 'comin for ya!" - When winning a fight she knew she was going to win

"Aww darn it!" - When losing a battle

"Retreat!!!"  - When losing a battle with Mavinic

"You win this time..." - When losing a battle with Mavinic

"Forgive me..." - When losing a battle with friend

"Errgh..." - When becomes completely beaten

"ARGHHHHHhhhhhh...." - When falls off a building/stage

"Oh yeah! I'm the Ultimate Lifeform! Who cares what Shad says!?" - After earning a rank S

"Mmm hmm! That's how ya do it!" - After earning a rank A

"Seems legit." - After earning a rank B

"Hmm, almost had it!" - After earning a rank C

"Uggh, that didn't go to well..." - After earning a rank D

"I REALLY need to practice more... :'(" - After earning a rank E

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