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Rayla was a former princess of the Viral Royal family known as Princess Chelo Viral the Lynx. After her boyfriend was killed by her mother, Daemon, she was saved by GUN's Dimensional Gateway malfunctioning due to the Destructix attempting to steal its power source (a chaos emerald) when it was activated accidentally due to Drago's clumsiness, causing her to disappear just as Daemon was about to strike her in the back. She now works with the Destuctix and has fallen in love with Lightning Lynx.

Rayla Lynx
her friends, pizza, martial arts, videogames, internet, TV, comics, manga, Lightning (Lover), Team Elemental, Predator Hawk, Sgt.Simian, Fiona (Best Friend), Her powers, causing those who hurt her to suffer
Eggman, Snively, Slasher, Daemon, Hacker, Jun Kun, Regina Ferrum, Ixis Naugus, Geoffrey St. John, Elias, salad, media bans, being ignored, Flying Frog's sanity, Scourge being cruel, getting ticked off, Most classic music
~Slasher Viral (Father)

~Daemon Viral (Mother)

~Hacker Viral (Brother)

~Chelo Viral (Sister/Clone)

~Frisk Viral (Brother/Hacker's Clone)
Team Side
Viral Royal Family (Formerly) Destructix
Super strength, Moderate super speed, good marksman, fencing, Martial arts, knowledge of weaponry and technology, Technokinesis, Hacking skills, invisibility, paralysing claws, fluent w/BINARY, Growling, high durability, Hissing, Roaring, Chelokinesis
~Purple mini blouse (formerly)

~purple mini skirt (formerly)

~Purple, thigh-high boots (formerly)

~Purple, detached sleeves (formerly)

~Silver tiara w/ pink gem (formerly)

~Silver necklace w/ red gem (formerly)

~Brown bandolier(formerly)

~Brown, toeless boots (formerly)

~Brown pistol belt(formerly)

~Silver pistol(formerly)

~Black top w/ green neck-band and green circle /w circuitry

~Black, baggy pants w/ green bands and circuitry

~Black ankle boots w/ green trim and buckles
~Pink fur (formerly)

~White Muzzle ~White Front ~Fangs ~Right red eye (formerly) ~Left pink eye (formerly) ~Black claws ~Purple fur ~Black hair w/ green ~white eyelids (formerly) ~Green eyelids ~Yellow left eye

~Green right eye

New Genesis

Early Life

Rayla was born in the Special Zone as Princess Chelo Viral, the daughter of King Slasher Viral the Lynx and Queen Daemon Viral. She also has a younger brother named Dusk Viral, and an older brother named Hacker Viral.

She later fell in love with Wind the Hawk, a Prime Zone native, and planned to run off with him, deeply angering Slasher as she was suppose to be under his complete control and he already had a fiancee for her; Stryke the Hedgehog (who cheated on her earlier). Since Hacker was the stronger one, Slasher arranged for Chelo and her lover's deaths.

When she and Wind were about to run off, Daemon ambushed them, knocking Chelo against a wall. She then fought, and Wind got on Daemon's back and attempted to shoot a small laser in her head, but she survived. She then grabbed Wind and threw him to the ground before stabbing her long claws through him and completely draining his life energy, turning him transparent and killing him. Chelo held Wind in her arms one last time before he died, giving her his bandolier, gun belt, and pistol.

Daemon was about to strike her, but the UF's Dimensional Gateway rescued her at the last minute due to Drago's clumsiness. She landed in the forest, promising to avenge Wind's death.


Rayla is normally quiet and calm, but she can get hot headed very easily, causing her to become verbally nasty, even violent when it goes too far. She often becomes paralyzed with fear, but usually overcomes it, especially when deeply angered and/or when someone she cares about is in danger. She is very vengeful, not surprising considering her heritage. Despite being dark, she can be quite comedic at times, even doing her own comedy routine at one point. When she becomes very angered or threatened, she will hiss, growl, and even roar. She is very loyal to whatever team she serves, and will fulfill her duties until betrayed or believing that the plans are against her.

When Rayla was younger, she was joyful and fun-loving, always wanting to be around people, but when Wind was killed, she developed a quiet and serious edge with a vengeful streak in her nature.

Due to the events of the Iron Dominion and Naugus' takeover, she utterly hated the others for betraying NICOLE for Naugus, Geoffrey for his betrayal, Eggman for roboticizing Sally, and Naugus for turning Bunnie (unintentionally) into crystal. She also hated Espio and Lightning for a time due to their involvement in the Iron Dominion. Eventually she found out that Espio had no choice and Lightning did so because of his previous exile, and thus forgave them. But she still hates Snively, believing him to be a catalyst for all that happened. She also hates the Battle Bird Armada, as she believes they killed NICOLE and Bunnie, not knowing that they got out safely.


She's a good swimmer, knows martial arts, and carries around a laser pistol on her belt and a katana on her back. She is also a Techno-kinetic, greatly enhancing her knowledge of weaponry and technology, as well as allowing her to control machines from a distance. She can also play piano. Her chelokinesis allows her use projectile-able, paralyzing claws. She can also hiss, growl, and roar when threatened.


Her temper is often her downfall, and she mistrusts others easily. She can also get cowardly and rely on gut feeling alone instead of logic. 


  • The name Rayla is used to name girls on Facebook that are shy at first, but are really talkative and headstrong, They're also described as very attractive, but when someone gets on their bad side, they'll kick their sorry tail.
  • Rayla's name is a female variant of the name, Ray.
  • Ray means Regal, Counselor, mighty protection, guards wisely, Radiant, Doe, Grace, Wise Protector. and a wise warrior.
  • Rayla's name came from volume 5 of the graphic novel series of TOMO.
  • Rayla's birth name is a play on her chelokinesis.