Cquote1 Argh! Time to walk the plank, Razz. me boy! Cquote2
Raven the Pig

Raven the Pig
Raven the Pig 4
Drawn on paper, Drawn over and colored on Paint Tool SAI
Annoying Little Pig (Candy Pirate)
15 (2004-2008) 6 (2009-today)
Domestic Pig
Bronze Fur
Yale Blue dress w/ 2 hearts,

Cardinal Hair Bow, Moss Green Gloves, Pigment Green Striped shoes,

white socks
Cyan the Pig (brother)
Romantic Interest
pie, winning, candy, junk food, soda, television, adventures, singing, dancing, helping others, paintball, laser tag, mud, chao, money, bootlegging
bacon, losing, crying, health food, evil people, steak, getting hurt, pirates, ghosts
Spin Jump,

Chao Straight, Spin Kick, Chao Tornado, Spin Bounce, Barrel Roll,

Razz, Fifi, Ike, Jake, Sonic, Tails, Cream, Amy, Maxie, Sadie, Twila, Hazel, Honeydew, Max, Sharka, Dana, Squeaky
Freckleslam, Freckles, Eggman, Bad Fairy, Metal Sonic, Chairman, Ned, Omega

Raven the Pig is an original, female, anthropomorphic domest pig created by pumpituppartyzone. She has an unbreakable bond with her chao, Honedew. Even though she is only six years old, she is not afraid to stand up for herself, defend herself, or go on adventures. She is 70 cm tall and weighs 13 kgs.


Raven the Pig

Raven's 15 year old design

The first time Raven was created, she was 15 years old with a Yale Blue shirt, a jean skirt, green shoes, and gray eyes. She was obsessed with money, and would do anything to get it, much like Cory Baxter. Also, Raven previously was not related to Cyan. In fact, they were dating. This was in effect until 2008 when pumpituppartyzone decided to make Raven six years old, make Cyan nine years old, and make the two of them brother and sister.


Raven is a happy, silly, hyper girl. She loves to pull pranks on people, and absolutley loves candy. She would eat any type of candy - butterscotch, candy canes, chocolate, push drops, even gum drops. Her wide comsumption of candy may explain why she is always so hyper and happy. Interestingly, she never does have a sugar crash, but this is probably due to her young age.

In Potato Pushers, Raven's personality of her first design returns slightly. After finding out about the Potato Pushers, she said she'd keep quiet if she recieved a decent amount of money and got to help. In Season Three, she is seen multiple times selling Potato Pushers products, her cheapest item costing 300 rings.


Because of her young age, Raven has not discovered all of her powers yet. But because of how much she fights, she has discovered quite a few. Honeydew is used in a number of Raven's attacks, but certianly not all of them. She uses him to punch and kick her enemies, though she does tht herself aswell. Along with Cream the Rabbit, Raven can do the Spin Dash and Spin Jump. But, unlike most characters, Raven can Spin Bounce for long amouts of time, and can Spin Kick, which is ideally damaging. Raven also shares her fast speed with Cream.

Baseball Party Zone

Raven is a playable character in this game, and is a default member of the "Bear Rangers". She is a speed type character.

Name Team Captain Bat/Glove Pitching Stats Fielding Stats Batting Stats Running Stats
Raven the Pig Fifi Right/Right 6/10 4/10 7/10 8/10



Ike the Numbat

Cliff McMuffin

Cyan the Pig

Dana the Panda

Twila Mouse


Razz the Bear

Jake the Wolf

Fifi the Bear

Squeaky Mouse


Freckles Jeeperchomp

Ned McMuffin

Big Buela the Gorilla

Mooné the Cat


Team Wild

Raven likes to tag along with groups if they are going on an adventure. Raven especially enjoys going on adventures with Razz, Fifi, and Jake. Raven has gone on countless adventures with these three, helping them in whatever way she can.

Ike the Numbat

Raven showed up at Ike's family's front door selling Bubble Scout cookies. She kept dropping her clipboard, so Ike showed her how to hold it. She immediatley thought he was trying to make friends with her, said she would be right back, left for 8 minutes, and came back. She wasn't wearing her Bubble scout uniform, and she just ran upstairs and met everybody.


Honeydew the Chao (Best Friends)

Razz the Bear (Great Friends)

Fifi the Bear (Great Friends)

Jake the Wolf (Great Friends)

Ike the Numbat (Great Friends)

Sadie the Dog (Good Friends)

Twila Mouse (Good Friends)

Squeaky Mouse (Good Friends)

Maxie Flippercorn

Dana the Panda

Max Flippercorn

Sharka the Hedgefish

Sonic the Hedgehog

Cream the Rabbit

Miles "Tails" Prower

Amy Rose


Candy Pirate (Mortal Enemies)

Freckles the Rabbit

Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Metal Sonic



Bad Fairy

Ned McMuffin

E-123 Omega



  • Raven is the only team player not to follow the 21-24 stats rule in Baseball Party Zone.
  • Raven's favorite color is blue.

Memorable Quotes

"Any time, we're ready to go!" - When Team Blast is achieved

"This won't be much of a challenge." - Before Race/Battle 1

"This will be so much fun!" - Before Race/Battle 2

"I didn't think you'd keep trying. You'll wish you didn't!" - Before Race/Battle 3

"Time for heads to roll!" - Before Race/Battle 4

"Yay! Alright!" - After Winning Race/Battle 1

"Yeah! I won!" - After Winning Race/Battle 2

"I didn't even break a sweat!" - S Rank

"That was so much fun!" - A Rank

"I did good!" - B Rank

"Well, that was okay, I guess." - C Rank

"That wasn't as cool as I thought it would be." - D Rank

"I did horribly! What gives?" - E Rank

"What? I didn't win?" - After Losing Race/Battle 1

"I drat! I lost!" - After Losing Race/Battle 2

"You're so man!" - After being 'Killed'

"Yaaaaaaaaeeeaaeeaaah!" - After Falling

"Would you stop following me?!" - Before Candy Pirate boss

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