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"For your sake, I hope I can trust you. The last thing I need is your native governments trying to hunt me down, kill me, and then harvest me for chaos-damn kiddie toys or some hand made household appliance like those before me. Oh, and just so we're clear, if anything we talk about is mentioned anywhere else? You're dead to me."

"Trust and respect are to earned, native. Not freely given and unbidden. If that were false, we'd be skipping down with a native suit and dress and sing native music. Except for one thing: WE CAN'T DO ANY OF THAT S*** WITHOUT THE LOOMING FEAR OF DEATH SURROUNDING US YOU BRAINLESS -- (quick silence) I'm sorry. War and the mental scars from it add on to my mental drive. Makes me lose it and I can't help but wonder if I need to be in stasis forever - Raven showing his pent-up mental frustration in regards to either species, goes ballistic, calms down, and apologizes 

Raven Amadeus Warrens/Isaac Ellicott Warrens is a fan character created by Nitrogen218.


Raven Amadeus Warrens, or actually Isaac Ellicott Warrens is a 19-year-old male Hedgehog Hybrid between Hedgehog and Cyberspace Robot. He stands 3'3" tall, and weighs 56lbs. Raven has peach skin, arms, chest, inner ears, and muzzle. He also has red fur on the majority of his body. He has small black streaks on his quills and his legs. He has green hair on his head, with a large distinct tuft of hair covering his right eye. He also has blue eyes.

Prior to his exposure from the radiation, Raven was a brown Hedgehog who wore black eyeglasses with clear lenses, a white button up shirt with long sleeves, and a folded collar, a white undershirt, and a red and dark red tie for his upper torso. He also wore khaki pants with a Jade green fabric belt. The belt also had a silver buckle. He also wore black dress shoes on his feet, as well as black socks. He had more hair covering the top of his head, almost covering his eyes. He also had two ears on his head. His quills were also short, to where they were covered up by his hair.

For his current attire, he wears a silver necklace with a pentagram motif., a white, sleeveless shirt under a sleeveless black leather jacket, white gloves secured by orange, spiny , steels cuffs, and mahogany shoes with black ankle cuffs, white hexagonal pattern on the sides, two white stripes going down the middle, and are given mahogany soles with black accents.

For Cyberspace armor, Raven wears red, black, and green armor plating. His green armor plating takes on the shape of his hair, while the red and black armor plating is found all over his body. Some of the black plating on his chest creates an axe based weapon on his chest, which means the armor is "Warmonger" Armor. He has blue optical lenses that make his eye area blue. He also wears a black cape that goes over one shoulder. He is also 76 lbs. and is 3'5" in this form as well.


Personality wise, Raven is actually very intelligent. He has shown this trait many times through the use of vocabulary to describe certain situations, events, or even topics about other people. Another way he displays this is by solving complex algebraic problems, and often puts mind over matter when he isn't fighting, or even while he is alone. Speaking of which, he is a hybrid that thinks about reason, common sense, and logic, often trying to find reasons, answers, or even reasonable answers. He also has a great interest in studying things and will take notes on the things he studies.

However, despite having a small number of friends that like and\or care about him, as well as a family, he prefers to be alone, and will try to isolate himself from everyone else, which is something he does out of his own desire, and he also harbors a strong sense of regret because he felt that he could have done something to save his relatives despite being young at the time. Even so, he feels that he will be more helpful this way, and doesn't want to be considered the "dead weight", or unnecessary to the cause.

When he is encountered though, Raven will often keep his head down, trying his hardest not to engage in conversation because he is very anxious when around others that want to get to know him. He also displays signs of having trouble trying to maintain a social interaction with people, as he may struggle to keep the interaction going nicely, or may simply just stand still, trying to think of something to say that won't upset the other person.

If someone does manage to talk to him, he will start to take an interest in the conversation, or activity. He will slowly begin to like the person, but will be suspicious and start to ask a lot of questions to that person, desiring more than what he heard. Once Raven feels that he is safe around that person, he will begin to trust him\her. This will be when he puts trust to the test where he will explain more about himself to this person, in a private area.



Raven was born as the second child in the family. At this time, he was named Raven Warrens by his parents, Angelina Warrens and Micheal Warrens. His sister, Bella Warrens, was also born. When Raven was still a baby, he actually didn't cry that much, as he mostly cried because he was afraid of something, or needed to sleep. For the time being, Raven's parents didn't know what was going on with him. When they got concerned about him being born with a potential birth defect, they returned to the hospital hoping that he wasn't given any birth defects.

Much to their relief, that wasn't the case. They were informed that was born with a slow metabolism. To assure even more relief, the medics analyzed and studied his somatic cells to determine if anything was wrong with the genetic coding, and sure enough, nothing was wrong there. All that was considered to be atypical was that his body cells were very slow with the energy consumption. After all that, they took him home, and took care of him. When Raven and Bella were 3, this is when things began to go south. 

While Raven was in his room playing with his toys, his father went out for a walk around town. He meant to return before it got dark, but, when it got dark, and after another 4 hours, he never returned home. This got Raven worried about his father after his mother started pacing the ground in worry. It wasn't until early the next morning when his father did return, much to their relief. However, they would both come to realize that something wrong is going to happen. Something very, very wrong.

Meeting the Devil and His Flames

Ever since Raven's father returned, things began to take a turn for the worse when he could hear his parents get into heavy, loud arguments practically every day. These arguments mainly associated towards money and Michael's erratic behavior. Raven would eventually be involved in these arguments as he would be yelled at, get beaten up, and simply shunned by his father. To Raven, this was not the father he once knew. Things started getting even worse when Raven was subjected to demonic rituals happening in his home. 

Each time a ritual took place, Raven would be mentally plagued by extremely bloody, and gory nightmares every time he went to bed. However, among the scenes of blood and gore, one nightmare in particular kept him awake for two full nights. Raven falls asleep, but awakens in the nightmare, which unlike the others, where they had bloodstained streets, mutilated bodies, collapsing buildings, and generally the fall of society, he awakens in a black void, Floating around. What he hears next is a demonic laughter, and then a roar, both of which freaked him out. The voice tells Raven that he is overjoyed to his "son" after all the little "fun" games with each other, and even about a special surprise along the way.

Mephiles and Iblis then manifest themselves in front of Raven. Although it can't physically be seen, he was smirking in his heart. Raven, scared of him, tries to float away in terror, but Iblis cuts off this chance by creating a fiery ring around all three of them. Mephiles then slowly floats toward Raven saying that he was summoned by Raven"s father because his father wanted someone to discipline his child. Mephiles proceeds to lie to Raven by claiming that he felt bad about tormenting him. To apologize about this, he gives Raven a necklace with a pentagram on the front, as a means to wane away evil spirits, but it actually contains Mephiles' dark energy which will seep into Raven, and eventually be known as Torrent the Demonspawn.

When Raven takes the necklace and wears it, Iblis immediately sets Raven ablaze. Raven then starts freaking out and frantically tries to put the flames out, but couldn't. He finds himself engulfed from head to toe, and screams in fear and pain, begging to be saved and get help, but that wouldn't help, and just made it worse. He does wake up after this, but screams in fear. When he stops, he hears a jingling noise. He looks around and eventually looks down to see the exact same necklace he wore in the dream. He is shocked about this coming from his dream. He is soon face to face with his mother and sister, who try to talk to him and ask if he was okay.

Raven was crying from his experience and proceeded to talk about the nightmare. This would be interrupted when his father casually walks up to his bedroom and gives him a smug grin, Raven cowers behind his mother, thinking that he may have had something to do with this. However, from this point forward, a little ray of hope waded the cracks of terror that day, only to bring another unfortunate incident with it.

Lugens Mater

Following Raven's terror-filled nightmare that kept him awake for two nights straight, he could recall hearing his parents getting into rather very aggressive arguments and exchanging some questionable language. Aside from that, Raven was quiet for weeks proceeding the days after the nightmare.

Soon after, Raven hears a loud slam of a door, and he goes to it, only to see his mom tense about something. Raven would gain some courage to speak to his mother asking her what was wrong. Raven is then informed by his mother that not only did they get into a very heated argument, but his mother had put her foot down, and said that they are filing for divorce, and that she is getting a restraining order against him. Raven was then informed about what a divorce and a restraining order are. While Raven still didn't fully understand, he accepted what had transpired.

However, Raven and Bella would  be separated 7 months later when his mom is shot dead by a hedgehog nicknamed "Sub-Zero". At this point, Raven would be taken in by Annalise's friend, Sarah the Fox.

A Clean Slate

With Raven having been raised in Sarah's home, and alongside her daughter Victoria, and her husband Maverick, Raven began a new life and went down a very good career path. For the next 9 years, Raven would pursue a logical, sensual road by doing a lot of deep research and studying. As such, Raven had proven to be a very dedicated student by studying primarily for his English assignments and math assignments, which were areas that seemed to interest him the most, compared to other classes.

Also, Raven received passing grades in those classes, and would even pursue an interest in robotics. While there wasn't any books on how to build them in the library, he used the internet to find as much information on them as possible, searching for things such as integrated circuits, Motors, resistors, capacitors, logic gates, encoders, and even engines or readers. This is also when Raven started to get accustomed to his new family, and eventually get along with Sarah and Victoria, although he felt homesick. 

Raven developed a reputation for being the school nerd, and often got bullied and harassed by others. Raven also got stuffed in his own locker quite a few times by bullies. However, the worst bully was Vanessa Mavens the Dog. She would often beat him up, give him death threats, stuff him in his locker, and even threatened to ruin his social reputation. Raven often received bruises on his neck, torso, or even on his face. Sometimes, he was actually bleeding in the areas he would normally receive bruises. After a few months of the pain and suffering he had to endure, Raven finally put his foot down in protest, and started taking notes on combat strategies he could use to resist the hell he dealt with from the bullies. 

However, Raven took his research a little bit too far by looking up firearms and bullets, probably as a means of committing suicide. However, Raven resists the thought of wanting to kill himself, and continues to research firearms and munitions under his family's nose. He would often study these in secret, because he doesn't want to concern his family.

Forced into Fighting 

When Raven turned 12, during a cold, brutal winter, Raven was easily on top of his work, and was at the top of of his math class. Raven had also caught a small cold during the winter, and was forced to stay home sick for a week. Two weeks after the cold had come to pass, and started feeling better, he and his family, as well as the city of mobotropolis, are all caught by surprise when a massive sonicboom roars in the distance. With everyone startled, travertine looks out their windows and heads outside in their winter gear to find out that a rogue meteor has crash landed in the outskirts of the city. A giant robot slowly emerges from the asteroid and, with a glossy sheen covering his armor, comes out, and says that he means no harm, and has come with a dire urgency .

He says that he has come to this planet in need of more soldiers that will be capable enough to fight back against Za Nakrota's armed forces. The robot also announced himself as Za Omikrota Sukraviik. Omikrota says that he also has a list of those whom he wishes to train, and have them be a part of his military, with Raven being among them. Raven was scared when he heard his name on the list, because he knew he was far too young to be a soldier, and he simply just didn't know what it means to be a soldier of a xenomorphic militia. Raven openly criticised Omikrota, saying that he can't go because he had no military experience, and was too young. However, Raven's words fell upon deaf ears with the behemoth, and he was instructed to start packing.

When Raven gets home and packs his things, His parents cut him off, and said that they agreed with him and wouldn't let him join. Raven then tells them that he can't do anything about it since it was a direct order. Things turned into a heated argument fast, and at just the height of the argument, Raven accidentally says that he has been studying ballistics and weapons right under their noses for years. Sarah stormed out of the room with anger and disbelief, only to have Raven start apologising like crazy for what he said. Maverick chases them both down, and tries to ease the tensions because of the situation, but to no avail. 

Eventually, things die down from the argument, and Raven says that he will resume packing and take his leave. He exchanged hugs with his adoptive parents and sister one final time before he took off.

Studying the Basics

After landing on Cyberspace, Raven is taken in with the group of trainees, some of them being his friends, is brought into the Cyberspace fortress, and given a tour around the fortress. When the tour was complete, Raven was sent to the combat training room along with a few other reluctant recruits. During this course, Raven was taught how a person could defend him/herself through three different means: Their bare knuckles, melee weapons like a dagger or club, and ranged weapons, being firearms. Raven never did try to mingle and interact with the other trainees since he often had his head down, and kept his face buried in a handbook he had been given which described how the training would proceed. Much like how he was introduced to the course, the training was broken into 3 categories: Hand-to-Hand/CQC, melee weapons training, and firearms training.

According to the handbook, the aim of the training is to determine whether or not they would be of great use to the army. He learned that he must also be dominant in at least 1 part of the training in order to be brought up for consideration by the Zalvixx Driknok, the Elite Council. For the training, Raven would solely be practicing each part of the training on his own with the handbook providing tips and strategies on how to fight, and learning from his instructor.

At the end of each course, Raven learned that, he failed massively in the CQC/Hand-to-Hand area, and will not be able to use them anytime soon. He did, however,  exceed his in the field of swordsmanship, and had some success within the firearms area. Studying and preforming these training methods took him a full year to learn, process, and understand.

The New Blood on the Force

(This section is currently unfinished, and is still under construction, so this section may change on a marginal scale in he future.) With his training completed in 1 year's time, Raven was selected amongst several others that passed, and made it into the force. He, along with the others, were named, " Yaixxovaxxak", or "underlying strikers"While it's not the most welcoming title for their success, they at least stand in some sort of division of the force. During this particular time of Cyberspace fighting Za Nakrota and his belligerent forces, the war and conflicts Raven got involved in would scar him for quite some time.

A New Friend And a New Job

While Raven was not fighting out on the open fields, he would return to the fortress and deliver his reports to Za Omikrota Sukraviik. Also, after Raven returned to the fortress to report that the division had failed to reacquire the Praxxank Riaxzikk, Terabyte's capital, now Cyberspace's capital, Omikrota states that he is annoyed by the continuous failures from that division, and expects them to try harder next time.

Raven says that they will, but He is stopped by Omikrota and is shocked to learn that Omikrota is taking him out of the war, and reassigning him to something else, but he also introduces Raven to Nicole, a pink, timid, and reserved fox cub that is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the fortress. Raven also feels a sense of anxiety towards her, and puts his head down in shyness, while Omikrota tells him that he should take the time to get to know her, as he walks off to do other forms of work.

Raven and Nicole don't really say anything for a few minutes, until Nicole nervously breaks the silence by putting her hand out for a handshake, and asks him how he's been, and he meets her halfway by extending his hand out, and shakes with her, saying that he's alright, and been through worse. The duo slowly increment their conversation after that by asking each other what they like, what they don't like, and what they do in their spare time. 

As they talked and talked, Raven and Nicole developed a good friendship, although they did not talk any more than that. When Omikrota came back from his directive, he asked if they had talked to each other, and they reply back saying that they have, much to Omikrota's pleasure. Raven is then escorted by Omikrota to a barren, yet massive room. Omikrota states that he purposefully brought him into this room because it must be kept to himself and be discussed in secret.

Omikrota then asks him, if he has clearly understood what he's said before he describes his role to him, and Raven says yes. Raven is them informed that he has been reassigned to guard three of the four Raggadak Gems. Raven is surprised to be taking on such a large responsibility, but Raven breaks the silence by asking what happened to the fourth gem, but Omikrota refused to answer him, saying that it was, "lost to time and conflicts." Raven, despite feeling uneasy about this new role, promised Omikrota to shield the gems from Za Nakrota and his forces, even if it kills him. He is also told that he cannot leave the fortress or his position unless he is told to do so. Raven also accepts these parts of his role as a guardian, and is currently bound to these orders.

Escaping the Evil and Bound to a Pact

For the next two years that Raven has been on Cyberspace, a lot has changed. He became best friends with Nicole after helping her out of trouble, and became something of a mentor to her, Za Nakrota has proven to be incapable of retrieving the three gems with them being secured and protected, but has been gaining more and more territory, with only a few villages and the fortress remaining. On La Griaxxxok Owaxx, or The Day of Ceasefire, however, Za Nakrota breaks his end of the Ceasefire, and launches an All-out surprise attack on the minute remnants of Cyberspace, determined to claim every single corner of it. While Omikrota himself had armed forces of his own, they were heavily outgunned, outnumbered, and presumably doomed to capture or destruction.

However, thanks to Omikrota, an interdimensional Battleship known as the Warthog, was still in pristine condition and had enough fuel to launch off the ground. Raven, and several other survivors, managed to make it on board the vessel, but is subsequently hurt inside as he watches Za Nakrota stab Omikrota in the torso unit. While the ship sustains minor plate damage, Raven watches below, as he insults and teases the enemy from one of the windows. After escaping, Raven takes the time to interact with some of people on board the Battleship , but he mostly directed his attention toward Nicole, who was completely in despair and crying out of fear.

Raven also took part in a ship wide meeting that was held in the war room. There he attended with several other members, including, Ditka, Shelby, Milane, T, Sophia, Victor, Simon, Kylie, Savannah, Ren, and Riley. The meeting was about how, where ever they ended up, no matter, they must keep themselves a secret, and no one must ever know that they are. This became known as "The Incognito Pact".

Not too long after the pact was founded, and the members went back to their designated stations, The ship was besieged and attacked by Za Nakrota and his army in a massive War Ship known as "The Wrathful Seeker", and launched a full scale attack in an attempt to kill off the remaining Cyber-mobians. Eventually, amidst the chaos, the Warp Mechanism in the Warthog, was activated, and ships were sent into a light speed charge across space, causing both ships to be knocked away from each other, but also leading to both ships scuttling as they drifted too close to Möbius Prime's Atmosphere, and are pulled in by its gravity.

Brave New World

After crash landing on the planet's surface, within the remains of the bridge of this ship, Raven suffers an optical malfunction, probably due to the collision with his head, and the anti-gravity plates that smashed his face upon entering the orbit. Raven knows he's functional, but since he can't see out of his optics, he has to resort to his peripheral sensors to analyze the environment, and draw valid conclusions. However, he had to rush it, as he could hear something approaching him, following his instincts, he runs off, into the unknown world.

Raven eventually found a place to stop. Once he did, he recalibrated his Optical systems, as well as reinitialising the photolytic scanners in his optics. Afterwards, he saw himself looking into a completely different world, one that was more organic than where he came from. However, it did illicit a minor sense of deja-vu to him, but he couldn't remember why.

Surpises, Secrets, and Revelations

After Raven had enough of trying to remember what made him gain such a strong sense of deja-vu, Raven decided to run around and search for survivors of the crash, hoping that they were still alive. However his mission would be cut short when he heard a noise in the distance. Despite wanting to search for any survivors, Raven ignores his current objective, and heads off in the direction of the noise. As he got closer and closer, he could hear what sounded like machine guns and energy blasters firing in his right ear, along with the sounds of grunts, clangs, and charging noises.

Raven goes towards the sound, and eventually realizes that it is in a city full of anthropomorphic creatures, except when he scanned them, they were cyber-mobians like he was. He also saw Sonic and his friends fending off Eggman and his robots, even the one that he is piloting, the Egg Demolisher. Raven, not wanting to intrude, watches this from an alleyway, but quickly finds himself cornered by Eggman's robots. Raven noticed an odd familiarity with the robots. Raven decides to run a quick scan over the robots to identify any composition similarities between the ones on Cyberspace and where he stands now. Only to be shocked to discover that these machines had armor compositions identical to those on Cyberspace . 

Raven proceeds to dig deeper to see if there are any other similarities aside from the armor composition, by destroying them with his swords. Once they were defeated, he decided to pull the robots' armour off, and run another scan. He finds out that these robots were equipped with Photolytic Pulse Regulators, Quantum Hydraulic stabilizers, 2 Electric Discharge Modules, and Several layers of Gamma Canisters, storing concentrated levels of Gamma Ray Energy. These were the exact same components that would normally be found in Cyberspace robots.

Raven was surprised to see the technology here, but wanted to know why it was even in mobian hands to begin with. After Sonic and his friends successfully pushed Eggman back and caused him to retreat, Raven follows Eggman and tries to ask him about the robots, but Eggman mistakes Raven for Sonic and just ignored him, giving an evil grin. Confused, Raven stops chasing him, only to receive a signal that is written in numerical code. Raven stores the code in his memory array, and see if he can find anyone that can decode it.

Raven won't be able to find out who, as he is abruptly hit in the back of the head by a hydro beam, which chews through his armor and temporarily short circuits his Central Processor Unit, which causes him to fall unconscious. He soon reactivated and tries to lift his hand to his head, but it proved to be rather hard, as his head felt very heavy. Stunned, Raven immediately looks at his hand where he realizes that he has been put in heavy chains and cuffs, and restrained to a steel wall. Raven tries to break free, but can't. He also tried utilizing his Radiokinesis to try to melt them, but it didn't work. He is soon greeted by the mad Scientist, Dr.Eggman, who laughs nefariously at his captive. Raven angrily asks him why he has been brought here, and where they are.

Eggman replies that they are on his battleship, within his fleet, flying several hundred thousand miles in the air. Raven also gets informed by the doctor that he has been brought here to discuss his new role as a member of his army. Raven immediately refuses to be a part of it, and says he's given up that role for good. But Eggman tempts him by saying that he'll tell him anything he wants to know, but also says that are some things he should know. Raven puts what the mad doctor tells him to thought for a few minutes, and reluctantly gives in to the doctors demands.

Raven is informed by the doctor that the robots he has in his army are made from interdimensional materials that came from Raven's dimension, such as Duraxxide, Stekrite, Cyberxium , and Velcorionite. The doctor also states that the materials also came with certain components such as Neurotransmitters, Motor ICcircuits, and even Gamma Ray Powered Optical Systems. 

Raven was absolutely furious with Eggman after he told that. This was proven as he jumped onto Eggman's chest, grabbed his collar, and demanded to know how he got his hands on that technology. But Raven is cast aside by Eggman, who then refused to explain to him about anything related to it. Raven gets up, on his feet, while holding on to the grudge about that. Regardless, Raven asked, despite it being against the Incognito Pact, he asked about any casualties relating to his species, while reluctantly grinding his teeth together. Eggman says he knows only about one casualty: a pink fox cub was found presumably dead in an old alley. Raven froze with the mortifying truth that his best friend, the one girl he cared for in that fortress, was gone. 

Raven falls to his knees and buries his face in his hands with grief, crying and mourning his best friend. But this sorrow quickly transformed from extreme sorrow into a nuclear rage, vowing to avenge her. Eggman tells him a lie about how the blue Hedgehog, called Sonic, is the mastermind towards the hate crime, going so far as to say that Sonic and his friends are fully against the subspecies, and plan to utilize the Chaos Emeralds to wipe all cyber-mobians from history. Furthermore, Eggman lies to Raven saying that he is a Cyber-Mobian activist, and plans to help him and his species survive.

Raven listens to Eggman, and is given a diagram as to what the Chaos Emeralds look like. Raven also gains some new armor, and is sent on his way to recover the Emeralds, completely unaware of the doctor's nefarious intentions.

Crises Abroad 

As Raven is dispatched to recover the chaos emeralds and bring them to Eggman so he can thwart Sonic's plan, Raven also scours the planet, hoping that some objects or relics may have made their way to Möbius, so he can prevent them from being given to anybody, as he fears the worst will happen if he fails. Raven also is assisted by Eggman's sinister army of robots, so they cover more ground and aid in the search.

Raven, as expected, is met with resistance from Sonic the Hedgehog and his teammates. While the robots on the ground get wrecked, Raven continues his search for the emeralds, leaving his assistants for dead. What Raven doesn't know at this time, is that Eggman has been lying to him about him being an activist, Sonic being the villain, and that searching for the chaos emeralds is meant to be a simple distraction so he, and Raven's archenemy, Za Nakrota, can launch a global assault, and dominate the planet, and all of terabytes.

Raven would continue fighting Sonic and company for the chaos emeralds up until the seventh battle for the seventh Emerald, where he ultimately stops fighting. He tells Sonic that he is quite talented with his powers, and endurance, which gives Sonic some time to gloat. Raven then seizes the opportunity to spin dash Sonic in the chest, but missed him, which started to tick raven off a little bit.  The fight continues as Raven is pitted in a conflict between him, Sonic and his friends as both sides ferociously try to secure the chaos emerald. Raven loses the final fight, and Sonic and his friends gain the emerald. However the two parties are surprised when the ground starts to shake. They start following a long crack on the planet's surface, which takes them to the coastline, where they see a metallic city rise out of the ocean with a statue resembling Eggman standing as the tallest structure for the city.

Then, several battle ships started taking to the sky, as they were Za Nakrota's most promising battleships, warships, and scout ships. This confused both parties, which lead to Raven taking to the skies, and confronting Eggman, while Sonic and the others either took a ride in the tornado, or made it by traveling on the ground. Raven makes to Eggman first, and confronts not just him, but Za Nakrota, which took him completely by surprise. Eggman then summons two brawlers to restrain him, and Raven is shocked to learn that everything Eggman had told him was a lie, and that he was deceived into recovering the emeralds to help in his quest for world domination.

Raven was dumbfounded to hear this, especially with Za Nakrota being involved. What makes this worse is that there are delta 5 cells scattered in the city, and around the planet after that, Raven was ejected from the city, and felt hurt and betrayed by him, and wanted to get back at him for it. In the end, Sonic, his friends, and Raven successfully take down both megalomaniacs, and take back the chaos emeralds. However, both Eggman and Za Nakrota perish in their defeats, and the heroes celebrate their victory. However, Eggman's genetically engineered pupil, Ken Kintobor, Za Nakrota's engineered daughter, Vultra. Eggman and Za Nakrota's pet project, Meta Raven, and War strategist, Warlord, take their place, and exact revenge, as well as seek global dominance. Also, Melvin Kintobor would become Mecha Robotnik after suffering a near fatal injury during his first attempt at domination.

===Current Events=== 


Radiokinesis - This one power was gained after Raven had been following a suspicious-looking robot that was making its way toward an Atomic-Cybrexium testing site named Red Zone, or, Rii Zahaviik. When Raven got there, the robot was actually a spy under Za Nakrota's employment. Raven proceeds to fight with it to prevent it from escaping, but eventually, he and the spy are trapped in a giant steel dome with the bomb inside. They are unable to flee, and soon get drenched in Radiation by the megaton. 

It was only because of the Essence Trapper that Raven was able to survive. Also, upon being examined by Cyberspatial medics, the Radiation had managed to get into his armor, as it had been absorbed as he was engulfed by the blast. Furthermore, When the armor wasn't able to retain it any further, the excess radiation was then absorbed into the capillaries that were close enough to the plating itself, which in turn resulted in it being sent throughout, eventually being in every part of Raven circulatory system.  

As a result, Raven is now fully capable of manipulating biohazardous material, atomic\nuclear radiation, and even manipulate molecules and particles for various means of defense, as a byproduct of his exposure to the bomb.

Possession\Augmentation -  Despite no longer retaining his demonspawn form, this is the only lingering trace that reminds him about his confrontation with Mephiles. This power is considered a "residual power", meaning that it was left behind after having been separated from his Demonspawn form, now known as Torrent. With this, Raven is able to take on a spectral form, or " Phase", and enter a target's body.

Atomic Pulse Wave- This power has the potential to kill its user. It's meant to act as a last resort weapon of mass destruction. This move consumes 90-100% of Raven's radioactive energy. To perform this potentially fatal power, Raven has to overload his Plutonic Distribution System by reprogramming his Electrolyte Disperser to fire at it with a continuous barrage of Electrolytic energy. This, in turn, would cause the the system to start increasing its rate of distribution of Plutonic energy, which then starts making its way through the body to be stocked into the Radiation Capacitors.  

Once they fill up to their maximum, the Capacitors and Plutonic Distribution System begin to generate excess heat, which will eventually lead up to Raven turning into a bright white pulsating silhouette, and then quickly leads to a bright, white, highly volatile wave of pure plutonic and atomic energy. This also doesn't blind the victims encompassing him, it also disintegrates anything in its radius, be it Mobians, Cyber-Mobians, Humans, or even Robots, they will face inevitable extermination. The blast itself also creates a hyper-electric dome that creates an EMP effect wherever any electrical devices, machines, generators, and so on are still functional, they will all be shut down permanently, and simultaneously.

Warhead Slam- Another mass-consumption attack. However, instead of emitting a radial blast, this is more of a focused attack. Much like the Atomic Pulse Wave, the self-mortality probability is high, and will consume nearly every bit of radiation he has. He needs to overcharge his Radiation Capacitors and Plutonic Distribution System in the same manner of performing the pulse wave. Yet, once he's in that state, he faces the challenge of evading and activating a premature detonation, and then performs a full body charge, either in the air, or on the ground. The result is an explosion similar to the pulse wave, but will have major differences.

-Unlike the pulse wave, there isn't an EMP effect or field following the blast.

-The explosion covers a bigger blast radius as a result.

-Craters are often left behind after the attack, teeming with radiation.

Radiokinetic Transformation- This form is only accessible to Raven when he overcharges his Radiation Capacitors, and the Plutonic chest core he has inside of him, which is also hooked up to his Plutonic Distribution System. Once they are overcharged, his body is augmented threefold, and his body creates 5 times the amount of radiation compared to his base form. The excess energy will create a temporary particle barrier that will shield him from attacks. 

-However, one thing should be noted: this transformation is divided into three stages. The stages often determine how much power is output.

Rokshamiiin Transformation-  This Transformation was gained after Raven absorbs the power of three of the four Raggadak Gems. He can attack by using the Rokshamiin energy by firing energy blasts, arcing bolts, or generating pulse waves. Raven also executes sword attacks twice as fast compared to his base form. This form is restricted to his Cyberspace form, as the gems

Wilderbeast Transformation-  This transformation in particular is the only one to be considered a curse instead of a gift. This one was gained after Vultra and Mecha Robotnik joined forces, and successfully infused Raven with Renegade's Coding and genetic Werewolf mutation. While an X-Parasite and the werewolf virion do their job, Raven forcefully gets more of it absorbed into his somatic cells and coding matrix as he is confined to a chair, and gets tortured by cracking arcs of electricity pulsating throughout his systems. This resulted in both the organic enzymes in Raven's somatic cells, and the X-Parasite acting as catalysts, speeding up the procedure.

During this instance, however, some errors in both the DNA and the coding were made in the process, which left Raven with iris-less eyes, which are flooded with pure blood and animosity, a more robust and Herculean-like figure, a warped, twisted mind, and even an inverted fur color with thick messy fur. In this state, Raven is almost an unstoppable force in this state. The messy, thick fur not only acts as a method of defense against bullets, but stops them cold in their tracks. His Herculean-esqe body enables him to pick up heavy objects, vehicles, or even other people. Also, his warped mind is solely focused on a bloodthirsty, hellish rampage, threatening anyone or anything that moves.


Spin dash- True to his species, he can curl up into a ball and perform the spin dash like Sonic, gaining a boost of speed as a result. He has also shown that it can be achieved in his Cyberspace form.

Nitrous Dash- This version of the spin is applicable to his Cyberspace form only. The two quills on his back act as Nitro boosters in his cyberspace form while performing the spin dash. For as long as the boost is active, which is for a set time, Raven can move faster while performing the spin dash. The quills can be adjusted to enable him to reach some serious heights.

Quick Fire- This particular ability is accessible in his Cyberspace form only.  While Raven is Spin Dashing in his cyberspace form is able to activate two 5mm Rapid fire machine guns on his left and right sides. While they don't kill, they do act as injury-inflicting weapons.


Sword Skills- This particular skill required simulated training. For this type of testing, He was given a variety of Holoswords, which are weapons solely used in the combat simulator.

Radiokinetic Skills- Proceeding after the near fatal exposure to the atomic-cybrexium bomb, the one that was utilized for testing, and having ingested harsh amounts of the bomb's energy, Raven decided to train himself out in the open fields during battles, instead of having it being ran through the simulator, and then ultimately crumble. While he has shown some skill in this area, and had some engineers install Radiation Capacitors in his body, a Plutonic chest core, and a Plutonic Distribution System, Raven still has to control it. 

Possession Skills- While Raven isn't really fond of invading an individual's privacy by entering and exiting his target's body, he developed some skills, such as his resistance to Radiation and manipulation of said Radiation, and can apply these to his victim. Also, he has developed enough skill to move the limbs of his victim, and control their movements, as well as what they say. However, he hasn't established the skill of knowing when to enter and exit the target's body, as well as knowing how to control it in order to prevent an accidental possession.

Skills with computers- A Skill that Raven had learned to do on his own after he had been taught how to speak the Cyberspace language, and doing some research on the machinery that had been built by both sides, and decided to put his knowledge of components, their coding\programming, and functions to the test.

Raven does have a moderate prowess with Mobian computers, but fares much better with the Cyberspatial machinery.

Bilingual Speaking Skills- This skill was earned under the teachings of an old archivist and linguist nicknamed "Ra Zakor" or, "The Silver Speaker". Whenever Raven wasn't involved in military simulation lessons, Raven would be sent to the Archivist's Coven, where he learned how the natives spoke to each other using symbols for letters, numbers, punctuation, and even certain events.

He was taught alongside many Cyber-Mobians, include Nicole "Nikki" the CyberFox.

After about 1 year (11months in mobian time), Raven was able to fully understand the language under the elder's teachings, and finally managed to understand their language. He was even taught how to speak in their language. 

As of now, he speaks fluently in both English and Cyberspatial language.


Raven isn't entirely sure why Velkorah decided to target him. But what he does know, is that after Raven's real father was missing, and the rituals took place, Velkorah was using these rituals to increase his power, and wreak havoc in Raven's, and his family's, dreams. Also, Raven's mind was weak at this time, and it only made it easier for demonic creatures to enter and break his mind.

Raven has a tendency to say some questionable language, which is actually mild swearing in this case.

Raven absolutely loves chocolate. He is often called a Choco-freak as a result, but he doesn't mind it at all.

Raven has the uncontrollable ability to swap genders. This is largely because he exposure to the Atomic Cybrexium Bomb mutated his Y Chromosome, which causes the male traits to shut down, and have another X Chromosome take its place.

The skin cloak that Raven activates all the time, is the only thing that keeps Raven's armor from rusting from oxygen or water, and when it is deactivated, it leaves behind a parafilm that acts as a glossy sheen to reflect sunlight, and keep his armor protected, while slightly incrementing its structural integrity.

Raven can't cook at all, and would make a terrible choice as a chef, as he is also inexperienced with cooking or food.

Current Relationships 

Krys the Alicorn

Raven's first girlfriend. Raven and Krys have had a history of crossing paths before in the past, which gradually went from a casual friendship amongst others, to a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. It all began when Krys was sitting by a park bench, and Raven happened to swing by Mariala City on his travels. The first encounter was what started their friendship, as they had to find all three gems scattered around the city, fending off their enemies on the way.

The second encounter was when they admitted to each other's affections, which had been incrementing since the previous encounter, but they kept those feelings to each other, uncertain how the other would react to it.

However, While Raven did have feelings for her since those times, Raven has personal reasons as to why he loves and trusts her so much. He personally loves her because she has the traits that he expects in a girl like her. He loves her not just for who she is, but because she's gorgeous, intelligent, brave, and considerate toward others. Oddly enough, he finds the fact that she wears glasses from time to time to be cute. He also loves her because she, while not physically powerful with her own two hands, just like how he is as he can't raise his own fists to save his life, nor can she run fast on her two feet, just like how he can't run fast on his own two feet.

One more, he loves her is how she's skilled in her field of magic. While, it is different compared to Raven's interests in research, reason, and machines, Raven is fascinated by Krys's particular skill, as he has never seen magic before since he was three, but the memories to him are very shady. However, Raven has never told any of this to her yet, as he feels that if he were to tell her his personal reasons, he is afraid that she would feel violated, smack him, call him a creep/pervert, and break up with him, and never speak to him again. While hiding these feelings, he promised himself that he will do his best to act as her sword and shield at all costs, as he is worried about her getting seriously injured, or even killed, despite the fact that she can handle herself.

However, it is unclear if they have a thing going on still, but he thinks that their feelings may be for some other people. For Now, he's possibly single and may be looking for a soulmate, and if he does, maybe one that is of Krys's species. Yet again, it's not entirely clear.

Christina the HedgeCat

One of Raven's friends in Mariala City. Raven really appreciates how Christina made an outfit for him when he and Krys went around Mariala City. Though they don't know each other that much, Raven likes her as a friend, and thinks she'll be a great person to talk to in the future.

Ditka "Renegade" the CyberWolverine

Raven's Arch-rival. These two characters have been colliding with each other for many years, and their scuffles usually end in a stalemate. Ditka himself was the preceding guardian of all four of the Raggadak Gems prior to Raven, and actually is in possession of the missing fourth gem. Renegade normally keeps it for his own benefits. He and his brother T, were the leaders of the colony. Ditka also surpasses Raven in fields that he couldn't even hope to pass.

Unfortunately, their rivalry worsened into a bitter hatred for each other when Renegade had been secretly following the vices of Za Nakrota, destroyed the northameran valley colony again, ultimately killing his brother, T, amidst the confusion.

T the CyberWolverine

T and Raven shared a rather good friendship between each other. Raven sees T as the peacemaker, and Zen member of the colonists, though he considers him to be too relaxed for his own good. T sees Raven as a good friend and okay to be around, but thinks he spends too much time to himself and should be more open.

Nicole "Nikki" the CyberFox

Raven's best friend. She and Raven are practically inseparable and have been so since their horrid experiences back on Cyberspace.

Shelby the CyberHusky

A colonist and good friend of Raven's. She and Raven are normally on good terms, especially when he helps her check on the overall status of the colony, and the colonists themselves. However, whenever Raven tries to avoid talking to her about his time during the war, or if he has any love interests or friends on the planet, she gets annoyed, as she feels Raven is being insecure and dramatic about it, when he really is simply uninterested or refuses to speak of it. Yet, despite Shelby thinking of Raven to be insecure, and how he finds her to be rather intrusive toward him, they normally stay on good terms.


One of Raven's many weakness is one thing: Rust. Rust is generally Raven's second greatest weakness. He has been afraid of being plagued by the rust ever since he bared witness to what happens to robots during their exposure to the element known by many as "Delta 5", a subsequential byproduct of Cyberxium that is fatal to both organic and mechanical lifeform alike.

Raven took note that the robots in question started oxidating from the inside, as the robots filtered it inside of them as a gas. It began to cause them to sway off balance, fall, and wail in pain. As they did, each one started to get ill, and could hardly get back on their hydraulics. Some started turning a reddish brown color on the inside upon initial intake. Some started to tear themselves apart because they couldn't bare the pain any further. Some even pleaded for help, but kept on screaming, and screaming, until they fell apart completely because of extreme oxidation.

To this day, Raven is still haunted by this memory, and remains very concerned about his exposure toward such an element. However, it's not just Delta 5 he's worried about. He is also concerned about his exposure to organic elements, most notably, Oxygen and  Water. He knows he has Cyberxium armor plating underneath the fleshy skin he has, but, Cybrexium itself is very susceptible to water and oxygen, as he is three times quicker going to rust if exposed.

Raven can't swim, which has lead him to become aquaphobic. This is largely in part due to Raven's weakness toward rusting 3x as fast in water compared to oxygen. Whenever Raven is around a lake, or in a boat, he will get very bad sea sickness, or even an anxiety attack.

Raven also has limited radiation and energy. The Energy Transfer Mechanism he has installed outside his plutonic chest core, helps to distribute most of his energy to augment certain areas of his body, it also leaves him to be very vulnerable in some areas.

Raven also has a lot of social anxiety. Which would put this as a weakness because Raven would have a very hard time trying to trust anyone that he could come across. Which brings up another social problem: Trust issues. Since Raven left Cyberspace, and landed on Möbius, only to find himself being treated like junk from time to time, Raven has faced so much pain and suffering, hate, prejudice, etc, that he really couldn't face someone with a straight face and look positive. Likewise, he can only put his trust into those that will take his word seriously, and give away him to anyone that may bring harm to him, which limited his trust to other Cyber-Mobians, his family, and a small number of friends. 

Another weakness Raven has is that he is unskilled/incapable of hand-to-hand Combat. While he can utilize firearms and swords just fine, he cannot use his fists at all. As a result, he cannot preform CQC techniques at all, and will undoubtedly lose the fight against someone that is skilled in said area.

Also Raven is apprehensive toward spiders, or in other words, is an Arachnophobic. If Raven were to come in contact with one, he would externally looked disgusted, but underneath, his would be freaking out, as he really doesn't like spiders at all.

Another weakness for Raven also involves temperature. While his body is storing large amounts of atomic energy, temperature, and trying to maintain his body temperature, is a constant concern for him. He mostly prefer to be out in a chilly temperature. If he were to roam in a desert, his Plutonic core would overheat to the point where he could enter emergency stasis, or even self-destruct.

-As for the polar opposite, which is Arctic conditions, Raven simply enters emergency stasis. To help temporarily Combat this weakness, A Temperature Inversion Mechanism is on his Plutonic Core. This changes his body temperature to either hot or cold depending on the location. However, It consumes the very Radiation that is sealed inside of him, so it can only be used if it is extremely important.

While Raven does have the ability to possess his targets, it brings him another set of challenges since Raven is compelled to be selective toward whom he possesses. This is largely due to two particular reasons, with the first being that Rokshamiiin energy doesn't mix with Chaos Energy at all. Despite the fact that they are both ancient forms of energy, they are used in two different ways. Chaos Energy is used in the form of raw, concentrated power from the God of Destruction, Chaos himself. Chaos Energy has proven to have omnipotent capabilities, but it is mainly used to transform Mobians into their super forms, while granting them temporary invincibility, as well augmented speed/skill/power abilities.

With Rokshamiiin energy, however, it is something different. All four Raggadak gems were created from the most memorable Kiresatch of the lineage as well who they were named after, Xi Paxxam Roksha, meaning "The Virtuous Ancient", as well as the most intellectual Kiresatch in the lineage. Prior to his destruction, he had ordered that his secrets and knowledge be preserved, and encased within four special cases that he had crafted by his curator, Kraviixon. Each one containing specific portions of his knowledge and secrets. 

So, if Raven were to possess someone who has been frequently exposed to Chaos Energy, and practically radiates Chaos Energy, it wouldn't work, and the chaos energy would repel him away. Raven would be forced to either possess someone he can trust, someone who has made contact with Rokshamiiin, or someone who is exposed to Chaos Energy on a rare basis.

However, he can also possess someone who hasn't been exposed to either of the two as well. However, therein lies the matter of the radiation problem. Raven would have a hard time keeping his host alive, as the radiation would kill it due to constant exposure to radiation. To temporarily combat this, Special vacuums on the outermost layer of his armor contain the radiation before and during his possessions, but the radiation would continuously be creating heat, and can cause the host to feel ill, and start to sweat, and may even vomit. Raven would have to have a Fission Cooler with him to help counteract the excess heat.