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 "War. War hasn't changed nor will it ever change. Every single time it occurs, the concepts are just the same: Two large parties armed with tools of hate, spite, and ambition. Each in there respective territories at the start, yet the looks on anger, spite, and hostility glisten over both sides, like bright sunlight. But then, a sound fills the air, a sound alert, mobilization, a call to arms. And then, the clash. Well, 

Raven Amadeus Cyberhog, or mainly called Raven, is a semi-immortal,15-year-old hybrid that has had a rough time growing up. He was raised by Isabella Mongoose, Mina's mother, after being given up for adoption when his mother was hunted and shot down when he was a baby. He went on to join the military of an Alien race when he was young, and later returned with little memory of his childhood, and a new internal structure.

After all that has transpired, Raven is scarred by some of the experiences, but still has kept in his mind to remember what he fought against, has experienced, or to prevent the potential outcome. He has also grown somewhat paranoid about his childhood being unveiled to the public.


Raven is a hedgehog\Cyberspatial robot hybrid that stands 3'3" and has an unmentioned weight. He has Red fur on the majority of his body excluding Chest, muzzle, inner ears, and arms. He also has small black streaks on his quills, green hair, and peach skin on his muzzle, inner ears, arms, and chest. He also has blue eyes.

His attire consists of a black, sleeveless leather/flak jacket over a white sleeveless top,  and orange wristbands on top of spiny orange cuffs. He also wears mahogany shoes covered in a white hexagon pattern. They also have an orange vertical stripe going down the front, and have green, grey, and mahogany accents.

As a Cyber-Mobian, he wears red and orange armor plating, blue monitor eyes, green hair, and black cape that covers one of his shoulders.

He wears the same star-shaped necklace that his mom used to wear, which happens to be made of the same material as the Kiresatch Obelisk.


known to be a caring and generous soul that likes to make and have friends, but has had a hard time doing that. It is because of his Wilderbeast transformation has a contradictive personality that conflicts with raven's normal personality, and has lead to people deeming as two people in one body, and consider him crazy, when in actuality, he has gone through big hardships and has a hard time  coping with them.

When someone comes across him, and aims to be friends him or try to talk to him, he either come across as shy, and only say hi, or will feel okay enough to start a conversation, and be more open to the general public. He is also very calculative, and intelligent, and also intends to use a wide range of vocabulary to describe objects situations, or himself and his friends. This all hints to him being a deep studier at a very young age.

Prior to this, he used to be cruel, heartless, cold, aggressive, and reclusive. This is because his Darkspine transformation grew a mind of its too, and started getting conflictive with him. After losing this form, all but his aggression, left him. This aggression stayed because an ongoing desire for payback for his fallen leader, Omega, and the destruction of his home world.


When Raven was born, he was born after great war. The time of when it was overlanders versus the mobians. He was born as the second-born son. With Amy being the first, raven was her brother at this time. For the next three months, all was harmonious; Yet until she was startled by a loud banging on her front door. Fearing for her children, each one was put in a separate woven basket and hidden in some nearby foliage in the backyard.

He was discovered by Isabella Mongoose, and taken to her home after she heard distant gunfire. She found a note on his basket for anyone willing to raise him must take him for his own good. Having been taken in by her, she raises him with her daughter, Mina, in order to give him a home.

Child days

In the years of being little, Raven had proven to be fond of education, as he had attended school. Along with this, he had also been fond of knowledge in vocabulary, electronics, and mathematics. During these days, Raven was a very deep studier. He study day till night, not taking a break from it until he had to use the restroom, or had to eat.

He would get a large amount of good grades in English and Math. Though, he never learned about electronics in school,  he took his interests to this online in oeprder to learn more about them in and out. Raven was an exceptional student, but also became a brilliant mind. He even developed a bond with his new sister, Mina.

Later years

As Raven had grown into being a preteen, he started to develop a discreet interest in weapons and firearms. He even developed an interest into combat and war strategies. Like he did when he was in grade school, he took his studies into deep observation and knowledge. Yet, he feared that studying this would worry his mother and adoptive sister. So, he would often keep this knowledge to himself, and stay more focused on his schooltime business while hiding his own interests.

When fall rose around, and Raven was twelve, he, as well as many more mobians, were greeted by a colossal robot named Omega Supreme. He claims to have come in peace on the behalf of an emergency. He comes to the need for the help from them because the planet was under threat of Alien invasion unless they help him with supplies, military men, and weapons. 

While some felt the need to talk, Omega had realized he had already picked his newfound warriors. Raven was one of them, and he knew that a) he was too young whatsoever and b) He had no feeling of volunteering. He confronted Omega about this, and thought maybe if Omega listened to reason, he would change his mind, but that was fruitless. He runs off to start this newfound goal under force. While Raven was in his room and packing his things, his mother came up to his room saying that he was not going to an alien world because he was too young. Raven however, claims otherwise because he feels that he should volunteer and that he may be of value to them. It becomes an argument, where he accidentally confesses to her that he had been discreetly studying War, Combat, and weapons. He knows he hurt his adoptive mom, as she walked out of the room.

As she stomped out,  Raven apologizes to her, and stops. She looks back at him, and says that she is worried about him ending up like Arthur did during war, dying a hero in the war. Raven said that Omega said their was no way to say no to him., and he was enforced to partake in this endeavor. He even expresses to her that he tried to, but "what he says, goes.". Thought reluctant, she authorized him to go for it.

As Raven leaves to serve his purpose, he shouts  to them that he'll make it out for sure. With that in note, he is warped off to begin his training.

Training Gone Wrong(Shortened)

A full article will be made to describe it all. Below is a shortened version.

Raven has been warped to the new world, and from here, he is in for the military training that will almost claim his life. This training was recorded in an audio log, explaining all the sessions in great detail. The training in question had been going on for what may have been days at a time. No one ate, no one drank water or oil, or even had to excrete wastes unless any of the above was distracting.

However, just before he resumes training the next mornibg, Omega had wanted him to digest an "energy capsule" the even before near tragedy struck. This capsule was actually an Essence Trapper, as a capsule it can digested normally, but then it enters his blood, and starts to take shape in his heart.

This almost claims Raven's life when he had to pass through a training course called "Xixxaq, Wi'vrack" (Delta Mayhem). He was close to finishing it when he suddenly falls into unconsciousness. He falls like this when he is directly below burning iron girders, they fall right on top of him, burning him. He received immediate medical attention after being airlifted to the Infirmary.

Rebuilt for Victory

Following the horrendous injuries from the training and being airlifted to the infirmary, He is immediately taken to the Medical Deck, and they find that the injuries Also included nearly all ribs fractured, shattered femurs, punctured lungs, and a fractured skull. Raven overheard what he thought was inevitable; the sounds of him dying in extreme pain. Raven was so injured, he couldn't understand everyone because his ears were ringing indefinitely. In his sleep he is sent to the Extreme Care Block, where he is taken in for, "Extensive Repairs".

As he is humbly out, his majorly damaged structures are surgically removed from his body, and is put in suspended animation via Cryo-Stasis. During his time in Cryo-Stasis, his Ribcage, lungs, femurs, tibias, skull, and spinal cord were all surgically removed in order to make room for some cybernetic insertions. All that remains is his heart, brain, fibias, and the bones in his toes, fingers, arms, and hands. His digestive system was, like everything else, undamaged and left alone. 

The surgeons re-redesigned his internals by applying their technology into him. Using several cyberspace devices, they reconstructed him. This was achieved by applying vehicular struts to replace his femurs, Cyberspatial Cybrexium  armor plating that protects all internal structures, Neurotransmitters installed in metallic rods as a means to repair the Nervous system and innovate it dramatically, internal and environmental scanners to innovate his sight and optical senses,  and a Highly advanced circuit to take refuge in his mind.

After 5 months of a very delicate and fragile handiwork, as well as a an excruciating pain filled time for recovery, he is up on his feet. Yet, he appears more robotic than Mobian, despite carrying internal organs.

Welcome to the Front Lines(Shortened)

A bigger article will explain it all. Below is a shortened version.

Following the reparations, Raven was encouraged onto the battlefield to what he said would he'd do, and seemed successful. Over the course of 3 years, he has been more than ever willing  to protect Cyberspace for what its worth. Yet he had his own failures, such as having to withdrawal when revolutions began to arise on the home front, and had to help maintain control. He even had to run off when Nega Supreme launched a surprise attack on a Cyberxium rig. He did succeed in aiding the others in reclaiming a lost Cyberspace base in Negaspace, which helped press the advantage.

However, he is forced into leaving Cyberspace with Nicole and set a course for Möbius in an escape pod. The two could only look back as the world and life they once lived has been ripped away from their lives. 

Homecoming and a new Danger(Shortened)

Like the others, a bigger article will explain the ddetails. Following the disasters of Cyberspace, he and Nicole were on there own. They managed to escape in the pod, but would eventually stumble into a greater problem. But for now, they set up the mobian skin they retained prior to their arrival, and adapted the mobian style of life. While Nicole went off to her home, Raven became drifter. That, and having no memory of his past, left him with questions that became unanswered. These questions were put on hold when he hears a loud explosion nearby. Raven runs to the source, and found out it was a city under siege, and he meets Doctor Robotnik for the first time, piloting the Egg Demolisher. Raven decided to skip the introductions and fight.  Though he eventually  wins the fight, Robotnik informs him that the big picture was coming.

Acknowledging this, Raven decides to trail him and see what is going down. Raven eventually follows him to where Robotnik's  base was. Raven scans the structure for anything that could give him an edge. But it still came up fruitless. But what did come up was a bizarre transmission coming from a subsurface building underwater. Yet, the transmission was coded in hexadecimal code, which he couldn't translate. Raven believed that it was a building that was submerged in a flood and left it alone, but it was revealed to much more. The signal was coming from the Egg Atlantis, Which would prove to be his ultimate plunder.

Eggman will die as a result of this failure, and Raven recovers the three Raggadak Gems he can utilize to change into Rokshamiin Raven. At the same time, however, Ken Kintobor is released, and will soon rain havoc upon everyone in his master's influences.

The final push (Shortened)

As such, a bigger article will explain it all.

Following Robotnik's "unfortunate accident"' Nega Supreme see this failure as a weakness and acts in vengeance for Robotnik, as well as achieve what his ally could not. In order To achieve this, Nega Supreme launched a full scale assault on Möbius in search of the Raggadak Gems, which Raven had dispersed across the planet following the Egg-atlantis being destroyed and Robotnik having been killed in the destruction. A full scale extraterrestrial war was on the rise, and the race to find the gems had begun. Afterward, Vultra, Za Nakrota's artificial daughter, will not only mourn for her father's destruction, but will try to create to her empire by enlisting some help from the natives.

A Twisted Secret Exposed.

After the war, Raven decided to once again settle down on the planet.However, he decided to settle down alone, because he needed to think about what happened while he was at Cyberspace, and the chaos that occurred on Möbius. While he did decide to do this, he also wasn't sure whether or not to unveil his alien secret to the natives of the planet. After putting the natives through a war that not only jeopardized a location, but the fate of its people, and going through several generations fighting a gruesome, costly, undying war in Cyberspace, Raven began to feel like he was going to snap.

But, he eventually decided to shut his mouth, and not talk about it. He came to this decision because he fears that he himself, Nikki, and other Cyber-mobians in existence would suffer the fate as their predecessors did, being abused, tortured, and slaughtered.


Raven had one known power. This power is Radiokinesis, or the ability to use radioactive materials, biohazards, or other such things. He gained this ability following a Nuclear-Cybrexium bomb accident he followed an illusion into the test site, but nearly dies at the hands of the bomb. The power became recognizable when the nuclear and Cyberxium energies merged into his bloodstream, forever contaminating his blood.

He can preform mainly nuclear-based attacks as a result of the new power, but only uses it when his firearms or swords aren't present in the vicinity.

Raven also has the power to run at Ultrasonic Speeds, which exceed Mach 1.  However, he cannot exceed Sonic's speed, but he can be at equal speeds with him. This power was granted after being discreetly upgraded with a VXW-800 Alpha warp drive in his chest core, which was installed during his surgery.

Speaking of Nuclear attacks, he can channel his newly gained power to give himself a Radiokinetic transformation, and augment the strength of his Radiokinetic attacks in this state. However, none else except himself is aware of this power.

Aside from that, he also can turn into his Wilderbeast form. He says this form stems from a successful werewolf blood infusion into Raven's DNA. This form takes shape as Raven struggles to cope with his "demons" that are shoved into the recesses of his mind as memories, as well as dealing with extreme mental stress and/or anger.


The only ability he has is to manipulate the power of the three Raggadak gems, which enable him to transform into Rokshamiin Raven. "Rokshamiin" means "Ancient Power", in the Cyberspace language. 

He formerly had the ability to turn darkspine, but this power was lost after his encounter with his father, Mephiles. Mephiles sought to use Raven as a host via his Darkspine form.This proved to be a failure mainly because his mind was under conflict between the two.


Raven has superior skills when it comes to firearms and melee weaponry. In this case, he is most superior with his twin swords, Chernobyl and Valor. When he isn't using them, he will settle for weapons particularly circulating around Cyberspace weapons, mainly Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, and Sub Machine Guns. These classes seem to be his most favorite out of the variety.

Should neither of these be present, he was taught how to handle a fist fight by his adoptive father, Omega. Being given some CQC exercises, he puts these to use when in a fist, but is not real good at it, and will some preform them either improperly, or incompetently.


Raven's Number one weakness is Rust. Rust will render his internal systems immobilized and stiff, as if he were frozen in time. As a side note, Raven is afraid of this, as he has witnessed this happen to several other robots.

As proven by Mammoth Mogul, he is prone to mind control, which is known to higher threats such as Ixis Naugus.

Raven also used to be prone to being hacked into by robotic geniuses such as Doctor Robotnik, Ken Kintobor, or Vultra. This isn't a weakness anymore after being implanted with a CVX-900 computer chip, which renders all hacking attempts fruitless.

Raven has Arachnophobia (fear of spiders) It is a fear he desires to keep under wraps, and hopes no one will suspect it. He has had pretty close calls in the past, but still manages to keep it quiet.

Although, Raven has an Essence Trapper, which is a device capable of withholding, and reforming the soul of the user into a projected hologram, this does not render him fully immortal.

-In fact, the Essence Trapper can only render him semi-immortal. While he still cannot age at all, he is still at risk of dying. Likewise, since the essence trapper is embedded in Raven's heart, having it removed will kill him, if his heart is also removed in the process.

-Cyberspatial rumors claim that an identical occurs while the soul is projected in hologram form. This is called, "The Dissipation Effect. " The happens when the projected sways too far away from the projector lens for, at most, 30 seconds. Should the stray hologram exceed the limit, it the hologram will begin to lose depth, and image, slowly beginning to turn into an eerie mist, which is the dissipation part. If it fully dissipate, it dissipates for good, and cannot return to its body.


As mentioned in the info box, Raven has genotype complications that result in his gender being altered into the opposite gender. This is so because of problem with his gender chromosomes. His Uncle Roscoe, who is a geneticist, had studied a sample of his DNA, and found that the problem was in his Y chromosome. The genes that coded for his male traits and physique were mutated. Raven was informed that this was unfortunately incurable, as this mutation causes his Y chromosome to spontaneously shut down, and a second X chromosome takes its place, causing the brain to alter the signal, and the genes code to alter the organism in terms of gender.

Roscoe also says that eventually, the switch from male to female, may or may not be permanent but judging by how it was, it was most likely to be permanent.

-This may stem from his near fatal accident with the Nuclear-Cybrexium bomb, which coincidentally gave him Radiokinesis.

Raven's favorite food is chocolate. This has been his favorite food ever since his return to Mobotropolis. Though some people call him a choco-freak, he doesn't mind it in the slightest.

Raven is, as mentioned, a Cyber-Mobian, which is known to be a rather alienated and unusual species consisted of Mobian and Alien Hybridization. His race has been hunted down and at risk of extinction because the Central City President not only deems them as a "interdimensional threat"', but Nega Supreme's militia has been hunted them down and killing them. They have been killed in Slave pens, Torture room, anywhere that violence was brought upon them, they perished. Raven and his third Cousin, Nicole "Nikki" the CyberFox are two known survivors and have been discreet about there Alien pasts ever since.

In fact, while Raven was taken in as a son, Nicole was also taken in by Omega as a daughter, but they each had a different function.

Raven's middle name is actually "Rose", as an acknowledgement to him being a part of Amy Rose's family. The only reason his middle name was changed to Amadeus was because after becoming Omega's "child" , it was to make him sound more noble and exotic. In fact, Omega had planned it to be his first name.

If this were to have occurred , he would have been given the acronym A.R.C., which is also geometrical word relating to finding an arc in a circle.

Ravens star necklace actually serves a different purpose. It was out of the same material from The Kiresatch Obelisk . His mom originally wore the same necklace because of one common reason: It symbolizes who is heir to the throne.

He has outfitted the star and the rest of it with many gadgets and the like, all in case of big emergencies.

It isn't very clear as to where or how Raven attained a darkspine form, but it is possible that Raven may have acquired the form because a demonic curse that fell upon him because of Mephiles the Dark, whom had impersonated Raven's biological father after his birth, potentially intended to control him, or possess him, making him into a supernatural superweapon.

- This also may explain how Mephiles was capable of relieving Raven's curse during their confrontation on Skeleton Key Isle, when it was painfully extracted, and made into a separate, single entity. 


Krys the Alicorn

Raven's current girlfriend in the crossovers between Darkest Shadow And Nitro. They originally started out as friends upon meeting each other, all when the mistress was sitting in a park. On a bench. Ever since, they had been heroes to both Mariala City, its accompanying locales, and even the world from their foe's clutches. 

Eventually, the friendship escalated to being BF and GF in the second time of meeting, as well as receiving an unexpected arrival from a certain white miscreant. They are very connected romantically, exibiting their love and affection at certain points.

Christina "Christie" the HedgeCat

Another one of Raven's friends. They first met when Krys and Raven stopped by upon Raven's visit to Mariala City.

Trinity the Hedgehog(Nitrogen218)


Ditka "Renegade" the CyberWolverine

One of Raven's Rivals. He is primarily a rival to him because they are both guardians of the Raggadak Gems. However, Renegade himself is actually the original guardian of the gems, before he was branded a renegade for being disobedient, and often operating under his terms of reason and logic. Both this and his highly aggressive behaviour has lead to the unneeded destruction and or mutilation of potential hostiles. He also escaped Cyberspace with the Silver Raggadak Gem as well, and kept it to himself, trying to ensure that no one will find out.

Raven and renegade don't normally see eye to eye, as they both harbor opposing personalities, and behaviours



 Metal Raven

Ken Kintobor

Radon the Redhead

Mimica "Mimi" the Cat

Jamie the Dog

Chloe the Cow




Metal Raven

A collaborative project by Robotnik and Nega Supreme. Like Metal Sonic, this doppelganger was assembled to match Raven in every way possible(except for the flaw that it is an electrokinetic, not a Radiokinetic). Yet, this does not surpass the real Raven and often fails, but lately has been remodified and upgraded to challenge that, which has made a more robust adversary to his fleshy twin.

Radon the Redhead

His Moebian Counterpart. This is a negative reflection of Raven. Where Raven is heroic and just, Radon is a homicidally insane, charismatic, and hardheaded individual that is all about slang and swagger. Unlike Raven, he prefers hammers like Amy's crazy twin, Rosy. The two often encounter each other, usually resulting in a fight, and ends with Radon losing and sent to an insane asylum.

Rayvella the Cyberhog

Rachel the Cyberhog

Raven's alternate identity as a result of the post-bomb mutation. Whilst a Cyber-Mobian, this counterpart retains a vastly feminine personality. However, it also retains some heroic traits, and is a bit bolder on her combat styles than most people say.


"The Raggadak Gem....give it or get ready for pain."

"The Gem....NOW!!!"

"Fork - over - the - Geeeem."

"Tell me what Nega is up to, or be prepared to have to eat scrap metal through an iron pipe."

"Please don't fabricate anything, I only JUST just got Nega's last brawler's oil off my skin. -Raven lying to an interrogated brawler to make him come clean.

"Skull or tibias? Which one goes bye-bye first?"

"Spill the beans on where you have my resources or be sure that I'll melt the entirety of your head."


"Let's see which one of us is the fraud then." -Raven challenging Shadow to a duel.

"Let's see if your combat Is as abrasive as your word, kid." 

"Damage Report: Ouch."

"Takin' too much heat!"

"Not bad."

"A worthy opponent, but I've encountered worse."


"Oh, this isn't over, kid. Now this gets far more brutal."

"I will turn you into sushi!!"

"Y'know, I hate to bother ya, but, really could use some reparations."

"Time to butcher some meat."

"I will enjoy watching you squirm like the worm you represent."

"Each loss is a small win, in my opinion."-Raven losing a match.

"I believe this concludes our transaction, wouldn't you agree?"- Raven upon winning a match.

"Next time I will succeed. Maybe not today nor tomorrow, but I will."

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