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Raven, A.K.A. Isaac Ellicott Warrens , is a fanmade character created by Nitro/N-115-X. He is an antihero that prefers logic and action take priority over execution of whatever needs to be done. When his parents are killed by a couple of spies and he is given up by an adoptive family, he sought to devote hinself to academics himself to academics. When he graduated high school and aspired to go to college, those plans got shot down as he was conscripted to join in an alien war because of the Ancestor's Accord.

Three years later, he is now given a completely new body, and his old one nothing short of a decaying, radioactive husk. Raven is now an ex-Shadow Knight and Legionnaire, currently has a home in the form of a revitalized colony with survivors of a crash. Currently an adult, he wanders the planet, hiding in the alleys and rooftops under numerous nicknames, such as "The Wraith", "The Robot", or most commonly, Raven.


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Raven, as a whole, can be considered highly intelligent and logic driven. He relies largely on logic to ultimately make a decision that he feels makes the most sense and benefits Terabytians and even cyborgs that wish to redeem themselves or follow the code he had established for himself.His intelligence stems from practicing to solve logic puzzles, bilingual speech, and scientific research.

He can be talked to and reasoned with by those who seek his services, but oftentimes results in logic battles between him and the contractor. he will express contractual or personal loyalty depending on who he is approached or confronted by. He is also rebellious if his target(s) are something or someone that would break his code, and ultimately either kill or incapacitate his contractor, leaving them for someone else to salvage.

Raven, especially when potential allies or innocent people are threatened or already attacked, will try to intimidate the aggressors either by confronting them directly, incapicatate their allies(maybe terminate them), or psychologically break them.

He also shows complete disinterest in currency, despite having prices established for the length of his services or perhaps how many resources are needed to do the deed. Raven refuses to answer that when confronted and asked about it. It may be because of this that he has a loner mindset, thinking others "don't need to get involved."

His experience with stress in warfare has lead to him having mental freakouts and sudden bursts of rage which can cause him to lash out at people, sometimes getting violent or going primal. Interestingly, Raven isn't always a cold, calculating piece of robotic hardware. In fact, his organic past comes out in the form of compassion and overprotective behavior. He will show mercy to those who had been misunderstood(reasonably) or are simply people that are in the wrong place at the wrong time. (Criterion for this will be in the Trivia section.)

On top of that, Raven is both hopeful and spiritualistic; usually for the Terabytians and NTM's, that they will be fully accepted someday into society as sapient independent beings that can decide for themselves, which is what Isaac cognitively believes he is also capable of


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Born as the only son to Micheal and Katrina Warrens, and younger brother to Crystal Warrens, he lived a standard childhood as an infant in a well-to-do family with the father being a professor at Stockton Community College, and his mother being a chemist and weapons expert. The family of four lived in the Avon District of Silverdale, and had been ignorant of the drama going on behind the scenes. Isaac developed serious social problems with his family in his elementary days, becoming engrossed in academic success. He would be spending hours upon hours alone studying and practicing. This isolation was spurred on when his parents were starting to fight after his father vanished for an entire night, only to return in the morning. It grew worse when they divorced after a year of fighting and "Micheal" assaulted his wife. When another spy trued to take her out, he succeeded, managing to beat her down in front of her children as the two of them struggled over the D5 blueprints and an experimental weapon she was working on.

Unsurprisingly, Isaac was devastated and terrified folliwing the murder After the funeral, he was bequeathed to their mother's friend, Sarah Mavens and her family because Roscoe Warrens, his uncle, couldn't afford to keep both of them and they had no surviving relatives. Isaac would spend the rest of elementary school, all of middle and high school years focusing more on his academic skills, trying not express any signs of grief to his adoptive family. He has tried to socialize with classmates and teachers, but ultimately backed out of it. He did try to socialize with his adoptive family by going to movies, eating out at diners, and even helping out around the house, earning mixed results. The Academic sector wasn't much different. As Isaac pushed his intelligence, his academic scoring rose and rose till he became a straight A student in History, Writing, Science, and even took up an interest in Robotics.

This noted rise to prominence didn't go without notice. Much to his personal uncertainty, he inadvertantly started getting both admirers and detractors, and it caused him to try to stay out of the spitlight, even going so far as to ask the teachers to bring his scores to him personally to keep things private. Eventually, In his Sophomore days, he made a friend in the form of one Sophie Sorisa, who often shared his sentiments of commitment to their work, and the desire to keep it quiet. The two would actually be good friends well past graduation, with the two of them staying in touch over their phones. Eventually, they stopped talking when Sophia got accepted into a college on the other side of the continent.

When War Rages...

A little while after graduating high school and setting his sights on college and a good future for himself, Raven had grown accustomed to his adoptive family and had been slowly opening up about his biological family, going so far as to admit to feeling nostalgic. On a cold winter day, all of Isaac's progress on his social health would be strained and tested when he is conscripted to Join a benign robot named Za Omikrota on her mission to stop her brother, Za Nakrota, from winning in a longterm war they were waging. He was among 900 others that was conscripted because of a document called the Ancestor's Accord.

He said his tearful goodbyes to his family in Goldfield before he was teleported the war torn ruins that was once the central government of Terabytes.

It would be years inti the conflict that Isaac would see the darkest pert of life, going to buildings once used for municipal purposes now served as checkpoints and strongholds., architecture once proudly built now broken, rusted, and lost. The little that was standing was nothing more than rusting fragments of a society long since collapsed.

I Am Alive, Automotized

As time proceeded, Isaac was growing increasingly frustrated and terrified of the carnage around him. By the time he had become a young adult, he had felt like he had been fighting for his entire life. He had ultimately been dishonorably discharged from the Old World Legion because of how many failures, casualties, and points of interest lost in the war alongside many other colleagues. Afterward , he would be reassigned to guard duty because of an error in his designation on Za Omikrota's part.

He was assigned to protect the Terraform Matrix and the four Raggadak Gems, objects that embodied core concepts of the of the multiverse. With this, he had forced to get along with another individual: a young kitsune named Nikki. He and Nikki would be going from complete strangers to close friends to a father-daughter relationship over time, cilminating in a rescue from a prison camp.

Raven's life would change forever following an attempt on his life in a testing facility. With his original body dying, and practically suffused with his armor, he was given a new body, built a Spectron Fusion Core to house his body's spirit, and a dependence on heavy materials

Because of this new body, he actually did do marginally better and was a member of underground combat team called the Shadow Knights, but was forced to leave the location when Za Nakrota attacked.

My Home, The Forgotten World

After escaping Za Nakrota and approaching Mobius Prime, Raven was one of the few who helped arrange for a safe landing onboard the planet's surface, he realized that his memories were faint, as the years of conflict had made it difficult for him to reflect on those better times, at least until now. He would later survive the crashlanding of the ships as they sheared and splintered apart on the way down, breaking into massive clusters as they descended into a forest.

Raven had to climb out a pile of broken terminals and keyboards that had emitted small sparks, and ran off before he had the chance to look for survivors, as he heard natives and footsteps approaching, some armed with weapons like firearms or melee weapone like crowbars, 2×4s and even brass knuckles.

Having sustained several dislocated joints in his left hand, a broken optical lens, and his entire body is suffering from serious armor shifting malfunctions, he stumbled and limped at first, but was able to move out of some very dense woods and into a clearing that happened to open up to a desolate village.

However, the damage he sustained may have included some ruptured tubes, as he was leaking atomic waste, noticing this only after stumbling into a decrepit two-story brick and mortar house. He blacked out soon after the landing, forced into Emergency Stasis as his body focused on repairs.

He would wake up, fully repaired and strangely strapped to a table. Several anthropomorphic animals ovserving him in labcoats and hazmat suits, cataloging and examining what they had found out about him. Still capable of speaking, Raven would start to demand to know where he os, only to be told that he is currently being examined and studied to be delivered to The Coalition , a very clandestine organization. During this time, he would be tested, experimented on, and arguably tortured in an effort to understand him. Eventually, he managed to escape the facility when a series of containment breaches occured. From here, he continued to go into hiding, all the while studying and cataloging Mobian Culture, freshening up on skills he once had, but were forgotten for the longest time

Among these things, he would eventually learn that hailed from an adoptive family, and his birth parents were dead. Despite this revelation, he never shed a single tear, but instead had a new resolve: find his parent's murderers, and return to his adoptive family.

His travels would cause him to encounter Dr. Eggman himself, having suffered another defeat. The two of them met in an unknown location (Codenamed "BlackRock"), and Raven was fed a series of lies and deception, claiming to be an activist for his species, and labeling Sonic as a terrorist. He also stated that Raven was probably the last one left as every other sighting allegedly came up blank, false, or lost.

Not knowing any better, Raven agreed to Eggman's terms, and joined the Eggman Empire. Because of his previous combat experience, and being put to the test in a series of Egg-Renas he was told to fight in,Eggman treated him as a "point and shoot" or even "wind-up and let go" soldier.

It wouldn't be until he was assigned the task of rounding up The Resistance with the use of Chaos Emeralds did the situation take a turn for the worse: He couldn't so much as get within an arms reach or simply get close enough to feel its energy. It would result in Eggman dispatching Metal Sonic to claim them while Raven held off the resistance. After the emeralds were collected and the resistance all but defeated, and slowly gaining new territory, Raven was forced to meet up with Eggman at his newest creation: The Egg-Atlantis. Here, a litany of things come to the surface...

A Better Tomorrow, Above And Below

Captured and Restrained by badniks on arrival, Raven learns that Eggman had been lying to him the whole time, and had been planning on using NTM's he had been stress testing and experimenting on in an effort to finally conquer the world. He would reveal that Raven's tests were all about gatherimg physical data to repeat what he dod with Metal Sonic: Craft an equal and opposite to Raven to act as a bodyguard to him and his Egg Sub-bosses.

He also revealed that Za Nakrota had been working with him after coming across the Apollyon when it crashed into Egg base Omicron in Pyramid Valley, subsequently damaging it by 65%. Eggman had been planning to poison the atmosphere with the Delta-5 gas Za Nakrota had planned to unleash years ago, only to abort when the plans were stolen by Raven's birth parents.

Shcoked by all this, Raven was angry and vengeful, but was knocked offline and discarded, intended to be smelted down into alloy. However, thanks to some members of the the resistance, and help from survivors, He was taken and reactivated at the Green Ridge Colony, where a collaborative effort was being organized by the Resistance and the colonies in an effort to stop the villains, but were forced to work underground as the villains had managed to activate the gas while Raven was out...and many people who couldn't get underground were left to the gas, suffocating, panicking, and fighting one another. Realizing the gravity of it all, Raven would join the effort, as well as offer up the idea of sabotaging the Egg-Atlantis from within, as it also involved getting to smaller "Nesting Isles" popping up across the coastlines , where survivors willingly joined Eggman's Army in order to survive.

Over the course of several months, Raven would work in cooperation with the Resistance, other colonies, and eventually the clandestine "Coalition". This would lead to the birth of the Xentech Company , and the Colonax Concordant, calling for a peaceful alliance while they retake the planet.

This would result in taking several Nesting Isles and larger Nesting Hubs. They would learn that those caught in the gas were not only broken mentally, but had been reduced to primitive instincts, attacking and cannibalizing wherever they could. Some structures had already begun decaying and rotting in the chaos. The resistance would be forced to adopt mechanized robotic bodies to survive on the surface while their organic bodies were kept in a deep stasis, but retained their unique abilities with these mechanical bodies veing built around existing information from their bodies.

Thanks to these tenporary bodies, they have a verified resistance against the toxin, while targeting several High priority Nesting Isles. Raven's particular Nesting Isle was Isle 19, nicknamed "Crimson Scrappers", as a nesting ground The most dedicated of Egg Bosses and vicious of soldiers, be they Badniks or Comet Battalion Soldiers.

Accompanied by Savannah, The Babylon Rogues( though it came at the promise of rings and pandering to Jet's pride.)and Mad Monk to take command of the Nesting Isle, along with Isles 5, 13, 17 and 9 all at the same time. When they did, they were met by the Egg bosses Clove and Cassia Pronghorn. Their soldiers

Warnings Signs

Contracts Aplenty

Guide to the Multiverse


Following Isaac's reformatting he had to have a whole new robotic body built to compensate for his new lease on life. This new body had the capacity for powers built into it as per the Vanguard Project. They are :

Atomokinesis-Atomokinesis centers around the manipulation of atoms and molecules to the user's discretion. This can be used to transmute elements and matter at the molecular level, deconstruct matter and repurpose it into weapons, or rough approximations of weapons.

This requires some degree of knowledge of the weapon they want to recreate, or the element they wish to have post transmutation.The problem with this is that he runs the risk of overworking the cerebral processors to the point of literal burnout, forcing a systemic restart.

Along with that, there is the matter of putting too much or too many elements into one weapon or projectile, which will decrease effectiveness and cause it to collapse under its own weight. The maximum number would be 5 elements. Going past 5 guarantees the possibility of failure.

Flight- Flight in Raven's case comes from the thrusters in the quills in his back and the microthrusters installed on the bottom of his robotic feet, utilizing the same energy that is used for his Atomokinesis, both of which are courtesy of the Plutonic Chest Core. If it is used in conjunction with one or more powers, it runs the risk of overclocking the core and force it into emergency deactivation. While flying, Raven can increase the speed of the flight provided no other power is used simultaneously.

Outside of flight, it can serve as a dash, offering a small burst of speed.

Particle Barriers- This power siphons a sizable quantity of energy from the Plutonic Core, but still leaves enough energy to create 3 at once. The particle barriers act as protective shields to him and or allies that in his immediate area. The barriers can be straightened out or form a curve. Having three of them cover him on all sides can lead to the creation of "Particle Dome", increasing collective resistance to damage and moderately increased durability.

These barriers will distingrate lead or metallic ballistics upon contact, with their molecules either being absorbed or thrown back at the aggressors as energy blasts. These barriers can be destroyed if the aggressor is using materials that can withstand the radioactive output, or at least contain it well, namely Strontium, Solidfied Promethium , and perhaps reinforced Titanium. Laser and Energy Attacks are also effective at causing the Barrier to short out, causing them to disappear if said energy is constantly fired at it.

Rokshamiin Transformation- Terabytians, in their native language of Cryptospeak, Means "Codebreaker ". This is what Mobians would consider a "Super form".

It is a super form that requires the four Raggadak Gems and the Terraform Matrix to activate it. While it is a necessity, Raven has to fully to crack the rapidly changing security codes that are implemented into the gems via the Terraform Matrix. Where the gems represent four primary aspects aspects of the Sonic Multiverse, The Matrix acts as the the cipher to to crack them. All 5 objects house knowledge and intelligence as old as Terabytes.

However, while Mobians and NTMs share the same origin and "heredity", Mobians cannot interface with them (More on this with their respective articles), Guardians, like Raven, have to interact with them directly with the skin cloak disabled. This will result in a rather rapid rearrangement of the metallic plates, causing the armor to turn gold(even gets a fancy helmet-like apparatus for his head) and comes with the standard limited invulnerability, heightened strength, and increased agility. In short, in order to access this form, he needs the key to open the locks

T.A.O. Transformation-

Primal Form- This form only comes out under excessive mental stress leading to a severe mental break, physical damage that prevents him from using his hands or feet, or poses a threat to his cores. Or, if he is backed into a corner and becomes increasingly desperate and has no other options.

In this state, the form trades higher intelligence and alliances, as well detailed perception. As a result, His instincts to kill, survive and escape take center stage. He speaks in an early human/caveman dialect, speaking in short and sometimes incomplete sentences.

The physical appearance is reminiscent to the "Werehog" design, as the living metal and the skin rapidly rearrange and reformat his body to increase his physical strength and durability, preferring to attack anyone and everyone, regardless of fighting capabilites or if they are hostile to begin with. Raven, in this form, is strong and durable enough to destroy an entire city if left to his own unhinged rampage(and a possibly high body count).

In order to warn others, Raven will enter a "mixed" state, where he experiences sudden fluctuations in emption and rational thought. It can cause headaches and potentially migranes. His intelligence is gonna take noticable drop, but just enough to get complete sentences out, and minor details if he's lucky. This time will be spent trying to excuse himself or assess the situation to see if he shpuld go all the way.

Aside from this, Raven is weak to elemental attacks, mostly electricity. It won't control him, but if given to him long enough will restore some sanity to the beast , or cause it to obey whoever dealt the electric shocks to begin with, regardless of morality. It's also worth noting that people can mount him, riding his back, and forcing him on all fours as an attack dog so long as they shock some sense into him.

Lastly, like every other form he has, if he stays in it too long, he could wind up being "formlocked", or temporarily stuck in the form and could trigger to sudden "stasis mode" as a result of overexertion.


Shapeshifting/Mimicry- An ability that came with the body he has on him now. While it does come with a Skin Cloak to give him a more Mobian appearance, the body underneath the cloak is made of living metal, which responds to stimuli that comes from either the whims of Raven himself, or based on the surrounding environment. Most of the Time, Raven uses this ability when asked to by contractors or close allies. This usually results in him taking on the contractor's or ally's appearance to a T. In essence, he is supposed to take their place for whatever reason or event, effectively having them be in two places at once.

However, the ability is far from perfect, and oftentimes requires a sample of DNA to match the individual directly. Next, he would need to study their vocal patterns, have their personality downloaded into a chip for him to use, and study their movements and behaviour towards others, in an effort to make it a 1:1 recreation in order to negate suspicion on his end. The longer the operation, the more plentiful the sample (blood or hair only) it doesn't matter the gender, but he prefers to replicate adults as they are the only ones who can contract him.In times where he isn't told to replicate someone else, he will be able create new identites for himself, which are used when he needs to evade detection, or if he simply gets bored. Despite this dedication to accuracy, their is still a rather large possibility that the Ability could glitch, stall, malfuction, or fail without warning. Sometimes, if he stays as whoever he is replicating for such a long time, it could cause a sort of identity crisis and ultimately confused who he is .

Spin Dash/Blast Dash-


Swordsmanship Skills-

Shield Skills-

Blaster Skills-

Driving Skills-


Rust Sickness-Rust Sickness is one of the bigger weaknesses, but depends on how it is presented to him. Naturally, it takes on the mobian version of a rash or irritation on the skin, ultimately harmless. Same can be said when internal components wear down via wear and tear. If purposefully left unchecked, it will be concerning

The danger stems from the use of anti-mechanoid weaponry. If It is used in blasters, explosives, or even as traps, this has the potential to have a "superspreader" effect, making so much as close proximity to the affected will cause serious health issues or a painful death with more than just himself, and even accelerate the rate of exposure/infection

Climate- This plays a role in the stability of his chest core. The more arid the climate, the greater the chances of Self-Destruction or Emergency Stasis. The more frigid the climate, the greater the chance of Emergency Stasis, but not Self-Destruction.

Dependence on Heavy Materials- A consequence of him having the body he has now. Much like how an army marches in its stomach, Raven will require sustenance in order to keep himself collectively stable. He oftentimes will show a heightened attraction toward heavy elements such as Tnactovonite, Stekritoron, Xordovite, and Cybraktoron. He will show a heightened interest in Heavy Water, Lead, Iron, Large Quartz Crystals, and many others.

Because of this attraction, he will actively try to consume it either discreetly or in front of people if it is indeed logical. This has a chance to create an additction, leaving him with withdrawal symptoms. Those symptoms include, but aren't limited to : fatigue, irritability, poor impulse control and disinterest in activities or orders. How many symptoms he displays is proportional to how long he has been deprived of the materials.

Hand-to-hand Combat- While Raven is an expert in Firearms and Handheld weaponry, he has absolutely no experience in using his fists to throw punches or using his legs to kick things. Anyone who is a pro at this fighting style can expect to have an advantage and maybe disarm him.


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