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Raskustung is the twelfth member of Caliber Masters who masters gravity.


Raskustung is cyan fox with a variable blue clothes. She has cyan hair and ponytail on back. She has dark blue cap, blue shirt and jeans, blue high heels and gloves. The cyan color represents gravity in the history of Karti masters


Raskustung is shy and descent woman, who likes to hang in the air. She is also big mouth, which cause usually trouble for her. She is also known as an enthusiastic person, who doesn't feel sadness.


See Caliber Masters


Raskustung represents power of gravity controlling. She can levitate in the air and control the gravity of anything. She is currently training to reverse gravity of numerous objects at the same time.


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Raskustung doesn't have weapons, but her android form, Groove has. Her weapon is upgraded version of Raskustung's aerokinetic abilities. She can shoot gas, which makes opponent to levitate. The weapon is called as Levitation gas. It releases little, cyan tornado, which will fly upward when it reaches the other side of the room.


Raskustung can't go to space, because there is no gravity. That's why she is weak in the areas, which doesn't have any kind of gravity. She can't stand thunder.

General Info

Raskustung is known to be a close friend with Koolutus, who is the fifth member of Karti Masters and the master of teleporting. For her, he is really trustable, She has strong trust to him. Raskustung also has an android form called Groove, who is part of Special Pilot group called Scylla special force.

Fun Facts

Raskustung is Estonia and means "gravity"