""Does my long, elaborate speech confuse you? WELL IT SHOULD! The rate at which my lips move is to great for the feeble mind of yourself, thus the train of thought you posses turns into a crazy train that jumps off the rail, and because it jumped off the rail while moving so fast, it crashes, burns, and EXPLODES!" "
—Rash the Chameleon, in The Fall of The Viper
Rash the Chameleon
Full name
Rash Redhood the Chameleon
Appears in
Fall of The Viper (fan-fic)
Also Known as
A nuisance
104 CM (Slightly taller than Sonic)
65 Pounds (without equipment)

Rash is a green, Cape Dwarf Chameleon, and is the main Villan of Fall of The Viper. He was an experiment made to rival Project Shadow, stared by Mel Redhood the Eagle, and finished by his daughter Alsh Redhood the Eagle. He is very talkative, and often impolite towards others. Certian abilities of his are sticking out his long tounge to attack opponents.


Rash was created as an artifical being, heavly inspired by Shadow the Hedgehog. While Mel Redhood came up with initial concept for Rash, it was his daughter, Alsh, who finished Rash. This established a master/servant relationship beetween the two. He once worked with Dr. Eggman, creating the virtual program Speed Stress. In Fall of The Viper, his goal is to collect all the Emeralds, so that he can destroy the Viper Clan, a powerful family of mobians.


In terms of body and shape, Rash is very similiar to Espio. However, in terms of attire and pyshical apperance, they are very diffrent. Rash wears a pair of thick, brown gloves with yellow endings. His gloves are similiar in shape to those of Big the Cat. He wears combat boots similiar to those of Silver, but they are pure brown with yellow soles. He has green skin, and unlike most chracters, he does not have any thing on his chest, just pure green. His head is shaped like Espio's, but he has no horn. He has severeal orange dots at the back of his head, and he has round, cicular eyes with narrow pupils, like the eyes of real chameleons.


Rash can be described as an odd one. His speech, while grammaticly correct, is very odd in the sense that he talks very fast. He often does this out of anger, or out of sheer choice. He also talks iv extremley long sentences, most of them being run-ons. He is also very rude, often taunting opponents with snide remarks and comments. He also interupts people very often. Rash loves absurdity, which is one of the main reasons he worked on Speed Stress with Eggman. When needed, however, Rash can be very serious. Rash is also highly intellegent, and his IQ is very close to that of Tails.


Rash posses very few abilities. HIs main ability is throwing his long tounge at opponents. His tounge is very sticky, so he can latch on to both people and objects. He can also quickly pull back his tounge, allowing him to swing from ceilings and walls, and also pulling opponents towards him. Rash is also very flexible, letting him perform cartwheels and flips with ease.


Alsh the Eagle:

Rash was (mostly) created by Alsh, so he cares deeply for her. He often refers to Alsh as "Master", and recongizes Alsh's feelings. Despite this loyalty, Rash often makes sacrastic remarks when Alsh gives him an order. Yet, he does try his best to grant his Master's wishes, no matter how ridiculous.


  • Rash was originally desinged to be an Iguana
  • Rash was originally designed as a cold calculating character who is very serious.
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