Rasengan is a very powerful, very advanced close-range attack.


The user focuses their energy to the palm of their hand. The user then must consciously manipulate the energy so that it rotates at very high speeds. The energy is then compacted within a "shell" of energy, compacting it into the shape of an orb, the size of which fits within the palm of the user's hand. The user then thrusts the orb into the target, much like the Chidori/Lightning Blade, though the results are very different. The Rasengan grinds painfully against the enemy at the point of contact, until it bursts, either sending the opponent flying while consumed by the energy of the attack, or releasing a powerful tornado of energy that blasts the opponent. Regardless of the effect, the enemy is left severely injured; even regeneration powers are incapable of fully healing the damage.

The Rasengan is not only very powerful, able to blow through most obstacles, but also very adaptable. The Rasengan is capable of being fused with various elements, increasing its power tremendously and giving it the properties of the element used. This gives the Rasengan many possible uses and forms.



Derived Techniques

  • Wind Release: Rasengan (A powerful Rasengan fused with Wind)
  • Chaos Rasengan: A Rasengan formed from Chaos Energy, which is colored the same green as Chaos Energy, and lets off flame-like streams of said Chaos Energy.
  • Night Rasengan: A Rasengan enhanced with Darkness energy, turning it black and leaving whisper-like shadow tendrils. The technique gains in power at night or in dark areas.
  • Big Ball Rasengan: A Rasengan of a much larger size, and basis of various techniques of it's own.
  • Predictive Rasengan: A psychic variant, the user accurately predicts where the target is going to be using psychic powers, then slams the Rasengan into them for intense damage.
  • True Rasengan: A larger, more powerful, and more draining Rasengan.
  • Final Rasengan: This version of the Rasengan is extremely powerful, capable of disintegrating opponents depending on the energy reserves of a person. There is however a huge drawback to this Rasengan. This uses up the entire energy reserves of a person, which usually kills the user a few minutes after using the attack. Even if the person survives, it is extremely unlikely that the person will ever be able to use energy techniques ever again, as the recoil of the rasengan is on a cellular level and disrupts energy flow within the body.


Due to its power, the control needed, and its adapability, the Rasengan is an A-Rank technique.

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