Rapa Venice Witherleaf
A picture of Rapa in her prime
Raps, Rapid, Rap, Darling, Honey, Hotty, Cutie, Heart Thief
Albino Hedgehog
White fur, green polka dots, yellow eyes, and tan skin
Several different provocative outfits.
Weepillow (Husband)

Krinkinko(Youngest Son) Rapid the Hedgehog (Oldest Son) Unnamed Middle Child (Daughter) Fa-La-Stu (Daughter in ruined future) Gunnar the Echidna (Grandson in ruined future) Lu-Lu the Echidna (Granddaughter in a ruined future) Krinketta the Seedrian (Adopted Granddaughter)

Krinkinkoy the Eaglet (Adopted Grandson)
Romantic Interest
Weepillow the Hedgehog (Husband)
Men, clothes, fashion, beauty, makeup, kids, her husband, fans,
Fighting, bugs, perverts, etc.
Modelling, Using her looks, Her voice, Hypnotism,
None as of yet..
The Elder of Frog Village
Rapa was the mother of Krinkinko and Rapid who unknown to them, was a famous supermodel. She died roughly 16 years ago, weeks after Krinkinko was born.


Early Life

Rapa Venice Brasicca was born in the Smootherleaf Village, a village of albino hedgehogs who excelled technology, to two minor artisans. Her village would hold an annual contest of the arts, pitting the children against eachother, with the winner winning an outfit, which was highly revered in Smootherleaf culture. Due to winning every contest, it was realized that Rapa was gifted in singing and dancing. While she strutted on all of the clothes she won, it was also quicklyrealized that Rapa had an aptitude for modelling. Due to her skills she quickly rose to fame in her village until her and her parents were highly respected. Respect for the young Rapa was so great that she was known as Smootherleaf's Princess. The clan knew that with Rapa, they would be able to share their talents with the world and she became famous at the age of eight.


Due to her fame, Rapa and her family became extremely wealthy compared to the other villagers, posessing the only mansion. Since she was such an attractive girl for her age people from around the world adored and loved her; from kids her age to grown men. Unfortunately, she didn't love any of them back individually.

One day, she was picking flowers in a flower field for her next photo shoot when she met a shaggy green hedgehog. The hedgehog began to flirt with with her. She simply grew annoyed and told him that she had a photo shoot to get to. This shocked the boy that he met a real life model and it shocked Rapa that the boy didn't kno who she was. After the two departed they couldn't get eachother out of their heads.

Weeks later, the two met up in the flower field again. She learned that the boy's name was Weepillow and he was an exceptional warrior.  They started to chat with eachother and found out that the two were quite alike. Before leaving the two shared a kiss which sprouted their new relationship. After she finished her hit album "Beautiful" she decided to take her boyfriend, Weepillow and his friends to her village (which was beginning to use Rapa's donated money to modernize itself) for dinner. However, when she brought them, they stared and whispered at the villagers. After eating, Rapa and Weepillow were about to kiss when one of Weepillow's friend's threw a knife at Rapa's head but one of her bodyguards sacrificed himself to save her at the last second.

Soon, warriors from Weepillow's village started attacking The Smootherleaf Village, resulting in many casulaties. The turmoil finally stopped when Rapa and Weepillow fled. It turned out that Weepillow hailed from Jaggerleaf Village, the mortal enemy of Smootherleaf village and the two didn't know the other was from their rival village. The two decide to put their relationship on hold until they could think of a way out.

Even though she was overwhelmed with sadness since she couldn't even talk to Weepillow, this time was considered the height of her fame where she released her album "Beautiful 3", her album "Beautiful 4", her album, "Just thought I'd Drop By", her movie, "Cute Girls Don't Wear Make Up", her movie "Murderer" and her movie "The Silver Girls" due to these movies and songs she won several academy awards and grammys. Though she coulodn't meet him face-to-face she did write/recieve several letters to/from Weepillow and even named the male protagonist in "Murderer" after him. After the release of The Silver Girls she was given permission to go anywhere she wanted for the night. She decided to go the to flower field where she first met Weepillow and sure enough there he was, crying but when he saw her for the first time in a long time he quickly embraced her. The next part of her career was focused less on songs and movies and more on photos. During this year she was pregnant but she had to lie to the media that she was romantically inolved with a random person to make sure Smootherleaf Village and Jaggerleaf Village didn't have another bout. Her and Weepillow continued to see Weepillow though sporadically and in secret. During this time period she released her album "Changes" and guest starred in 12 different TV shows. She also released 300 new photos.

After her baby was born, she knew she would need Weepillow's help raising him. After naming the boy Rapid, a male variatiom of her name, she went to Weepillow. Then the two attempted to raise the baby but due to their slightly young age and the fact that they had to raise him in secret, they ran into difficulties such as constantly feeding and changing him.  His name grew quite fitting due to how rapidly he would soil himself. He also cried extremely loudly and at an alarming rate. The two were forbid to love eachother and they were too young for a baby so getting their cover blown meant certain death. Even though Rapa protested against it, Weepillow decided they were going to have to put the baby up for adoption. He gave the baby to an alien race that said they would take very good care of him. They then went to their home planet Neohedgehogus where he was trained as a soldier. She simply told the media her baby had died after being stung by a bee.

Due to her schedule being less strict she spent more time with Weepillow and to this her career wasn't as good as previous years due to loss of focus and since most of her work was dedicated to Rapid. Her works include her ill-recieved album "Song", her mixed album "The Wave", her spring photo shoot, her movie "Rapid", her movie "That Isn't My Baby", her unreleased movie, "Love" and several guest stars in sveral TV shows.

When shooting her movie, "Love", said to be one of the best dramas of the year she discovered that she was Pregnant with another one of Weepillow's children. Despite this revealation, Rapa continued to act, hiding her pregnancy by requesting to wear less tight clothing. While acting, she was kidnapped by a mad scientist. The scientist conducted horrible experiments on her womb for three days before returning her to her home. She went on hiatus due to the intense pain. She requested a doctor to help her deliver the baby. The specialized frog doctor took her to a secluded island to deliver the baby. When the baby was out it attacked Rapa, attempting the kill Rapa. The baby was shrouded in darkness and its power was abonimable. The doctor, who turned out to be a powerful wizard, trapped the baby on the island at the expense of his own life.

She then moved in with Weepillow in a little house near their favorite flower field. They promised if they had another child to treat this one right. Although the two moved into the house, they still spent time away from eachother in order to keep the secret though they spent more time together than ever before. At this time, Rapa and Weepillow became married in secret Most critics agree that this was Rapa's utter peak in her career where she released her a book, "Forgotten", her movie "The Funky Bus", her TV show "Rappa's World" the movie "Candy Hearts", the movie "The Last Stand", her movie "Lonely", her movie "Kidnapped" her "Rapa Universe Trilogy", the book "The Date", her movie "Raisin' A Village", her album "The One", her album "The Land of Spice", the album "Momma and Daddy", her album "The Time", her album "We're All In This", her album "Village Girl", and her album "This is it".

After she became pregnant with her youngest child, Krinkinko the Hedgehog  it was discovered by Weepillow's father that Weepillow was informally married to Rapa in addition to fathering her baby and it quickly spread like wildfire.Afraid to face the ramifications of their actions, Rapa and Weepillow fled towards Twerunka Jungle.


Rapa and Weepillow left their respective villages because they finally couldn't take the fact they couldn't be together due to a war that happened years ago between the two villages. Even though Weepillow's old friend Ridley tried to stop them he utterly failed when Weepillow unleashed his true dark form. The two then contenued their trek for a better life. During this time Krinkinko was born and their trek seemed to grow hopeless due to the baby. They eventually made it into Twerunka Jungle where they thought they could thrive due to the abundance of wild-life. Unfortunately, the foreign animals proved to brutal for them and they couldn't even catch the smallest of prey. Desperate, they purchased bugs from a shady echindna. Unfortanately The Elder of Frog Village and some villagers saw them eating the bugs and assumed they stole it. They were then killed by being thrown into a bottomless pit, all except baby Krinkinko who is raised by the very man who witnessed the death of his parents.


Due to Rapa's fame at an early age she had a very troubling personality. She tended to be quite distant, never growing too close to a person. She tended to be wary of people due to everyone loving her even though she knew they were either exaggerating or dillusioned. In addition, she was very vain, believing herself to be above others. Despite all this, she hid this all behind a cheery facade in public as to not upset her fans, which revealed her as an excpetionally deciever. Although she had her share of problems, that isn't to say there weren't positive aspects to Rapa. Even though she believed her to be the best in her fields, she saw this as a reason to help "the lesser" people and gave her extra money to charity (which would prove her downfall as she lacked money when she fled with Weepillow) and helped those in need. Despite the fact that she was distant from people, she adored her fans and loved the attention. She was shown to be very cocky. She loved her family more than fame and would give up her fortunes in order to be with the people that truly loved her, which she ultimately did. She hated conflict and would always try to stop fights. As such, she was an outspoken activist of world peace. She was a romantic, dreaming of finding a man who would love her for the normal her and not the actress, and found such a person with Weepillow.


Rapa had an aptitude for singing, dancing, acting and modelling. If need be, her voice could be made so soft that listeners would feel drowsy or so upbeat that listeners would grow hyperactive. She was extremely nimble and acrobatic. Her dance moves were known to be extremely provocative, which coupled with her voice could make most men feel infatuated and/or lustful for a short time. Although not shown, she could theoritically use this combination of singing and dancing as a powerful hypnosis. She was shown to fit into any role, being a exceptional liar who could fake a lie detector test if she imagined herself in the role. According to Weepillow, her touch (especially via lips) were numbing. She was an expert in modifying her voice and she could make her voice high enough to shatter glass.

Her voice combined with her touch was said to be the ultimate calmer, powerful enough to serve as nullifier for her lover Weepillow's powerful dark form.

Her prime weakness that she was ver frail, bruising quite easily.

Theme Song

Final Fantasy VIII - Eyes On Me HQ

Final Fantasy VIII - Eyes On Me HQ



  • Her maiden name backwards, barring her middle name, is Brassica Rapa, the scientific name for the fast plant.
    • This continues the theme naming of Krinkinko's older relatives as plants.
  • She released 14 albums, 15 movies, 2 books, numerous guest appearances, and a TV show.


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