Ranga is the Anti-Jacob, and an ally of Anti-Will.

History: The Books

Book Three: The Invasion

Ranga appears in Book Three as a member of one of the hoards of Moebians invading Mobius, being involved in the attack on the Monolith, serving as Miles Prower's second-in-command. He hits on both Cream and Cookies, but gets attacked by Tails in his Super form, getting thrown from the Monolith by a massive Rasengan-styled attack that left him scarred almost identically to his counterpart. Downcast, he leaves with the rest of the retreating Moebians, mostly for medical attention.

Book Six: Sealed

Ranga appears in the attack on LSSJ Scourge, attacking alongside Pyris the Hedgehog, Aki the Bat and Cloud the Hedgehog in an attempt to defeat the insanely powered hedgehog, but fails miserably alongside his teammates. Later, he assists Shady the Hedgehog, Will the Echidna and Striker, all powered up, against Scourge after discovering about Rageik's possession of Scourge. After their defeat, he gives his energy to both Will and Striker, to allow them to ascend to TrueChaos Will and ShatteredChaos Striker and fuse.


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Like his counterpart, Ranga is a green echidna with soulless black eyes and some scars down the side of his muzzle and face, although the ones on his face are reasonably covered by his fur. Unlike Jacob, however, he wears a bomber jacket and baggy pants, as well as a fair bit of jewelery.


Like his counterpart, Ranga has extreme skill in hand-to-hand combat, preferring to get in close to his opponent to attack. Due to this, he carries around a specially made quarterstaff, which he uses to great effect. However, he doesn't have the same dislike and disuse of long-range abilities, and will use them as well. He can use the Chaos Kaio-ken, but only does so when he is being heavily overpowered and has no other choice. His signature technique is actually a ranged move, fired from his quarterstaff, known as Anarchy Arrow, an equivalent of Chaos Spear

Forms and Fusions


Ranga isn't as brutal as his counterpart, but that is due to another trait being a lot more drawn out. Ranga is a repeat womanizer, easily distracted by women. While this attraction isn't quite at the level of well known womanizers such as Toxic the Hedgehog, it means that he hits on any "cute" girl that he sees. He has a rather twisted sense of humor, such as asking people to call him Ranga even though his fur is green.


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