Random Ranger Tales
Format Animated
Created by Ryushusupercat
Writer(s) Ryushu
Director(s) Ryushu
No. of episodes As many as I decide :>
Run time 30 minutes
Rated TV-14
First aired 2010 (concept formed)
Status Has yet to premiere

Random Ranger Tales is a series created by Ryushusupercat (Talk). It's written in script-style, with inspiration drawn from Sonic X: Twisted Remake.


Before you decide you want to help me, you must adhere to these rules:

  1. Do not make episodes that revolve COMPLETELY around your character(s). You can make episodes where they're more major than normal, though; just tell me your ideas.
  2. Each co-writer is allowed a maximum of THREE episodes to create that have their characters as more major than normal, and they must adhere to the above rule. Co-writers are still welcome to give ideas for other episodes, and they will be credited as well.
  3. Each co-writer is allowed a maximum of four characters to add.
  4. Your added fanon charas will NOT appear in every episode. And if they do, they will be minor (unless they're coinciding with Rule 2).

Main Characters

Secondary/Guest Characters



Request Characters

User Spots open: 3/12


The show revolves mostly around comedy with some action and adventure. It also makes some use of the dark humor element (particularly in the episodes Not-So-Silent Hill and Amnesia: The Dumb Descent).


Many popular games, TV shows and memes are parodied and/or referenced. Such things include;

  • Left 4 Dead - Pills, of course.
  • Silent Hill - An entire episode is based upon this game.
  • Monty Python -
  • Monty Python and The Holy Grail - An entire episode is based around this movie.
  • Scooby-Doo - In the episode "Not-So-Silent Hill", when encountered by Pyramid Head, everyone says "Zoinks!", a trademark quote of Shaggy.
  • Rick Roll'd - The gang Rick Rolls Chris Thorndyke in one of the episodes.
  • Team Fortress 2 - This is the game that Twister is playing in "Prower Up!".
    • Killing an Enemy - Whenever Twister kills or bloodgeons Chris to death it shows a weird bar of his name with the weapon icon and Chris's name, sometimes an odd trophy and confetti appears above his head
    • Headwear -Twister at various times could wear other headgear other than his traditional mineha. To name a few he could wear a pith helmet with a camera,a soda drinking hat, a red military peak cap, and even a boot.
  • Dethklok - The song "Better Metal Snake" appears in the episode of the same name. Naturally, it is the song that plays during the battle montage with Ryu's newly evolved Shiny Steelix.
    • Duncan Hills Coffee Shop - An obvious reference to the Dethklok song "Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle", the gang frequently hangs out at this coffee shop.

Character Abuse/Comic Relief

Bad things tend happen to the characters.

See here for more info.

Running Gags

  • Chris is the most frequently used punching bag in the show (this takes after Sonic X: Twisted Remake); however, in Random Ranger Tales, his personality is drastically different; he's a stupid and bratty little kid.
  • Linebeck is frequently chased by either Jolene or Janice.
  • Dramatic things often happen in the background without anyone (primarily the Rangers) even acknowledging it. At one point, Knuckles punches one of Eggman's robots through a window at Duncan Hills Coffee Shop, with the Rangers not even flinching.
  • After the episode "Cooking With Dragonfire", Kotuumath's subpar skills as a chef get referenced a lot. He also still continues to try and cook.


Season 1

Ep. no# Ep. name Written by Synopsis
1. The Poke-Collector Ryu Ryu encounters a powerful trainer who plays for keeps.
2. Food For Thought Ryu/Artemis After having a weird nightmare involving barbecue sauce and Kotuumath, Linebeck avoids the halfbreed for the rest of the week.
3. Cooking With Dragonfire Ryu Kotuumath develops a passion for cooking; however, no one has the heart to tell him that he's a terrible chef.
4. Pill Theory Ryu A spoof of the horror slasher movie Kill Theory, Ryu loses her pills and menaces everyone with her Chicago Typewriter and horrible temper. It's every Mobian (and other species) for him/herself.
5. Knights Of The Round Fail Ryu An adventure of medieval proportions, in a similar vein to Monty Python and The Holy Grail.
6. Prower Up! Ryu/Tails Twister gets hooked onto an online computer game and the gang tries to get him out of it.
7. - Ryu TBA
8. - Ryu TBA
9. - Ryu TBA
10. Blind As A Cat Ryu Ryushu loses her glasses.
11. The Young and The Heartless Ryu/Flash Toxic's lecherous advances towards Ryu start to get out of hand.
12. - Ryu TBA
13. - Ryu TBA
14. - Ryu TBA
15. Not-So-Silent Hill Ryu A parody of the popular horror game series Silent Hill.
16. - Ryu Albus is blackmailed into being Chris' servant.
17. - Ryu TBA
18. - Ryu TBA
19. - Ryu TBA
20. A Chris-is Ryu/Hunter Chris somehow creates clones of himself, and decides to use them to get revenge on our heroes. Unfortunately, they're all just as stupid, stubborn and bratty as he is.
21. Better Metal Snake Ryu Ryu's Shiny Onix finally evolves into a Steelix, and she proceeds to PWN many trainers with it in a montage of the Dethklok song Better Metal Snake. Unfortunately, the Steelix catches the eye of none other than the Poke-Collector!
22. - Ryu/Artemis Shanoa's gone missing! In her place was left a note full of riddles...can the gang solve them all and find Shanoa before it's too late?
23. - Ryu The dark forms of certain people go on a rampage!
24. - Ryu Linebeck takes on some treasure-hunting apprentices, two wily Mobian rat brothers named Patches and Cinnamon. Much mayhem ensues.
25. Amnesia: The Dumb Descent Ryu A spoof of the survival horror game Amnesia; The Dark Descent, developed by the independent Swedish company, Frictional Games.
26. A Mile in my Pokemon's Shoes Ryu/Artemis Ryu is transformed into a half-Pokemon splice and winds up in the middle of a big city, where thousands of trainers are gathered for an ultra-rare Pokemon catching competition. Meanwhile, Linebeck somehow gets turned into a Furret, and Ryu's own Furret falls in love with him.
27. - Ryu/Artemis An irritating salesman continually attempts to goad Kotuumath into purchasing cologne until the halfbreed snaps and destroys the cologne stall. Unfortunately, this douses him with a particular type of cologne that is made of pure pheromones. Now girls won't leave him alone; this includes Ryu, Shanoa, Vira, Rosa and Amy Rose, as well as three of Ryu's Pokemon (that happen to be female).
28. - Ryu/Artemis TBA
29. - Ryu TBA
30. Quest for the Azure Flute Ryu An hour-long special.

Season 2

Ep. no# Ep. name Written by Synopsis
31. The Secret Life Of Fleas Ryu TBA
32. Minecrafting For Dummies Ryu The Rangers get sucked into the world of Minecraft.
33. Lounge of Losers Ryu TBA
34. - Ryu TBA


See here for more info.


  • In one episode it is revealed that Linebeck is a fan of the band They Might Be Giants.


Different songs that appear in episodes.

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