Ramsey the Thylacine

Biographical Information
Romantic InterestsMarceline the Virus
Physical Description
  • Fur: Smalt/Taupe
  • Skin: Grey, Dark Tan
  • Hair: Dark Sienna
  • Eyes: Majorelle Blue
Political Alignment and Abilities
WeaponryVarious weapons, most notably swords
  • Swordsmanship
  • Enhanced Senses (mostly Hearing and Smelling)
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat Skills
  • Advanced Nocturnus Abilties
Other Information
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorUser:Sunny the Hedgehog

Physical Appearance

Ramsey's main color scheme (fur) seems to be a cross between a Smalt (dark powdered blue), and a Dark Lavender color. His skin is a dark white-ish tan color, while his arms are grey. His eyes are Majorelle Blue, and has a bloody scar above and under his left eye (due from harsh fighting during training). His hair is a shade of Dark Brown. He has two different outfits:

His Normal Outfit is the outfit he wears when out of Nocturnus territory. It mostly consists of a grey jacket, white baggy pants, and brown boots. His hair is also styled to cover most of his face, which is intended to keep his identity somewhat of a secret.

His Nocturnus Outfit is very complex. It has a unique design, slightly similar to Shade's. The helmet is detailed slightly different. Instead of the glowing marks being blue, they are flashing colors of red and orange. This outfit is also used for when working as an Executioner.


When Ramsey was younger, he lived a normal life. When he was six, his mother got up in the middle of the night to abandon him (why is unknown). The area was very dangerous, since the small family of Thylacines lived on Nocturne. While Ramsey's mother was looking for a safe place to set him, a violent storm struck. The mother could not take it anymore, so she set him down by a Nocturnus Scout Camp. He woke up as she ran away, and felt confused, trying to piece together what had just happened. He got up and started to walk around the Scout Camp, but he couldnt find his mother. Ramsey gave up, and sat outside the camp for hours on end, knowing that he had no one to care for. Thats when he thought that his parents never loved him. After mumbling violent happenings to himself, he tried to fall asleep, but couldnt. Sooner or later he was found by an orange echidna. The echidna introduced herself as "Shade". Being careful enough, Ramsey made sure that Shade wasnt trying to capture him, before he told her his name. Shade commanded him to tell her why he was here. He quickly told her, and she-understandingly-took him to her Scout Camp. There he learned how to fight.

But fighting was hard, since he was never taught to defend himself before. He was put up against the best-trained Nocturnus Scouts, and he was beaten senseless with no saying in anything. He started to develope fierce battle scars on various parts of his face and arms. Then one day while he was fighting, a Scout kicked him so hard in the lungs, that it messed up his vocal cords, and he became partly mute.

After this move, he started to get better at fighting. At first, it was out of hatred. But then he told himself that he must keep moving forward, or else he'll be stuck in the past forever. This one saying, helped him even more, and he became independent to himself. He was put in the best Scout Camps, and he learned to defeat some of the best Scouts. Of course, he was never the best, but he was happy with where he currently was.

Soon after, a group of strange echidnas attacked one of the camps that Ramsey was in. He soon found a discarded sword, and using some excellent swords skills, defeated the group with the help of other highly-trained soldiers. The scouts decided that Ramsey would be a great Executioner. Ramsey accepted the job, and was taught to....execute, punish, and kill certain people who didnt follow the customs of Nocturne.

Afterwards, he met another thylacine, who was spying on him. He quickly found out, and she ran away, dropping some various weapons that she was carrying. Ramsey, confused, slowly walked over and picked up the weapons: a katana, spear, and a dagger. Looking directly at where the other thylacine was hiding, Ramsey quietly said that he could hear her. She came out from behind the tree. Sensing suspicion, Ramsey asked her why she was carrying the weapons with her. She remained quiet for a moment, then replied that she was going to give the weapons to him. After a brief moment of silence, Ramsey nodded and mumbled a "thanks" as he started to walk away. The other thylacine -after standing alone for a moment- followed Ramsey. She introduced herself as Marceline the "Virus". Ramsey asked her why they called her "Virus". Grateful that the question was asked, she replied to him by saying that she was an absolute pro at hacking, fixing, and taking apart technology. She said that her hacking and accessing computer ability makes her seem like a virus. Feeling as though she has said enough about her self for the moment, she asked Ramsey what his name was. He decided that he could trust her, so he quietly introduced himself.

more later


Despite having a very violent nature, he tries to be the happiest he can be (which usually, isnt that much). He actually thinks that nothing very interesting happens, but he is usually proved wrong when he competes agains new allies/rivals. He is easy to anger, and he can gather enough strength to overcome his partial muteness, and yell violent taunts. But while he is quick to anger, it is just as easy for him to forgive....sometimes. He can be considered generous, due to him saving strangers from fatal happenings. He only usually does this if that person does not deserve to die. Usually if someone has done something cruel and unforgettable to someone else who didnt deserve it, he will track them down and punish them (meaning that he will kill them). Also, while he may seem rude most of the time, he never forgets his manners when he asks of/for something. Rarely, his violent side can be quite similar to Amy Rose's. Whenever he meets someone new, instead of being shy, he stands up to them when they speak to him. At first, he judges them by their personality, and if he finds a flaw in their personel that he doesnt think is very good, he will act rudely towards that specific person. But, if he gets to know them more, he'll eventually get used to them, and will also eventually tell them what he used to think of them.




Abilities and Weaknesses

He has abnormal Super Strength, and he can overpower quite an amount of his enemies. He is skilled with hand-to-hand combat skills, which make him quick-witted in battle. He has very good senses, mostly hearing and smelling. Probably his most remarkable abilities are his Swordsmanship and his ability to sense the truth in others. He can handle swords of all kinds, knowing what they do, what they're made for, almost everything about them (due to studying for a long time). When Shade and the other top Nocturnus Scouts decided that he would make a good executioner, they talked to Pir'Oth Ix about it, and he taught Ramsey how to use the power to know what sins others have done in their lives, what they're real truth is, and what will become of them in the future (though Ramsey has vowed not to tell anyone or admit to anyone about this power).

As said above, Ramsey has excellent hearing. Due to this, he cannot stand loud noises. He often gets confused about what to do with his friends if they are about to do something regretful, and he tries to convince a friend to choose a different path, without telling them what might happen if they dont. He cannot tolerate rules being broken, and will go crazy about thinking what to do. While he is usually brave, he is afraid of thunder and lightning, and will usually twitch at the sight/sound of it.

Theme Song

Headstrong, by Trapt

The Silent Hill theme is also one of Ramsey theme songs.

Silent hill 1 theme song

Silent hill 1 theme song

The Silent Hill theme


"It doesnt really matter now..."

"How conceited..."

"Thanks....I guess.."

"I am NOT a cat, nor am I a dog!"

"Once a villain, always a villain. They have no power to change their alliance."

"Hm, I guess it would be smart not to trust me..."

"I'm not your enemy....for now..."

"You call that swordsmanship? Ha! Then you're not even worth my time!"

"You have no idea..."

"You dont make the least bit of sense."

"I know I have a bad temper. At least I can keep it under control most of the time, unlike that."

"You dont honestly believ--nevermind."

"Do you know how hard it is?! Do you know how hard it is to execute your friends?! No? Don't try it out then. It's not enjoyable."

"Well excuse me for not trusting someone I just met."

"You are a very obnoxious creature."

"Speak up? Why dont you quiet down?"

"If you dislike me because of my attitude, then I am extremely's just who I am, and I cannot change myself."


"You dare unleash chaos in this town?!"

"Attacking from behind is an act of cowardice. I'm not like those coward Executioners. I'll go up to my opponent and slit their throat, no questions asked."

"You're the new definition of 'strange'..."

"I may seem like I have 'revenge-lust', but revenge isnt everything, most of the time."

"That was.... very uncalled for."

"'I'm happier than I look'....would you take that as an excuse?"

"Aye, that was....mentally scarring..."

"fffffff-SILENCE, child!" - what he usually says to characters with personalities such as Sunny the Hedgehog's, or characters who upset/tease him

"No questions asked."

"I may know very much about modern-life or tribal things, but nothing about this so called 'romance'."

"You lose..."

"Brace yourself for battle!"

"I guess you could call me a 'suitable opponent'."

"I dont see how you find that "humorous"..." quote to Xantrea the Dark

Interactions with Other Characters

Marceline the Virus

Shade the Echidna

Twister the Fox

Ramsey sees Twister to be just an eccentric kid with a need for comedy. Ramsey often thinks that the comedic moments that Twister executes can be described as 'unrealistic, yet sometimes enjoyable to see the outcome'. He usually gets caught in Twister's plights, and-unwillingly-solves them for Twister


  • He can be slightly compared to Pyramid Head, from the Silent Hill franchise.
  • Much like Amy Rose, he can pull weapons out of hammerspace.
  • Due to being afraid of thunder and lightning, he is considered Astraphobic. He can also be considered Sonophobic, due to his dislike of loud noises.


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