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This is an article about Ramonna the Hedgehog, a character created by Chamesthehero.
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Ramonna the Hedgehog

Ramonna is a seventeen-year old female Mobian hedgehog who is gifted with super-strength. She is a main character of Dimitri Chronicles, a series created by Chamesthehero. Introduced in Reign of Darkness, the first installment of the series, she is among the best athletes from Station Square and the most popular.

Ramonna the Hedgehog by Lolcraft98

Debuting in Oblivion of Shadows, this hedgehog is the current champion of the Station Square's local fighting tournament and later a member of Team Prinus, a team made to search for the Chaos Emeralds to stop Rikai's plans.

Well-known for her indomitable willpower, Ramonna is a hot-blooded and ambitious gal that has a massive heart, though sometimes such sensitive feelings are overshadowed by her dominant demeanor. On the other hand, she has gradually fallen for one of her most genuine best friends.

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Physical Description

Ramonna is a light brown-colored hedgehog with tan-colored skin who boasts an average height. While her skin is not visible on her arms or hands, it exposed on other areas such as her torso and muzzle. Along with her long eyelashes and short tail, she also boasts beautiful hot pink-colored eyes. 

This hedgehog has a wild, short hairstyle that reaches down her shoulders, featuring lots of bangs. She also wears a black tank-top with green stripes, featuring some cleavage. Wearing black-colored tight shorts, she dresses black finger-less gloves with green hand-protections against blades, sports bracelets, and boots. 


Ramonna is a hot-blooded, warmhearted, and tomboyish female whose unwavering sense of independence makes her always be willing to stand up for what she believes in and who she cares about. On the surface, she is a confident, thrill-seeking woman who remains upbeat even when the odds are against her, never backing down when challenged and always caring deeply for her friends.

Ramonna by SigmaAlphaThree

Her impulsive tendencies may suggest otherwise, but those who know her well see that Ramonna is a very sensitive and empathetic individual, always being able to notice whenever her close ones are feeling emotional distress. Hence, this hedgehog acts like a compassionate, strong older sister to them in their times of vulnerability. However, despite going great lengths to cheer her friends on, she seems to lack self-awareness by downright refusing to acknowledge her low points and acting tough no matter how hurt she feels. 

Although her passion for fighting makes her seem tomboyish, Ramonna does have a more traditionally effeminate side to her that is often neglected. She tries to contain these emotions and hobbies in fear people will see them as a weakness, hence why she finds it difficult to express her honest and more passionate feelings. 

Ramonna has made it a mission for her colossal strength not be a weapon of destruction, but be something that brings people together—closer to her. However, the only way she sees this coming to fruition is by always being the strongest person in the room. To have her position challenged, even by her friends, scares her down to her core, hence her eagerness to fight and win. Being overpowered by someone else means that she is forgettable, and if she is forgettable, she believes everyone will abandon her since she will fail to meet people's expectations. 

Ramonna's unusual upbringing is something she notably refuses to talk about. It is arguable that many aspects of her personality, like her sisterly disposition, constant desire to be the strongest person present, and refusal to expose her more effeminate side and feelings all stem from her own experiences with neglect and rejection. Coming to terms with what she truly feels and being more honest with herself, regardless of external sources, is something she starts to learn as the series progresses and as her love for her best friend deepens. 

History and Appearances

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Dimitri Chronicles: Reign of Darkness

Dimitri Chronicles: Flames of Courage

Strengths and Powers

Ramonna the Hedgehog is, without a doubt, a fighter that battles for what she believes in. The well-known athlete of her school and the current champion of Station Square's fighting tournament, she is someone filled with the determination to succeed, challenge new foes, and bring other people together.

Ramonna the Hedgehog by Dedusmuln

Gifted with tremendous power, Ramonna is undoubtedly one of the physically strongest fighters in her continuity. She has plenty of experience under her belt due to brawling in fighting tournaments and practicing a variety of different sports for her school, but it proves to only go so far as she currently has much to learn and experience.

Ramonna boasts impressive hand-to-hand combat skills, coordination, and acrobatic ability. To a limited extent, Ramonna's fighting style sometimes relies on her body reacting to attacks even on its own as she tries to find opportunities to strike. These honed reflexes are the reason she is able to fend off hordes enemies coming from all directions despite being severely outnumbered.

Using the martial arts she knows and the knowledge she obtained from practicing a wide range of sports, Ramonna often mixes her movements learned through sports with her combat-style, often creating highly destructive techniques. Her sheer willpower makes her capable of resisting mental attacks such as illusions and mind-control.

Fighting a battle of attrition against Ramonna is a losing battle, for one of her strongest points is her monstrous stamina. She can perform exhausting feats for long periods of time without breaking a sweat and outlast most fighters in the battle-field as fights drag on. On the other hand, however, she finds it aggravating that other people cannot keep up with her.

Aside from fighting, Ramonna prides herself on her cooking skills. Since she spent so much time alone due to her parents often being away, she took an interest in the hobby. With the right amount of ingredients at hand, this hedgehog is able to make all sorts of dishes, ranging from healthy ones to downright caloric sweets. This skill is not known by many, however, and praising it is an effective way of pampering her.

While Ramonna's impulsive tendencies may make her unpredictable in combat, this genuine nature enables the hedgehog to be unintentionally charismatic and make people warm up to her, though her good figure might also be a factor. Boasting this positive aura allows Ramonna to be quite popular among people.

Ramonna's signature move is Indomitable Strike, which involves her charging her punch for about two seconds and striking a target hard enough to create combustion through sheer force. Concentrating her strength in a single place could lead the target to reach their melting point, though Ramonna receives damage. The Indomitable Barrage involves her utilizing this technique multiple times in succession.

Despite being a force to be reckoned with, Ramonna does have her flaws. Her stamina, although extremely high, does have limits and so does her short temper. Her hot-blooded nature can be exploited to a degree; while aggravating her makes her decide to take a less strategic approach, adrenaline rushes dangerously boost her power as a result. Her physical attacks have little to no range and she can be worn down by magical attacks.

Supernatural Strength

Ramonna's most notable power is her tremendous superhuman strength. Born with such ridiculous amount of sheer power, this hedgehog is capable of crushing, holding, and breaking through colossal structures and withstand an enormous amount of pressure without breaking a sweat. Coupled with her unflinching determination and competitiveness, Ramonna is considered to be a one-woman army.

Ramonna by Lolcraft98

Ramonna's strength is unusual even among others with a supernatural amount of physical prowess. The energy output of her strikes are comparable and, under the right circumstances, sometimes even downright superior to Dimitri's telekinetic blasts, which can mow down entire landscapes.

Ramonna specializes in close-ranged combat since, due to the usual incredible disparity between her strength and her opponent's, she only needs a few good hits in, if not just one, to knock them out successfully.

At range disadvantage, she uses her environment to her advantage, often tearing whole parts of the ground to act as projectiles and distractions. Although this depends on her good accuracy granted by excelling in sports, one can only wonder what kind of damage the impact of what she throws could generate on actual living creatures.

Considering how devastating her physical attacks are even against energy barriers, Ramonna also boasts enough physical endurance to endure as much as she can dish out; this is the reason she excels in close-ranged combat and absorbs impacts without staggering an inch. However, the same cannot be said for her resistance to magical and Chaos energy attacks, which is not as impressive but notable nonetheless.

Ramonna applies her strength in other attributes as well. For example, her strong legs allow her to outrun average athletes on foot, jump much higher than most, and fall from high places without being crushed. In her casual routine, while she is not exercising, she uses her strength to crush ingredients for cooking, open lids, move furniture around, dominate strength-based games in the city's arcade, and shake trees for fruit.

While Ramonna considers herself to have mastered this power, this is still not the case. Her rushes of adrenaline turns her strength unstable, making it capable of reaching great heights as it skyrockets even further. If she is not meticulous about the usage of her strength at all times, results can vary from inconveniences to disastrous consequences; one might even argue that perhaps this might be the unconscious reason she longs for people she can fight without holding anything back.

Creation and Development

The concept of the character Ramonna came sometime after my first drawing tablet was given to me. During this time, Sonic fan-characters were something that was rare to find on the internet, so they were something particularly interesting for me to create and design. While drawing Sonic the Hedgehog, creativity took the better of me and my hand started to move on its own; changing colors and everything.  

Ramonna by KeyaraHedgehog09

Ramonna was the second female Sonic character to be created by me. Since during her creation females were the hardest for me to write about, she was greatly neglected. It was only a few years later that the character started to grow on me, and so I began developing her more seriously. Many aspects of the character were pleasant to write about, despite her design giving me headaches. 

The character has received positive feedback from others, winning two highly valued web-awards. The recognition she gets is something that makes me very happy as she is among my most popular characters. Ramonna is a character that has come a long way. I hope this character never ceases to exist.

Relationships with Other Characters

Friends and Allies


  • Brutus the Berserker


Fun Facts

  • Budōkai_Tenkaichi_3_OST_‒_Wild_Rush

    Budōkai Tenkaichi 3 OST ‒ Wild Rush

    Ramonna the Hedgehog's theme.

    Ramonna's name comes from the uncommon variation of writing the name Ramona.
    • Even though not quite apparent, the pronunciation of the name remains the same. 
  • Ramonna's favorite season is Summer. 
  • Although not much to the level of Arna's full-on shark teeth, Ramonna does have sharp teeth. 
  • Ramonna is the first character from the series to gain recognition in a separate wiki
  • Ramonna's signature technique, the Indomitable Strike, can be used in several other ways.
    • A neat trick Ramonna can do is snap her fingers with enough force to generate heat to light up candles. However, she does not do this often because it damages her fingers.
      • When she first did this, Dimitri wondered if she could manipulate fire.
  • She was not exactly the brightest student in her class, often sleeping during lectures and getting suspended due to going to class with clothing deemed too inadequate for the school environment.
  • Her close friends often call her by her nickname "Ram", a shortened version of her name.
    • It is ironic because a ram is another animal species entirely. 
  • Despite how fit she is, chocolate and other sweets are definitely one of her weaknesses! 
  • Given how much publicity she gets on a frequent basis, she does participate in quite a lot of advertisements to promote merchandise from well-known brands and, to a lesser extent, full-on modeling.
    • However, she despises doing them as they frequently test her patience. 
  • Mira's antics with Ramonna in school are meant to invoke and spoof a particular trope.
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