This is an article about Ramira the Goat, a character created by Dieglex on 11/8/2015.


Ramira is a brown goat, brown horns, brown and black tips on hair covering his ears and one of your eyes, black eyes, white mane (in her face).


She uses a red dress with a yellow long belt, red sandal how your an outfit of your day-to-day. In her waitress job uses a dark purple shirt, blue pants, a white apron, sneaker white and uses a ponytail. In her alternative outfit is a a blouse without shoulder, long skirt white and yellow, and white and orange sandals.

In fan-games she use a ponytail and hair covers half of left eye, light blue and lilac shirt, blue pants, white sneakers.


She is lonely, playful, sometimes depressed or worse because of their parents is always traveling from one place to another, a little unusual to see her happy.



Lightz the Angler Fish

She sees the Lightz like a brother, but not as he sees (in case he would like her to be his girlfriend), they grew up together since childhood

Oliyviah the Sabertooth Tiger

Ramira and Oliyviah are best friends since they were children, when Ramira had 16 (Oliyviah had to 17) they began to work on Sabertooth's Coffeeshop(one shop of Oliyviah's family)

Wynter The Fox

Ramira met Wynter at school, also Wynter also had family problems (abandoned her, leaving only a doll), since the two had something in common Some months decided to be friends

Shay the Bull

Ramira has a crush on Shay since his 11 years, and when she tries to talk to him there was always a girl who fumbled it (Mindy, Lilith or Tiara).He knew she had a crush on him, and he tries to talk to her and is also hampered (Funky, Egon and Jaycee)

Amy Rose

Ramira and Amy are frenemies,a hour friendly and another hour are enemies,they like to go out somewhere or even if it is to take a walk around the block, depending on the conversation the two have both have a war of increasing discussion or a fight

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic and Ramira are friends and colleagues of the same class, sometimes it disturbs her, and she sometimes corresponds with a punch or a slap in his face

Silver The Hedgehog

Silver and Ramira are friends and colleagues of the same class, I always help him with complicated things or loving things

Platinum The Hedgehog

Ramira and Platinum are friends, sometimes discusses personal stuff, some food recipes, or about fashions

Christmas the Deer

Christmas,Noellene,Pharrell,Lorelei,Holly,December,TJ,Athena,Thaw and Colbourne he always has a photo of the group annually Snow Amoris City (where they live), it seems he has a strong friendship with she.He always sends letters to him being friends of letters

Noellene the Deer

Pharrell the Orca Whale

Lorelei the Moose

Holly the Polar Bear

December the Jackalope

TJ the Husky

Athena the Seal

Thaw the Mamoswalrus

Colbourne the Penguin

Taylor the Albino Tiger

Coming Soon

Xhosa the Bat-Dog

Coming Soon

Diddy the Bat-Dog

Mina Mongoose

She and Mina did not talk a lot, it might be enemy by not going with the face of another

Tiara Boobowski

She has a dislike to Tiara from when they were 14 years old when she made bad pranks with her and Wynter

Lilith the Crow

Lilith & Ramira are arch-enemy,Lilith tries to be better than the Mira in all she tries to do (even in silly things)

Moon the Chimera

He and Ramira were friends since childhood like Oliyviah,until one day in school that he went too far doing to force her to tell Shay who no longer loves him,causing fights between him and Shay and tearing the arm(the right arm of Shay),since then are no longer friends


Ramira has no powers

Skills and Ablilities

  • Being strong
  • Very Smart
  • Eidetic memory
  • Dance
  • Hairdressers

Eidetic Memory

since their 6-8 year-old she had eidetic memory, and often not very proud of that, because she sees her parents always come and go (being absent parents), but she uses it often for some work, some trace route, or simply to remember good things

Hair Skills

Her hair grows fast within 2 or 3 days, and can become like Rapunzel, and between sometimes it changes the style of your hair, or how ally using as a rope or a way to lasso large objects or distant


As your hair can be ally, is also its weakness, as her hair grows fast just stumbling, making it impossible to see, and in some cases can be tied up in your own hair

Fan Games Appearence

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