This is an article about Ramiel the Bird Angel, a character created by WaterKirby1994 on 03/2/2016.

Ramiel the Bird Angel is a character created by WaterKirby1994 & is the flying type member of the team consisting of Yume, Cerah May, & Ramiel.


Ramiel normally wears a white dress shirt with a tie, which varies in color, with black pants stretching halfway past the knee. On formal appearances he wears either an electric blue or hot pink tuxedo with pants of the same color & the tie of the opposite color.

Mobian Super form: Ramiel gives off a powerful pink glow in this form. His clothing remains unchanged.


While kind, Ramiel is also extremely manipulative. He has noble goals, however is willing to do things others may think of as evil to accomplish them. While he originally intended to use Yume as a powerful tool in correcting the world, she managed to make him experience true friendship.

Ramiel is obsessed with the concept of beauty and offended by the idea of uglyness prospering. He thinks of beauty as a matter of choice and believed that there should be divine intervention to remove disease & uglyness from the world, prior to teaming up with Yume & Cerah May.


Originally, Ramiel was an artist living in Heaven's A-Ring born from Jupiter dividing himself. Following his banishment from heaven for disagreeing with divine policies, Ramiel started seeking out gifted young females he could add to his side. Eventually angels would come to Earth attempting to end his interference. In the year 2039 the 1st Angel Sauriel (Command) arrives, Ramiel is able to defeat him after giving Yume & Cerah May some of his blood. He later fights the 2nd Angel Sarahequiel (ingenuity), 3rd Angel Camael(Wrath), 4th Angel Samael (Venom), 5th Angel Raziel, 6th Angel Cerubiel/Leliel, & lastly Zuriel.

Quest to Bring Back Yume

Following Yume's death, Ramiel reveals that he knows how they can bring her back, & leads a team to Heaven in the hopes of retrieving the girl who sacrificed herself. After making it past several obstacles they are able to reach the innermost level of the ultimate dream dimension, where Raphael has some of the angels of law & order arrest them for illegal entry.

Ramiel is able to escape a few hours before the brainwashed Yume would marry Raphael, & starts fighting Raphael in the attempt to free the girl from his control. This postpones the wedding as their fight is taken to the sky outside the cathedral. This fight continues until Raphael realizes that Ramiel was providing a diversion that would allow Yume's friends to take her back. Then Raphael summons Mars to fight while he attempts to escape with Yume to his palace, Ramiel pursues them while Mia & Cerah May fight Mars. Upon hearing Yume tell him that he doesn't have to fight Raphael for her sake. Ramiel goes to assist Mia & Cerah May as Yume requested, however the fight had already come to an end by the time he arrives.

After healing they agree to continue their quest & reach the palace Yume is being held in, only to discover that they were expected. Ramiel awakens after falling into the trap to find himself imprisoned with only an hour left before he is to be executed under the orders of the Lead Angel Raphael. He is saved from being executed at the last second. Ramiel follows Raphael & starts fighting him once Mercury takes back Yume. The fight starts off fairly evenly paced, although Ramiel is quickly outclassed after Raphael transforms.


After returning to Earth with Yume, Ramiel temporarily becomes Yume's love interest. After he realizes that Yume is only in love with him because she is still influenced by what remains of Raphael's brainwashing, Ramiel questions if he should break the girl's angel obsession. Ramiel would ultimately decide to cure his closest friend, despite how happy she was & how cruel what he would do was. Ramiel instantly regretted that he decided to follow Cerah May's advice by dumping Yume hard.


Electrokinesis: This allows Ramiel to surround himself with an electric aura & shoot bolts of lightning.

Ramiel also has photokinesis which can combine with his electricity to form forcefields & can also transform light into a sword.

He is also capable of influencing young females to an extent & possesses the ability of flight.


  • Yume: (Friend & Teammate)
  • Cerah May: (Friend & Teammate)
  • Aeriel: (Friend & love interest)
  • Zuriel: (Sibling)
  • Sauriel: (Older Brother)


  • Ramiel's name means Divine Thunder or Thunder of God.
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