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Ralph the Lion

Ralph the Lion is a lion who lives in an apartment in Station Square. His two best friends are a young raccoon named Penelope and a long-eared jerboa named Felix Jr.

He is based on Ralph from the movie Wreck-It Ralph.

Physical Description

Ralph has tawny yellow-brown fur with a lighter muzzle and chest, and a deep reddish-brown mane that is relatively short in length. His tail tuft is the same color as his hair. Compared to most Mobians, Ralph is brawny and stands at a good six feet in height, a size comparable to the likes of Bark the Polar Bear.



Making A Friend

Around the age of 17, Ralph had met a jerboa named Felix, who was about two years younger than the lion. Poor Ralph didn't have many friends, since most people saw him as a clumsy good-for-nothing. Felix, however, was one of the very few people willing to befriend Ralph, and the two soon became fast friends.

Meeting Penelope

Beast Legends


Base Stats
Spcl. AtkN/A
Spcl. DefGreat
Other Stats

Ralph has incredibly high physical strength, able to smash through things with ease using only his fists. He also has a powerful bite, being a lion.



Ralph is rather resistant to the cold. He can also shrug off weak attacks with ease.


Ralph isn't that fast, and can't exactly jump that high. He's also a bit clumsy, and definitely not stealthy.

Forms and Fusions

Twisted Dimension Ralph

This is the version of Ralph that appears in the Twisted Dimension in the RP Hedgehog's Guide to the Multiverse. During an Overlord sweep of Station Square, Ralph, who was hiding out with Penelope and Felix, were found by Overlord mechas. Felix managed to stall them long enough for Penelope and Ralph to escape, although the jerboa ended up getting captured.

Ralph now wanders around with Penelope; the two of them are trying to find a safe place to stay.

Friends and Foes






Despite the fact that he looks like a brute, Ralph is really a nice guy once you get to know him. Unfortunately, most people don't realize this, and see him as an awkward, clumsy oaf who wrecks everything. This causes him to be quite withdrawn from strangers, and thus, Felix and Penelope are really his only friends. He's still trying to get along with Tamora.

He's also much smarter than he looks. Although he has a bit of a temper, he avoids violence the best he can. When he's enraged, however, it's incredibly difficult to calm him down; about the only person who can successfully do this is Penelope.

Ralph doesn't scare easily at all, but this has also been known to backfire on him at times, primarily when he ends up going in over his head in a dangerous situation. This is not to say he never sees danger, however; he just only really considers it a bad situation if his friends run the risk of getting harmed.



Biggest Fears



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