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Rainbow Emerald drawing

My drawing of the emerald

The Rainbow Emerald is a rare treasure that can only be wielded by the pure of heart as well as being hold. Its power is the same as the Chaos Emeralds, but it is exponentially stronger


The Rainbow Emerald was made from the Divine Emerald that kept the Divine Plains afloat. It grew in the same cavern as the Divine Emerald with many other emeralds. Many years ago, it was given to a young Tsugumi, as a tradition they have to protect and helped the girls in their life as they grow.Many years later it was find by a young Shawn and Anna, and the Shawn gave the emerald to Anna,in hopes that it would help her when she's older. Years later, Anna still keeps the emerald safe from those that would try and take it. She only used it to find her friends when they're lost and helps her to know if a person is good. It is kept in a secret room that only Anna and her family knows and it's only used for emergencies.

Sonic Origins: Legend of the Chaos Emeralds

In Sonic Origins:Legends of the Chaos Emeralds,it was the result of the Chaos Patrol joining their powers together to form a pure white shining emerald,they then used it to purify Mushin,who was controlled by Black Mind,a Black arm parasite. Soon after, the emerald healed the damage that was done and it vanished in a bright light, along with the spirits of the old Chaos Patrol.


Its looks like a normal sized Chaos Emerald but glows in the colors of the rainbow and keeps changing color every second, making it a beautiful sight to see.


  • Tsugumi- The 1st holder of the emerald, given to her as a child on the Divine Plains as a tradition to her people.It's unknown how she no longer holds it.Some say she left it so that growed more on Mobius.
  • Annamaria - The new holder of the emerald, given to her my her brother Shawn, when they were exploring a cave together. Still keeps the emerald till this day and used it to help her.


They function practically the same like the Chaos Emeralds.


  • Helps to find lost friends.
  • Shows those that can be trusted.


  • Makes user turn into a giant light creature if not trained well.
  • Burns hand of those who are not good.
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