Rain Splash is an unusual Water-aligned technique, capable of damaging the user when used in specific conditions.


The user summons a channel of water from the sky, directing it onto their opponent to force them backwards and injure with the water pressure. However, when there is no rain, then the user is forced to draw moisture from the air around themselves to create a channel of water. When there is fog, mist or high humidity, this is of no big hassle, but when the humidity is at normal levels and lower, then the user has to expend some of their own physical strength to create the channel, restricting the amount of times they can use the technique, and at the same time making it easier for the enemy to defeat them, should they still be standing after taking the hit.



  • Take Down - an elementless, physical technique that works on the same recoil principles.

Technique Rank

Due to the technique's power, and the chance of dealing injury to the user, the techniques bears an A-rank.

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