This is an article about Raidus 'Mercury' Atomos the Jackal, a character created by Saren the Dark Lynx on 12/30/2014.


Raidus is an odd sort of fellow that most people would find unsettling to be around, with his stony demeanor and his apathetic tone when it comes to dealing with others. This is an intentional facade created by him just so he doesn't have to deal with the pain and general irritation that comes with social contact with others. Though he seems to get along well with Nexus, but that is probably thanks to the fact that Nexus is quieter than most, if not all mobians/moebians he has had the displeasure, sometimes pleasure, of dealing with.


Raidus is a Alabaster white Jackal clad in white surgeon scrubs with faded yellow metal plate gauntlets and boots that are lined with lead in order to keep his powers over radiation from prematurely activating. He also has a gold pocket watch that holds a picture. What that picture is, nobody other than Raidus knows. The end of his tail is tipped with a silverish coloring, same with his ears and snout. His face is usually set in a scowl that seems to be a permanant feature on him if one who didn't know him were to observe him. He wears reading glasses even though he doesn't need them. When asked why he either ignores the question and walks away or says 'It's none of your concern' when he is being pestered. He doesn't do this because he is a jerk. He just does this because he is a very shy person with a severe case of social anxiety and he really doesn't know how to interact with others.


Due to a freak accident that happened while working at a nuclear reactor involving mercury, Raidus gained the ability to control mercury, and thanks to him being a scientist, he would know about the various properties of mercury and has come up with ways to use these powers through extensive trial and error research. 

Mercury mimicry

Raidus can shift his form into that of the element Mercury, which is the only metal to be found at a liquid state at room temperature. He can use this form as a method to attack, defend or even escape.


  • Contaminant Immunity- Raidus is immune to the harmful affects of radiation, which kills off germs and other contaminants due to the extreme heat given off by radiation, thanks to mercury being a radioactive metal and his ability to manipulate and even become living mercury in a sense.
  • Dermal Armor- Raidus can use his innate ability to manipulate mercury to form a sort of armed skin that is composed entirely of mercury and he can swap back and forth between the armored form and his regular form, though it is draining to do so, when he is in mercury form he wouldn't be able to feel pain.
  • Natural Weaponry - He can use his mercurial skin to produce bladed or blunt weaponry from any part of his body or he could shift into a liquid state to avoid tripping any sort of laser alarm by literally moving through the gaps made by such systems and reforming himself once he gets across. He can only use this form of mimicry when he is in his dermal armor state.
  • Disease Immunity- Raidus manipulates mercury, which is a radioactive metal. Radiation gives off heat that would kill all forms of contaminants such as germs and other forms of single celled life due to them not being able to survive in such hostile conditions.
  • Electrical Immunity- Raidus thanks to his dermal armor, theoretically could take a lightning strike while his dermal armor is on without getting shocked or injured by the lightning bolt, and could possibly even use an electromancer's own attack against him by engaging the electromancer in hand to hand combat. This is also useful for bypassinh any form of electrical mimicry that an electrokinetic may have
  • Elemental Shapeshifting- Raidus can use dermal armor and stretch his body out in all sorts of ways and even melt into a liquid thanks to mercury being the only metal not found as a solid at room temperature. Though being frozen while in a liquid state would not be very good for him.
  • Enhanced Durability/Oxygen Independence - Being made entirely of mercury with his dermal armor means he has no organs, so he would not need oxygen at all to survive, which means thattheoretically he could survive in space if it werent for the freezing cold temperatures. Plus, considering that he can change the composition of his mercurial body, physical attacks would be as effective as a bullet shot from a gun is against water.(hint: A bullet fired at a lake or a river where the water is not frozen would be shattered on impact.)
  • Poison Generation- Mercury is poisenous to living things when its ingested, raidus could use his dermal armour in a liquid state in order force his opponent to ingest a certain quantity of mercury, poisoning the individual and depending on how much mercury is forcefully ingested. Raidus's opponent could very well die due to mercury poisoning.
  • Thermal Resistance - Raidus has a certain resistance to heat much higher than the average mobian thanks to him being what is known as 'living mercury' Which can turn into a gas at a certain temperature. Which he can then attempt to envelope his opponents head in mercury gas, cutting off his opponents oxygen supply and killing them by either asphyxiation or mercury poisoning and depending on the temperature that he is being exposed to, could turn him into a superheated gas known as plasma. Though that would probably kill him.


Massive intellect: Raidus , being a scientist would have a massive intellect and is quite capable of solving problems mathematically and physically. He prefers not to engage in needless fights however.

Hearing: Raidus is a jackal, which is a type of dog. Being a type of dog gives him the advantage of enhanced hearing. Though he takes it far beyond the range of most other canines in order to make up for his dulled sense of smell.

Inventor: Raidus has a hobby of building random knick nacks and inventions just for fun. Some of them may work as he designed them to but others don't. He doesn't let that discourage him because 'Science is progress, without failure we can never achieve success'.

Stealth and thievery: Thanks to his dermal armor, Raidus could bypass any conventional security measure and even a few unstandard ones as well, though he doesn't normally use these skills for theft, of the situation calls for it, or if someone promises a reasonable reward and it's not something too dangerous then Raidus would probably do so.


(1 is weak, 10 is strong. Total can't be greater than 40.)

Agility: 5 Speed: 3 Strength: 3 Defense: 5 Evasiveness: 4 Dexterity: 2 Intelligence: 10 Skill: 8 Total: 40


Inventing new gadgets



Quiet places

Albert einstein



Calming music, like jazz or smooth rock

The periodic table of elements



Loud noises

loud people

tight spaces


social interaction


unintelligent people




Lead: Lead absorbs radiation, leaving him unable to give someone radiation poisoning if enough lead comes into contact with him.

Temperature extremes: Seeing as how Raidus is made of mercury, he is subject to the same physical reactions caused by the exact same temperatures as regular mercury is. (though he can keep his body solid at room temperature, it just leaves him unable to use his powers untill he starts using his dermal armor which is made of mercury.

Poisenous body: While he may have a resistance to mercery poisoning in his regular form, his body is still made of mercury and he has to wear a special device inside of his left glove that would prevent others from getting rpmercury poisoning and to keep him from dying because his own body is made up of mercury.

Loud noises: His enhanced hearing does come with the unwanted side effect of having pretty much no tolerance for any sound above the decibal required to break glass. Dog whistles are known to cause him extreme pain.


(add your characters if they are quiet and intelligent.)


(Pretty much everyone else he doesn't know)


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He was supposed to be an echidna but that would be like rehashing a certain crazy white echidna.

His favorite color is green.

His favorite scientist is Albert Einstein. I based him off of the silver ranger off of Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive and Mercury from Marvels X-Men(Don't know which mutant saga though.)

I got rid of his two other power because I felt that they would make him over powered and I added some weaknesses to him.

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