Clash of Mythics


"I know not where you are now, but consider your days numbered, for when I find you... I swear... Vengeance will be mine."
—Raiden affirming himself to exact his revenge
"I've finally found you..."
—Raiden upon finding Zagan
"Have you really forgotten my face already, Gravebringer?! Have you already forgotten that night at Westopolis?! Don't you remember slaughtering all my friends?! How about you taking the life of the man I admired the most - my father!!"
—Raiden lashing out his rage towards Zagan to remind him of what he had done

Regular Matches

"Let this be a fine duel!"
—when selected
"You best keep a sharp eye. I'll cut you if you don't."
—before starting a match
"You...! Consider your life forfeit, Gravebringer! (...)"
—before starting a match against Zagan
"You fought admirably."
—winning a match
"Now, stay down so I can kill you!"
—winning a match against Zagan
"I need... to train more..."
—losing a match
"N-not yet...!"
—losing a match against Zagan


"My journey has yet to reach its end..."
—getting an S-Rank
"You shall remember my power!"
—getting an A-Rank
"I suppose this will do."
—getting a B-Rank
"I must further hone my skills."
—getting a C-Rank
"A sloppy performance."
—getting a D-Rank
"H-how could this be...?!"
—getting an E-Rank

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