Cquote1 Like I'd risk giving up my one and possibly only chance to kill you... In fact, I think it's time I take off the kid gloves. Cquote2
Raiden declining Zagan's proposition before deciding to enter Mythic Enchant, Clash of Mythics: Genesis

Mythic Enchant is an incredibly-potent ability used by Raiden that releases some of the latent power dormant in him. Thus, he grants himself a significant power boost whenever activated and can certainly turn the tide of battle in his favor.


While using the ability, there isn't too much of a significant alteration in Raiden's physical appearance at first glance. Just about the only noticeable changes that occur are that he is now surrounded by a current of electricity crackling around his person, as well as the sudden change of the irises of his eyes from their usual green coloration into a more-striking shade of crimson red. Meanwhile, the hairs on his mane become somewhat spikier as well.


Infernal Collision



Usage of the Mythic Enchant greatly bolsters his electrokinetic abilities, allowing them to come out noticeably faster and deal a greater amount of damage on the enemy. Most notably, his Flash Cutter technique is always unleashed at its most powerful, rather than him having to channel energy for a certain amount of time before unleashing it, and his Bolt Divider deals multiple hits of damage on impact.

Meanwhile, the ability also significantly enhances his overall physical prowess. His attacks deal more damage in general, allowing him to bring in the hurt more easily. His overall speed is also greatly bolstered, which lets him to close in and retreat from the enemy in a flash and evade the enemy's attacks with less difficulty. Finally, he also becomes noticeably tougher, allowing him to handle significantly more punishment than normal.

It does have its drawbacks, however. Primarily, Raiden can keep the ability active for so long before being forced out of it due to running low on energy. On top of that, usage of the ability does not make him invincible and will not always guarantee him victory, as proven by how Zagan was able to keep up with him after activating his own Mythic Enchant in response. More importantly, Raiden has a noticeable over-reliance on it as a sort of crutch when the odds clearly tip against his favor and consequently has a predictable habit of using it out of desperation, which may very well allow a number of opportunities for his opponents to find ways to circumvent through them sooner rather than later.


  • Raiden's eyes turning crimson red, much like with the rest of his design, was also taken from how one of Tatsumi's eyes turned red after first infusing himself with Incursio in Akame ga Kill!
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