Raiden is a generally well-rounded character with pretty much all of the basic tools needed to handle himself in a fight including a full-screen projectile, a few Dragon Punch-esque attacks that are very reliable as defensive tools, and a few additional attacks that allow for some rushdown. Like Zagan, Raiden is a very straightforward character to pick up and is very beginner-friendly, though he lacks some of that dangerous potential the Gravebringer because of that well-roundedness in his moveset.

As a balanced character, Raiden is a very "jack-of-all-trades"-esque fighter, having no blatant weaknesses in his moveset, but no outstanding strengths either. This means that Raiden will likely be overwhelmed by opponents that can outdo him in one regard over another, forcing him to be smart about his fighting lest he find himself down on the ground. Thankfully, he does have enough in his kit that he can play a decent-enough defensive game due to having a couple of ranged options, including a Style Action that is basically an additional projectile move, albeit one that requires some time to charge up to cover a significant distance.

Damage Defense Mobility Footsies Rushdown Zoning Difficulty


Denkiru - [delayable] Exchange button.png

  • Raiden's Style Action, where he fires off a vortex of electric slashes a distance from his position.

Den'katsu - Arcade Modifier (Air).png AS QCF.png + Attack button.png

  • Attack light.png Version - Raiden draws out his blade with quick horizontal slash the covers up to mid-range. In midair, the slash is instead aimed slightly downward.
  • Attack medium.png Version - Raiden lashes out with a lightning-quick slash that is aimed horizontally and reaches up to half-screen range. The strike is aimed at a perfectly-horizontal angle when done in midair.
  • Attack h.png Version - Raiden unleashes a powerful slash the covers full-screen distance. The angle of the attack remains horizontal when done in midair.

Den'kugi - Arcade Modifier (Air).png AS QCF.png + Exchange button.png

  • Raiden fires a electric projectile that covers a full-screen distance from his hand.

Senkaru - AS S.png + Attack light.png

  • Raiden performs a quick strike with his blade aimed at a slightly-upward angle.

Den'akaru - AS S.png + Attack medium.png

  • Raiden performs a hard-hitting, upward slash that launches the enemy into the air.

Reppakaru - [delayable] AS S.png + Attack h.png

  • An EX Move where Raiden sets off a quick burst of electricity while drawing his sword in an outward slash, which then leads into a second strike that can be delayed for additional damage and knockback. If fully charged, it then becomes unblockable.

Inazuma - AS S.png + Exchange button.png

  • Raiden performs a lightning-quick series of slashes as he dashes past his opponent.

Dengeki - AS QCB.png + Attack button.png

  • Attack light.png Version - Raiden slides a short distance forward with a slide kick maneuver.
  • Attack medium.png Version - Raiden slides forward by a fair distance while performing a slide kick attack coated in electricity.
  • Attack h.png Version - Raiden performs a high-speed electric slide kick before knocking them away with an upward kick.

Sengyakuten - AS QCB.png + Exchange button.png

  • Raiden quickly assumes a defensive stance. If ever he is hit while assuming said stance, he swiftly draws his blade and performs a quick counterattack.

Raiuō - Arcade Modifier (Air).png AS QCF.png + Attack light.pngAttack medium.png

  • A Decisive Action where Raiden rapidly leaps from one end of the screen to another in a diagonal pattern, leaving behind slashes of electricity all the while.

Denryu no Hōkō - Arcade Modifier (Air).png AS QCF.png + Attack h.pngExchange button.png

  • A Decisive Action where Raiden fires off a powerful beam of electricity from the palm of his hand, dealing massive damage.

Denryu no Chishinbu - AS QCB.png + Attack h.pngExchange button.png

  • Raiden's Decisive Climax, where he starts by quickly drawing his blade for a lightning-fast strike. He then performs a series of sword strikes coated in electricity. He then finishes it off with one final rising slash coated in electricity, dealing a massive amount of damage.

Raitei no Shindan - Arcade-Stick-Down.pngArcade-Stick-Down.pngArcade-Stick-Down.png + Attack h.pngExchange button.png

  • Raiden's Shutdown finisher, where he assumes a defensive stance. Should the opponent attempt to strike, he retaliates by rushing towards them repeatedly, filling the immediate area with slashes of electricity at gradually blinding speeds. As he sheaths his blade, the opponent suddenly feels the death of a thousand cuts as they are viciously torn asunder by the speed and force of raw lightning.

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