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This is an article about Rai, a character created by FlamePrinceFinn on 01/27/2013.


Rai the Hedgehog of the luminescent yellow eyes is completely black with back spines, who wears the combination of black and red clothing: red and grey gloves, a black long coat, a black and red belt with a skull icon, as well as black shoes with double white stripes across them.


For the most part, Rai tends to have an agressive and cold soul, having the psychotic desire to harm others by pleasantry, and to also conquer other lands beyond the one he already owns.


As the antagonist Lord Shen in the sequel of Kung Fu Panda, Rai had the desire to take control of other lands and suppress them to destruction. Being raised in a home of noble parents who disagreed with his desires, Rai consequentially overthrew them and annexed their empire as well.


Area Change

Gravity Change

Dark Blast

Evil Wave


None known.


None known.


Weak to light, love, and peace.


In Nightshade The Hedgehog: Rise Of The Rai Empire, Rai as the antagonist was intended to be the final boss in the game. However, Rai becoming the pre-final boss instead, Metal ZX became the final boss.

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