RAGNEROK's techinques use dark energy to increas their power, like the twin scythe throw when charged unleashes a barrage of scythe clones. stuff like that. the special ability, is his contol of darkness, and chaos.he shoots rapid amounts of shadow balls at you.his signature attack depend of his form at the time.His super forms are explained in his article.

physical attacks- don't need any energy, as they are regular combat styles. they can be empowered.


ragnerok the powerfull


Ragnerok's techniques orginate from his training by his father in the art of the blade, and acessing his darkness abillity.His special abilities are his own make, and they came about during the challenges he faced in the mortal world, and the demon world. his signature attacks vary on his form at the time, there all based on a countdown like system.He gain his super forms from unleashing his darkness, and asorbing the evil of all things. his physical attacks are part of a style he created while in heaven and in hell.its heaven form is called  the cleansed demon, and the hell form is the corrupted angel.


techniques- requires dark energy. special abilities- require chaos energy. signature- darkness, and chaos energy. superforms- raw dark emotions, with full dark and chaos energy.

Significant Variants

the knife storm(normal- creates a storm of knifes on his foe)(dark energy- gives the power of corruption which can poison or kill)(chaos energy- area where knifes explode with power torching everything near them)

Weak Points

the techinques require a certain amount, and type of energy, and time. the stronger the more it cost. special abilities, can weaken weaken him temperarely. the signature attacks if he is wounded enough can tire him out quickly. 


there are no draw backs for techniques, except for fatigue. special abilities if done wrong can result in him being majorly hurt. siginatures done wrong can result in him temperarly fading dispersed into the air.

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