more information on Ragnerok
i will always be here to spread darkness and chaos.
rank S
you should have known not to challenge me.
rank A
you aren't worth my time
rank B
you have some skill after all
rank C
what? not possible
rank D
screams nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
first apperance/qoute
ragnerok( chained)/ come and face me
super form 1/qoute
ragnerok ( dark)/ my chains are broken
2nd super form/qoute
ragnerok( chaotic)/ lets get chaotic
final form/ qoute
ragnerok( unleashed)/ RAGNEROK IS HERE!


Ragnerok is a hedgehog, with fur black as night.His eyes glow an erie gold color, with his pupils red as blood.His gloves are an angry red, and his shoes are poison green. he is 5ft tall, carries two black scythes on his back, and wears a cloak, with a hood on it.


ragnerok's personality use to be like that of zimos, but centuries of being ignored, forgotten, and uncared about twisted him into a cold,cruel, and heartless monster.he only feels hatred, and it encompasses him.


Ragnerok, was originally called zanos, which where he lived, meant" great protector".He lived with his mother, and brother in the realm of the gods.He was a happy,and smiling child, but that changed when his brother zimos, was born.After, that things became quickly different.His mom stopped paying attention to him, people stopped talking, and started ignoring him, all to get a look at the "golden child". this began terrible feelings in zanos,but he held in check, unfortunately this would not last.It was zanos, and zimos birthday( as zimos was born the zanos birthday, when he was 10) zanos was feeling practicularly sad that day, because while, zimos got a moutain of gifts, zanos recieved nothing, but his anger finally exploded, when a stranger asked his mother about her sons,zimos, and zanos, and she replied" who is zanos?".It was at that moment he exploded, screaming at his mother, at the people who had ignored, and at the brother, who did nothing.Enraged, the mother stripped him of his godhood,and his name,then banished him to the mortal realm for enternity.Zanos was thrown from heaven into the dirt of the earth,and from there he walked the world,for thousands of years, till one day he met a stranger, who offered a way to regain his power.Zanos was wary to trust the man, but he had no other option, so he accepted, and the stranger revealed himself to be zanos's father.They walked to a secret cave, which was actually the way to the realm of demons, and it was here that zanos was restored to his full, power.He then casted aside his old name, and took up the name RAGNEROK" the destroyer", and then he gather the demon army, and attacked the realm of the gods.He had slaughtered many of the gods on his assault,all the way till he faced his former mother, and brother.His mother pleaded with to stop this, because she loved him, it was at this ragnerok raged and replied" you dare to say you love me, after how you ignored and neglected me, stripped me of my godhood, and name, if thats you r idea of love, then let me repay it", and he burned her with  demonic fire, till zimos stopped him.They clashed blade with blade, trying to out do the other, till zimos said" brother stop this madness", but ragnerok replied coldly," i have no brother".It was there that zimos had no choice, and used most of his remaining power, and banished ragnerok, and the demons to to earth, where they fight even now, his mother became the master emerald, and continues to wwatch over the world. 


ragnerok has the power to animate materials into armies, raise the dead, and controls chaos,can control people, asorbs evil.


he can corrupt the weak willed, has acid spit,and can summon demons, can run at super speeds, and hasincredible strength.he has three forms he uses in battle. the first form is, the corrupter, its his weakest form, where he has to asorb the corruption around, to achive the corrupter form. it changes him into a shadow like creature, and he corrupts, the ground around him. the second form, is the creator form- his hands become tentacle claws that dig into the ground and animates the things around it. the final form is the one him during the war of the gods. he glows pure black and shoots into the air, and yells" MY. CHAINS. ARE. BROKEN!" then he explodes into a giant hedgehog, with four arms, and bat wings on his back, and generates a massive aura of darkness that swallows the land.


Rgnerok is skilled at hand to hand combat, is great with blade weapons, and is a master manipulator.


Ragnerok, becomes weakened, when the power of controled chaos is used, he also can't stand great amounts of the good emotions, he takes longer to heal wounds caused, by strong holy attacks, he is naturally weakened until, he reaches his final form.that can only be defeated by a champion of the light. light based attacks can also damage him.

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