""You have not... seen the last of me... I will be freed... one day... Then... the world will... be mine... And... You... Night... You... will... Die!""
—-Ragen threatening Night the hedgehog as he is being trapped inside the Sealing Emerald
This is an article about Ragen The Darkness, a character created by Necrophilessonic4985 on 09/27/2015.


Ragen is a nefarious and greatly feared criminal from The Dark Clan Of Voidstar and is infamous to most of the Elemental Clans.


Ragen is a cold-hearted and ruthless being who craved revenge and destruction his entire existence. He has shown complete hatred towards Sonic and his friends ever since Aether had been unintentionally split into two beings from the Dark Overlord's Defeat when Hyper Shadic blasted them to end the dark ruler's reign of destruction and malevolence...


Ragen was born years before


As the malevolent and darkness of Quentin's soul, He is naturally capable of manipulating Darkness and Chaos Energy and is an immortal being similar to the two primordial beings of darkness, The Dark Master and The Dark Overlord


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