(drawn by Kagimizu (Talk))

Biographical Information
AgeOver 10,000, although possesses the body of a twenty-year-old
  • Kimeran Sr.
  • The Demon Prince
  • The Troll King
  • The True Lord of Mobius
Romantic Interests
  • Phantom (wife)
  • It is theorized that Rageik has had affairs with some of the other female trolls and females outside the trolls in order to spread his bloodline, similar to Mephiles the Dark
Physical Description
  • Fur: White, w/ orange streaks in Shadow-styled hair & peach skin
  • Eyes: Red
  • Black T-shirt
  • Silver "Butler's vest"
  • Long white shirt w/ sharp shoulders & gray trim
  • White pants
  • Brown belt w/ gold buckle
  • White gloves
  • Silver "Inhibitor Rings" w/ black & purple cuffs
  • Black and white Shadow-style shoes w/ orange ridges, yellow thrusters & silver rings
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Advanced combat - Hand to Hand (Mixed martial arts)
  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Chaos Mastery
  • Master-level Umbrakinesis
  • Master-level Spectrakinesis
  • Demonic abilities
  • Moderate Omnikinesis
  • Possession
  • Shapeshifting (to gender/species as the last person possessed)
  • Creation of Shadow-Beasts
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Appearancesto be collected
Original CreatorFlashfire212 (w/ credit and thanks to Kagimizu for the physical designs and drawing)


Early Celestial War

Rageik was born under the name Kimeran to Rageik Sr., one of the Demon Battlemasters, and Armageddon, the leader of the Demon Council. His mother wasn't a good mother at all, avoiding her son at all costs, while his father was very close to him, teaching him how to fight, manipulate energies, power up, and anything else Rageik needed to succeed him. That succession never truly happened. At the age of 60, still a juvenile by the standards of his race, he returned home from hanging with his friends only to find his dad on the ground, completely drained of all his energies and killed, and his mother holding him, her fangs matching the two drain marks on his neck. In a furor, he attacked his mum, only for his younger sister Spectre to easily knock him away with a Chaos Burn. Armageddon declared him a traitor and disowned him, casting him out of not only home but Demon lands. It was that point that broke him. He swore that he would avenge his father and defeat his mother. Alone, he set off to train in South Island, deep in Mobian territory. He was followed there by Phantom, his future wife. He attacked her, thinking she was an assassin sent by his mum, but upon easily beating her up, listened to her reasons for following him out and accepted her help. Soon after them was Urai Ravannis and Nazo, each of whom helped Rageik train. Within five years, his body and powers reached a new high - he was the most powerful demon outside the Demon hierarchy, which included Spectre, who was the new battlemaster, and Armageddon. He found out through Urai, who served as his contact, that his mother was going after an entire Celestial base alone. He followed her and witnessed the massacre of the Celestials until she reached a group of four Celestial warriors with glowing eyes. She taunted them before attacking, with neither her or the four Celestials getting the upper hand. Rageik made his entrance then, blasting a wall in with a Chaos Blast Beam. Armageddon requested his help in bringing down the battle-melded Celestials, but Rageik responded. "I am not Kimeran OR your son. I am Rageik, the Demon Prince, and I shall defeat you!" At that moment, he unlocked his Kurai form and entered the battle. Alone, he defeated Armageddon and the Celestials, letting only a young Celestial by the name of Crisis the Celestial Cheetah survive due to him having the potential to improve, making him a worthy foe to spare.

Battle with Zero and the Creation of BloodSonic

Rageik, still using his title of Demon Prince, took control of the Demon Council and quickly continued his mother's war efforts, combined with new projects with the mercenary-like Technomages to create new weapons to fight the Celestials - Assault Lifeforms, what the Technomages called Ultimate Lifeforms, using the vast collections of Demon, Technomage, Mobian, Celestial and other, lesser races' DNA to create five series of supersoldier, the majority of which failed - only four of a few hundred were finished, and another fifty-or-so survived in incomplete condition when Rageik became enraged by the Technomages' double dealing, bringing about a massacre of all the Technomages who remained on Mobius, many of which had already fled to alternate dimensions.

Later on, he was attacked by a time traveler, the Omegan known as Zero. Zero's power warped reality, and took them back to a few years before Rageik himself was born, when the Technomages were dying in their attempts to destroy a Demonic being of great power - Defaran. Rageik found that Defaran was ancient, awoken from his slumber within the core of Mobius by Dark Gaia, but unleashed by the Celestial-Demon War's cataclysmic effects. Quickly, he found his own father, leading a group of demons against Defaran, alongside a squad of Celestials (the entire reason behind Armageddon killing him in the future when she found out). Joining into the battle, he was quickly cued into the plan - to seal Defaran within a stave, until a proper prison could be created. Rageik Sr. was in support of the creation of a crystal, like a sapphire, ruby or diamond to seal him within, similar to the emeralds used by the echidnas to seal Chaos, but his opposite number, Climax the Celestial Hedgehog, one of the Celestials Rageik himself had killed when battling his mother, was in support of sealing Defaran within a living body. Rageik found Zero amongst the Technomages quickly, and the two agreed to aid the battle, and defeat Defaran. Eventually, after a very prolonged battle, Defaran was defeated and sealed within the stave, where he immediately started to break free. One of the Technomages realized that only a living being could restrain Defaran's might, and immediately set about creating a being capable of doing so. Rageik and Zero resumed their monumental battle, with regular interruptions from the Technomages about their failures to create a body capable of holding Defaran, before the leader of the Ultimate Lifeform Project, the name provided by the Technomages to the creation of a being capable of holding Defaran, revealed the theory that a combination of Demon, Omegan and Mobian DNA might just be enough to form the bonds required to restrain Defaran within a body. Rageik graciously provided DNA, something that Zero did after much prodding, considering the Technomages didn't have Omegan DNA available. This body, shaped as a red hedgehog, was a success, and Defaran was easily transferred into the being the Technomages called Experiment 3.05. As soon as the hedgehog awoke, however, something was clearly wrong. It's personality was Defaran's, a perfect copy. The Technomages concluded that Defaran was in control, and asked Rageik and Zero to fight him again, something they agreed to do. However, they lost 3.05, only to find him again attacking a village. After an extremely prolonged battle, Rageik managed to throw him into a cliff head-first, knocking him out. The two enemies put off their battle, awaiting the hedgehog's awakening. When it came about, it started to talk, and Rageik almost blasted him there and then, he was that annoying. He named himself "BloodSonic1", due to his red color, his ability to annoy people through talking, and the fact that he was the first surviving Ultimate Lifeform. Zero, pleased with the result, attempted to leave to his own time, giving up on his fight with Rageik, but was attacked from behind by the Demon Prince, resuming their fight. Blood sat back and watched as the two dueled, but started to get bored and jumped in, knocking Rageik out, before sealing him within a box, Defaran's revenge for being sealed within a stave. Zero took the box back to Rageik's time, dumping it in the throne room, where Phantom, Rageik's wife, opened it and freed him.

Later Celestial-Demon War

With his new battle experience, he found himself facing Crisis more often, with a few other Celestials rivaling the power of not only Crisis, but Demons like Phantom, Nazo and Mephiles as well. However, it took at least three in a battle meld to even come close to Rageik's skill and power, with four being able to defeat him, but no matter how many they used, none could kill him. That was, until the Battle of Green Hill. Both sides brought massive armies and attacked, but neither could come close to defeating the other, bringing both sides to near-death. In his Kurai form, his strongest form, he fought Hyper Crisis, for majority of the battle, their powers creating massive carnage but not being able to even make the other flinch, they were that closely matched. Then, Urai and one of the Celestials, a being known only as Zircon the Celestial Hedgehog, fused together to form a powerful fusion: Ultima. The sheer might of the fusion was enough to bring the entire battle to a draw, killing Mephiles the Elder and providing the Mobians with the inspiration they needed to attack their insanely powerful oppressors. Using the same technology as the Echidnas had when making the Chaos Emeralds, they made magic staffs and staves and began sealing all Celestials and Demons alike they could within them. A few of the more powerful ones escaped. Nazo converted himself to a being of pure negative energy, allowing him to become impossible to seal or kill. Zircon and Urai each disappeared, fleeing to different parts of the universe to hide from the Mobian's wrath. Rageik and Phantom possessed people, avoiding being noticed by the Mobians by passing as members of their number until the demon hunt was over. They disappeared from most knowledge for thousands of years, during which time Rageik impregnated his wife and received his first heir, Kimeran.


After a few thousand years, Nazo managed to get a message to Rageik, containing the knowledge that the Ultimate Lifeform Project was beginning again on the Space Colony A.R.K. Even though Nazo didn't mention Technomages, Rageik was sure that there was some involved and became greatly enraged. Heading to the Space Colony in his normal form, he arrived to find Nazo keenly watching the creation of a black and red hedgehog, similar in appearance to Rageik himself. Interested in the design, and deciding to show off his knowledge of Technomage designs, Rageik approached the unconscious hedgehog, but in doing so he bumped against a device he had never seen before and sealed himself within the hedgehog's body. Suddenly furious, Rageik struggled against the bonds somehow placed upon him unconsciously by the Ultimate Lifeform, but failed. Instead, he entered a catatonic state, awaiting a method of release from his new prison.

Escape in Battle

He was trapped within Shadow for almost sixty years, before the time of the Fusion Saga flash movies by BloodSonic1. In Fusion Saga 3, Nazo and Mephiles the Dark made Shadow go Insane, becoming a randomly-colored version of himself. By doing so, they weakened the bonds that Shadow had subconsciously placed around Rageik. After Insane Shadow fought and was defeated by Vicious the Dark and Turbo BloodSonic, he was joined by three Vicious clones. After one decided to fight the two Editors, who powered up again (Becoming Zero the Demon and Rage Demon BloodSonic), Rageik finally gained control of his prison, stealing the Sol Emeralds from BloodSonic and using their power to free himself, ablit in an uber-haired recolor for a body, the vestigial remains of Shadow's power over him. Nazo instantly Chaos Controlled into the fight, only for Rageik, furious at his old friend for forgetting him and playing gay music in Shadow's ears where he could hear it in order to turn Shadow insane, to knock him and all three Vicious clones with a single punch. He disappeared when Blood attempted to fight him, with Blood instead being attacked by a Vicious clone, who had woken up and powered up. Rageik was later seen throwing the clone down into a battle, where it was killed by a fusion of Vicious, Vegeta and Goku. This fusion was then knocked away by Super Mac, who challenged Rageik. Rageik beat the crap out of Super Mac, ending up facing Blood and Will, who said that he seals Rageik within himself in the future. Rageik, still not thinking straight due to his maddening recolor form, attempts to attack Will in order to stop that from happening, only for BloodSonic to easily beat him again. He was later resealed back into Shadow, but off-screen.

Rise of Phoenix

Rageik worked on his bonds, which weren't as strong as before, for another twenty years, but failed to break through Shadow's tempered mind. The opportunity finally arose when Shadow, seeking to have his immortality removed, or his family made immortal, sought the help of Dr. Finitevus, who had been in contact with Mephiles and Nazo, who used the same method as before, but this time Nazo had warned Rageik beforehand. However, once "freed" and emerging in the recolor form once again, Rageik then possessed Shadow, taking control and living his day-to-day life with experienced ease, although giving up on Shadow's habits of binge drinking and smoking random plants on occasion. These changes were taken by most as Shadow "growing up" and breaking bad habits, with nobody realizing just what it meant. Then, Rageik revealed his skill at "manipulating" Shadow's mental synapses, creating a new style of "Insane" Shadow, where Shadow took on even more of Rageik's personality traits. This sudden change in Shadow's persona caused a new military response, with Sonic the Hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna and a few other allies that they had picked up over the years, plus the new generation including Shadow's kids, Knuckles' children and Sonic's kids, all formed together to challenge the Shadow Armada, a force of Mobians, Overlanders and Black Arms creatures all joined as an army in the name of Shadow. Rageik, using Shadow's body and transformations, easily beat Sonic and Silver in a two-on-one fight, then forcibly fused himself with them, separating from Phoenix and possessing the fusion simultaneously. Using his new body and power, Rageik fought Knuckles, Blood and Will for a prolonged battle, with neither side getting an advantage over the other, even with three combatants on one side compared to a single fusion on the other. That was, until Will achieved a form with a power level Rageik had seen only once before - a form as powerful as his Kurai form itself. Using his new TrueChaos form, Will easily beat Phoenix, who couldn't compete with him even at full strength, before breaking the fusion using a Celestial technique. Rageik quickly repossessed Shadow without being noticed, and feigned unconscious when Sonic's daughter Maddy the Hedgehog, Will's wife, entered the battle area and started healing the different parts of Phoenix, starting with Sonic, then moving on to Silver, and lastly Shadow. When she started to heal Shadow, Rageik extended a tendril of energy and acted as Shadow, asking for someone to help him escape a possessing mind. When Maddy accepted the bait and grabbed the strand of energy with a tendril of her own, Rageik instantly overwhelmed Maddy's mind and transferred between the two, freeing Shadow in exchange for a younger, fresher body.

Control of the Girl

Rageik found himself marveling at the simplicity of dominating Maddy's mind, as well as the girl's natural strength and speed. Using her power and deceptive appearance, he easily defeated Sonic the Hedgehog and broke his legs with a single strike of the Piko Piko Hammer Maddy wielded. Following Sonic was Silver, who was a slightly more difficult opponent, but he fell to Rageik's Chaos Powers, channeled through Maddy's body. His next target, Knuckles, was more than prepared, matching Maddy's power with his own physical strength before Rageik unlocked Maddy's Dark form and battered Knuckles around, leaving him battered, bruised and in no shape to fight, but with injuries that would heal within a month, not what Rageik wanted. Rageik was left with two more beings with large amounts of power - BloodSonic, a being who had beaten him regularly, and Will, the girl who's body he inhabited's husband. Rageik, wary of Blood, decided to attack Will, who defended himself, not throwing a single attack at the woman he loved until a spiky-haired wolf intervened, revealing amazing knowledge of Rageik and his abilities, which astounded Rageik until the wolf revealed that Will's power had come from being taught by Crisis. Now angered, Rageik unlocked Maddy's Nega form and fought the wolf, beating him after a prolonged battle. Then, Blaze the Cat and a number of others attacked, managing to defeat him by beating Maddy to a pulp, forcing him to release her, also draining off a lot of energy. Suddenly seeing a female hedgehog emerge from Maddy's body radiating a dark energy about her, Will then fought, his Blazing form easily equaling Rageik's drained power. Instead of sealing Rageik, however, Will cast him out with an ultimatum - if he returned to Mobius and did any damage to someone he loved, than he would have to face Will himself. With that, Will easily ripped a portal between Mobius and Moebius, and simply kicked Rageik through.

Deal with the Counterparts

Rageik's arrival in Moebius sent alarm bells over the world, with Scourge himself coming to see the beauty who had landed in his world. Rageik, smartly, made a deal with Scourge - Rageik would give him the power that Scourge needed to conquer both Moebius again and Mobius, in exchange for helping him get his revenge on those who caused him to be cast out. After Scourge agreed, Rageik possessed him, allowing Scourge to tap into his power. Their first target was Knuckles, with Scourge in his Super form, but Knuckles managed to power up to his Chaos form and managed to fight Scourge until Rageik turned him into LSSJ Scourge, where Knuckles was being easily beaten until LSSJ Shadow, Phazon BloodSonic, Cykoric Vicious and Blazing Will came to Knuckles' rescue. Beaten off but pleased with leaving Knuckles with a number of broken bones, Scourge moved on to targeting Amy Rose, easily beating her and knocking her unconscious, but with Shadow, Blood and Will all interfering again and stopping him from doing anything to outrageous. Finally, he allowed Scourge control and let him use his power to reconquer Moebius, but Will, Shadow, Blood and a number of others followed them and attacked Scourge while in Moebius, where Rageik transformed him even higher, LSSJ2 Scourge. With that form, higher than anything that the attackers had, he easily won, and then fought off an attack from Shady the Hedgehog and a team of other Moebians from the Moebian Liberation Army. This fight was easily won, but BloodSonic, Shadow and Will got back up and powered up again, which coincided with the arrival of Striker the Echinda, Sparkle the Hedgehog and a few other MLA members, but again beat all but Striker and Will up, due to both accepting gifts of energy from their defeated allies, Will taking positive, Striker negative. This transformed them again, Will to the TrueChaos form, Striker to the equally powerful ShatteredChaos form. The two then fused, creating a new Ultima, this one in the form of an echidna. Ultima easily beat Scourge and Rageik, forcing Rageik out of Scourge's body before splitting. Will, taking a step of initiative, used Rageik's badly injured state and his own energy from his TrueChaos form to seal Rageik behind the eighth gate of his Inhibitor Gates, before powering down. Enraged, Rageik struggled against a new set of bonds, but Will's inhibitor gates were a more different style of barrier to Shadow's self-added guards.

Escape & Heartless Army

It took him three years to figure out how to escape and get enough control over Will's body and powers to let himself get free, but he finally figured out how to, and opened all eight gates, releasing himself and leaving Will in a disease-induced coma. For the next three years, Rageik traveled through space, avoiding the Troll homeworld, and eventually finding a planet that radiated darkness - the Heartless home planet. Entering a dialog with the Heartless, he told them of a world with thousands of hosts for them if they joined him and came with him to Mobius. Interested, the Heartless leader, still in the form of a black, ooze-like creature, agreed. Rageik Chaos Controlled a massive portion of the Heartless race to Mobius, first to the Troll base, where Nazo, Mephiles and Phantom awaited him, where the Heartless found a group of willing hosts in the form of the Trolls, and Jacob's Legion. He also took a few to Moebius, providing them to Scourge in order to increase the Heartless Armies amongst the followers in Moebius, and also to allow Scourge to possess the entire planet, a precursor of things to come. Then, the invasion started. Heartless, including those without bodies to possess, attacked the biggest cities and locations of Mobius, taking as many hosts as possible, including Sonic and Shadow. Remaining loyal to Rageik, they continued to possess as many as they could, but quickly discovered that most of those that were free had joined one of the two main resistance groups - the Freedom Fighters Mk. II and the GUN Remnant. The war continued to Rageik's plans, but he was betrayed. Once Heartless Sonic, Heartless Shadow and Heartless Silver formed Heartless Phoenix, they turned on him and attempted to kill him and his fellow demons. Furious at the turn of events, Rageik took himself back in time, becoming the Head of the Trolls, the position he realized he was destined to take.

RP Details

Could others detail all of the RPs that Rageik's appeared in? I don't know them all.

Roleplay:Time Crisis

Here, Rageik first manages to capture the Legendary God of Time, Dialga, using the Adamant Orb. He forces it to turn into Dark Primal Dialga when Cameron the Wolf and Palkia appear, and a fight breaks out. Later, it is revealed that Rageik somehow got a hold of Palkia's DNA and mixed it with Dialga's, creating Dialkia. Later, after also obtaining Giratina's DNA, he creates Paltina and Giralga.

Roleplay:The Fury Of The Elemental Gods

Roleplay:The Elemental Wars

Physical Description

Rageik has the ability to take on the gender and species of anyone he possesses, with each appearance being detailed here.

Hedgehog (Male, True form)

A white Shadow recolor with orange stripes. He has dark, bloodred eyes with split pupils from his demon heritage. He has peach skin, and is fairly well covered in muscles from thousands of years of training. The uber-haired form he takes on after being sealed with someone is a black Subspace Sonic recolor with red streaks through the hair. Again, he has peach skin and is rather muscular, although he wears no clothes.

Hedgehog (Female)

Pretty much the same as the male, except female, with two prominent eyelashes on each eye. She also has medium-large breasts, and is a lot less muscular.

Echidna (Male)

Orange streaks on his dreadlocks, with fur and skin same as the Hedgehog forms. More muscular than his hedgehog form, he also has a pair of knuckleblades jutting from the back of his hand.


Hedgehog (Male)

He wears a black t-shirt, a silver "butler's vest" and a long white jacket with long sleeves and sharp shoulders atop that. The jacket is normally partly-closed by three straps, with gray lining. He wears white gloves, and has two "inhibitor rings" (Due to being a recolor, these really do nothing except glow when he channels energy into them for dramatic effect) which are silver, with purple and black cuffs. He wears a pair of white pants, with a brown belt and yellow buckle, over a pair of Shadow-style shoes. These shoes are black and white in opposite places to Shadow's shoes, with orange ridges, gold thrusters and silver rings.

Hedgehog (Female)

Most of the attire (the pants, jacket, shoes, gloves, inhibitor rings) are the same or similar to the male design. The coat is sleeveless and left open, with a tight black midriff-showing tank-top underneath. The pants are more form-fitting, and the shoes appear more like high-heels.

Echidna (Male)

Again, most of the attire is similar or the same as his main design. He wears Knuckles-style mittens with black knuckleblade covers. The jacket is worn closed, with a tight black muscle-shirt showing off his muscular physique.


Rageik has unbelievable physical strength, believed to be enough to easily beat Knuckles in a contest of strength while his skill at hand-to-hand combat is intense, both due to having a few thousand years to train. He's a Master of the Chaos Force, using it a LOT to fight, as well as a master of both shadow and darkness manipulation, and is skilled with the use of Demonic techniques WITHOUT side effects. He has experience as an Omnikinetic, but his skill in most elements is debatable. He can possess beings, either allowing them access to his powers or taking control of them - by doing so, most people become up to 10x stronger due to his power. A side-effect of the possession, however, is an uncontrolled shapeshift into the species and gender of the being he possessed. He also has the ability to create Shadow-Beasts, unlike the ones made by DarkSpirit, to fight for him. Rageik's biggest weakness is the inability to cope with a series of rapid strikes from range over a prolonged period of time, or a concentrated blast of Light or Holy energy.

Fire Abilities

Water Abilities

Ice Abilities

Electric Abilities

Light Abilities

Dark Abilities

Wind Abilities

Earth Abilities

Nature Abilities

Poison Abilities

Elementless Abilities

Chaos Abilities

Demonic Abilities

Forms and Fusions

Burning Rageik

Nega Rageik

Kurai Rageik


Rageik has a driven and focused personality, which varies over the years. During the Celestial-Demon War, Rageik was obsessed with beating his mother, and then taking over Mobius, although the second goal was often forgotten as he fought beings like Defaran and fought in the later parts of the war against his rival, Crisis. He is a genius when it comes to creating techniques, with moves like Shadow Stop attributed to have been made by him. He is a tactical thinker once he reaches a position of power, and is known to be a very calculating person when not in that position. However, once he is freed or escapes after being sealed, then he is consumed with rage and only wants to cause damage, his own form as a red-and-black Subspace Sonic recolor serving as a symbol that he isn't truly himself. As leader of the Trolls, he finds interest in internet memes, but as a method of distraction rather than a weapon in itself.

Allies & Enemies

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  • The form Rageik takes on after he frees himself from being sealed, the recolor of Subspace Sonic, was his original design, but Kagimizu proposed a new design, the design he imagined Rageik as having, and that became Rageik's new design, for the three forms he's had.
  • Rageik hasn't (as of yet) been seen in the form of, cat, rabbit, hybrid, or most of the more exotic species. However, in a roleplay on another website, Rageik took on the form of a hamster and a female fox, both of which are pending on here.
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