Rage Slash is a deadly cutting move, which channels the user's intense rage and converts it into energy.


The user channels their anger into a blood-red glowing aura, which can form around the mouth, hands, even melee weapons. Then, often accompanied with an inarticulate battle cry, the user forms the aura into a ball or disk shape, before launching it at the opponent. While not overtly powerful, the attack certainly looks dangerous, and often causes the target to flinch before the attack strikes, stopping them from counterattacking, while blades of energy cut into them, almost like a watered-down Rasengan.

In some cases, users can also cause the attack to break down into a beam, or even into a flat crescent shape, which either focuses the cutting power into a single point to drill through a target, or spreads it over a flat line, slicing through objects.


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Technique Rank

The technique, for it's moderate power, has a C-rank, although the beam and wave variations are undoubtedly higher.

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