Rachael the run type chao (element fire) is the fourth character in the chao adventures. She is jake's love interest and she was raised since 2013.


Ever since the MII fighter sister was allowed in the chao garden, she hatched a chao egg and named it Rachael. This little chao here was born after the sister broke the egg and is now a newborn chao when it was born. But then, it was kidnapped by hexwings, but a few other lightwings were able to stop them from taking Rachael and because of this, she suffers from stress disorders after she was about to be infected with a hex curse just like lightbulb.

She then met Jake and both of the male chao were fighting of who will go for Rachael's love. Jake won and she is now his love interest.


Rachael is a aqua green chao who wears a light green scarf and nothing else.


Rachael is somewhat really jumpy of when someone says something about themselves, she's always cheerful and tricky, but she could be a little helpful.

She enjoys playing around and hanging out with Jake, dislikes doppel's boring lectures and likes poems from Jake.



Rachael has a major crush on Jake and is willing to become fire and water with him.


Rachael strongly despises Doppel all because of his smart lectures about wildlife and stuff like that.


  • In real life, our chao doesn't actually wear a scarf and I don't know if she's a run type or not.
  • I was the one who named this chao.
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