Raahul the Hedgehog
Biographical Information
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Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Hedgehog, 1/4 Mobian Glaceon
  • Black sleeveless shirt
  • Green shorts
  • Gray sandals
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsBreeders League
  • Talented Pokemon Breeder
  • Keeps his Pokemon partner, a Glaceon, with him at all times

Raahul the Hedgehog is a breeder of rare and unusual Pokemon, who has himself an unusual skin tone. He often breeds Pokemon for anyone interested, with his area of expertise being in Ice-types and also rare, alternate colored versions of Meowth.


Raahul's journey with his Pokemon started at the age of 10, where he had been raised in full knowledge that he was quarter Mobian Glaceon. He chose an Eevee as his partner, before setting off to explore the world. He explored a large amount of Mobius before discovering that Pokemon were restrained to small reservations and remote areas of the planet. Astonished that the vast majority of Mobius didn't know Pokemon, he earned money through tournaments and eventually raised enough to buy himself a ranch, where he started to breed Pokemon. His experience with his Eevee, now evolved into a Glaceon, a non-Mobian version of his ancestry, lead him into breeding not only Eevees but focusing on Ice-types, something he became famed for. He also has a small breeding stock of Persians, of which his were not only luxurious and worth a lot of money, but also were renowned for breeding a bizarre litter of Meowth, where all four of them were different colors, and none were colored normally. This made him a prime for thieves, and all four Meowths were stolen, to his horror. He has put out a plea for anyone to report to him when someone sees them, but doubts that he will see any of them again.

Physical Description

Raahul is a blue hedgehog with a sky-blue muzzle, and ears that resemble a Glaceon's. His quills fit with his ears and appearance nicely, and he has been told he is rather attractive. He dresses rather lightly, even though his ranch is covered with snow and ice for almost three-quarters of the year. He always carries at least one Pokeball with him, although most of the time he spends with his Glaceon out of it's Pokeball.

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Raahul is most talented in the art of Pokemon breeding and caring for. He is one of the few to breed multi-colored Meowths, and also breeds reasonably difficult Ice-type Pokemon with ease. He bakes Poffins and makes Pokeblocks, as well as his own medicines and concoctions that keep his Pokemon in brilliant shape. In the way of battling, he and his Glaceon have an impressive bond, and fight with a skill level almost unheard of. In the way of breeding, he is one of the few who has managed to breed a Legendary Pokemon, an Articuno, as well as four Meowth with radically different colors, which he passes off as being due to a special Poffin mixture he uses. Due to his genetics, he has the innate ability to understand the speech of Pokemon.

His current tournament team is often regarded as unusual, but he doesn't seem to mind.


Raahul is rather outspoken and quiet, with a habit of talking to his Glaceon which seems strange to those who don't realize he can understand them. However, when it comes to either children looking for their first Pokemon, or a fellow trainer or breeder seeking his knowledge, Raahul is happy to tell them everything they need and providing them with their first Pokemon, although for the most part that would either be a Meowth, Eevee or an Ice-type. He loves teaching youngsters who visit his ranch how to raise, care for and battle with their Pokemon. He faces each challenge with courage and skill, although he seems rather passive. However, he also has dark plans for when he catches the thieves whom stole his four special Meowth.




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