The RT-116 Assault Rifle is an assault rifle produced by Hammerforge Industries, and is one of the main rifles in use by the Moebian Liberation Army.

RT-116 Assault Rifle

Production Information
ManufacturerHammerforge Industries
Type5.56 mm caliber selective fire ballistic assault rifle
Technical Information
Length64.4 cm
Weight5.22 kg
Maximum Range500m
Ammunition5.56 mm anti-personnel rounds, fed by a thirty round detachable box magazine.
Known Users
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Attributes

A relatively new design, the RT-116 emerged as a Hammerforge contender in a competition to decide the main assault rifle to be used by the Moebian Liberation Army, competing in a range of environments against the company's two main rivals, Anvil Corp. and Tasfira Armaments, as well as an old, G.U.N. manufactured assault rifle, already proven in combat. The RT-116 outperformed the two rivals weapons, but the established rifle won. Even so, two months later the RT-116 was announced as the chosen weapon, with the MLA preferring not to buy technology directly from G.U.N. It also was chosen by the Pyranic Empire to arm their special forces, instead of a locally built variation.

With a maximum range of five hundred meters, selective fire rate between semi automatic and fully automatic, plus a thirty round magazine, the rifle is rather standard, with a decent rate of fire, although it chews through ammunition rather fast.

Hammerforge has also released quite a few attachments for the rifle, including a deployable bipod (nicknamed the gun-mustache by soldiers) for added stability while prone, a laser sight for pinpoint targeting, suppressors for both noise and flash, giving the gun some semblance of stealth, and around four different kinds of sight.


  • RT-116C - Shorter barrel for closer ranges - 100m shorter range.
  • RT-116S - As above
  • RT-116L - Longer barrel for greater ranges - 100m greater range.

Customized Examples

pending user revelations

Notable Users

  • Edward the Butterfly - A young squire in the Order of Darkness, Edward chose one of the few RT-116s that the Order collected in battle against the Pyranic Empire as his primary weapon, and has grown skilled with it, although his operations are limited due to his youth and inexperience.
  • Jimmy the Pyrohog - A former soldier and now the chief of police for a city in the Pyranic Empire, Jimmy has ensured that the previous weapons available to his special operations officers have been replaced with these rifles, mostly due to the reliability of these guns.
  • Kevin the Phantom - The identification code for an unidentified powered armored criminal; this entity utilizes a believed to be black market RT-116 as the ranged weapon of choice.
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