Template:ConstructionRMG-24 is a vengeful, evil robot that is the was enemy of Duan the Hedgehog and lives off his own memory, not electricity. That being said, if he can't recall anything, then he can't live. He has a very high defense in battle, the only direct way to beat his normal stage is to remove his memory chip. He can also be defeated by repeated or harsh damage. Once defeated, one of two things will happen on a fifty-fifty chance. Either he'll shut down, or he'll go into the dreaded Memory Conservation Mode, which is powerful but has a very easy-to-spot weakness: his core. Once in Memory Conservation Mode, he'll grow to the size of a house and be incredibly powerful. Duan has managed to defeat him many more times than one, and now has a rivalry with Duan's girlfriend, Aquella "Tsunami" Oceania. One day he couldn't find his old enemy Duan so he set his targets on the friendly frog, Droget the Frog. The only way to stop him from seeking revenge on you is to never tell him your name.

RMG-24, the vengeful robot
Age Unknown to society
Gender Referred to as male
Species Robot
Description Grey exterior, red hands with spikes., green head with blue antennae and red eyes. Spiked polonium shoes that allow him to jump high.
Relatives Unknown
Nicknames None yet



Affiliations None yet
Romantic Interests None... unless you count his own revenge...
Main Enemies
Weaponry Laser hands, eyes, small missile launchers, and a knife,
Abilities Blowing stuff up, slight swordplay hovering, firing missiles and lasers
Super Forms Memory Conservation Mode
Ability Type None
Alter Egos None



No one


  • Duan the Hedgehog
  • Aquella "Tsunami" Oceania


No one

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