Car Type Roadster
Horsepower 131 HP
Transmission 6-Speed Manual transmission
Top Speed 143 MPH (156 MPH; when slipstreaming)
  • I drift for fun!
Super Formations
Affiliations None yet
American V.A. Ernie Fixmer
Japanese V.A. Yasuyuki Kazama

The RG-15 (0805-15・ザ・ロードスター 0805-15 za Rōddosutā) is an anthropomorphic roadster, driven by J the Hedgehog. It is a slow, but very easy car to handle.


The RG-15 is a fun-loving (although desperate) and mischievous vehicle, mainly because it is likely obsessed with races and driving around the streets (even though it isn't controlled by J, its owner). It is also considered to be heroic, despite its low top speed, and it will do whatever it can do to stop enemies from harming innocents, even though it ends up totaling itself.

Physical Appearance

The RG-15 consists of a custom hood, round headlights, two speakers from the inside, a highly durable metal pipe for its front bumper and features a turbo from the back of its engine, including a huge exhaust pipe from behind.


The RG-15 is a rear-engine, rear-wheel drive vehicle (RR layout) meaning that it is easily prone to drifting, even without the use of its handbrake. While it rarely shows any abilities, it is quite durable enough to withstand magic attacks. It can use Thunder attacks from its headlights, because even though its headlights are fairly small, it has enough lighting power to blind enemies that are attempting to attack it. Here are its known abilities:


The RG-15 has very poor capabilities of off-roading as this can easily affect its handling performance. If driven through mud, its rear wheels can get caught, thus not being able to drive through the mud without help. Like many vehicles, the RG-15 dislikes blizzard seasons because its engine will likely freeze, thus rendering it undrivable; driving through deep water can easily slow it down.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Drifting, causing mischief, racing, interacting with friends/other vehicles, battling enemies


  • Off-roading, being impounded, enemies attempting to steal it, diesel fuel, blizzard

Character Interactions

TBA (To be Announced)

Theme Songs

Mason - Exceeder (Special Mix) from Wipeout Pulse
Theme of SEGA Carnival from Sonic Riders
Tokyo Drift from The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift
The Crystal Method - Acetone from Wipeout HD Fury (DLC version of Wipeout HD)


"What did I tell you!? I made it flawlessly!" After getting S rank

"The enemies are too flimsy to stop me!" After getting A rank

"I was getting fueled up after completing this goal." After getting B rank

"Uhhh... that was a little too hard." After getting C rank

"Why is the mission easy, when it is basically hard, huh?!" After Getting D rank

"[revs engine] That was a lot difficult than ever!" After getting E rank

"Let's burn some rubber, baby!" After being selected

"Prepare to get roadkilled! [revs engine]" Before a battle

"Now you oughta think twice before getting behind the wheel! [revs engine twice]" After winning a battle

"[engine explodes] Nooooooo!!!! [its voice dies out]" After losing a battle

Other Quotes


  • [after using Smog Check] "Take a wonderful smell to my beautiful smog!"
  • [to an enemy] "If you're that tough, then how come you're all talk and not laying a dent on my hood ornament?!"
  • "Smell the sweet rubber. It has your name all over it."
  • [to GUN] "I bet your vehicles cannot capture me [revs engine in a taunting matter]


  • The RG-15 unusually resembles as a concept roadster.



Sonic Fanon R

The RG-15 is an unlockable character after playing as the Desert Hawk 50 times. It is a car with very good handling specs and normal speeds, but is poor from driving through off-road terrains.


Mobian Mechahazard

The RG-15 is the main victim of becoming roboticized, despite being a roadster, along with the Thresher XL.

Werehog Plague

Here, the RG-15 transforms into a Werester, right after being attacked by other remaining Weres.

Time Crisis

The New Ultimate Lifeform

Project Overkill



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