R.O.B. III From Mario and Friends, Amy Rose: The Movie, SSB the Comic, SSB 6 Years Later and SSB Beyond.

R.O.B. (Dr and Detective Inspector William O' the Hedge), like Dr. Daria Rose,  is one of Amy Rose's unmarried Parents who fell victim for the Roboticizing Machine, which is why he ended up as Mobius's Inspector Gadget Spoof, so after he escaped and rescued Daria who ended up in with the Ando Skeleton 


Old Detective/Dr. Willy is an Inspector Gadget Spoof, which explains why he also has gadgets underneath his andronetic skin. He even has a Black Suit. he also has a white gloves and a black tie. Not to mention topaz eyes.


He has the same personality as Freedom Fighter Policeman Hamlin the Pig only that he knows that Sonic will never be interested in Amy's Relationship, but every time he tries to tell Amy that,  Daria Protests that "Amy's not suppose to know that."


Before he was a Robian Detective, he has been living in the Kingdom of mercia at Hedge Haven with his Big Brother Andre and his som Rob O' the Hedge to heal the sick before he met a Porcupine named Daria, they were just friends at first until the day they're finally deciding to make offsprings (yes their currently in love), and after 11 months prengnancy  Daria gave birth to the twins, the Female Pink Hedgehog Amy Rose (who was an 8 year old twin before the Ring of the Acorns turned her into a 16 year old older sister) and the Male Green Porcupine Jacob "Jade" Rose.


Like I said he has Gadgets underneath his skin. He also uses "R.O.B Shock". He also uses "R.O.B. Laser pupils" against Opponents. He also has R.O.B. Shield, a laser Barrier that Protects himself and his allies. 


  • R.O.B. Kick: It grapple kicks Opponent
  • R.O.B. Punch: It Grapple Punches the Opponent
  • R.O.B. Copter Propeller Smack: It gives the opponents the multi-slap in the face with it's Blades
  • R.O.B. Copter Flight: It enables Willy to fly like a helicopter.
  • R.O.B. Beam Cannon: It aint Overpowered like Mephiles's beam that K.O'd Sonic but it can hit an opponent less hardly.
  • R.O.B. Hand-Cuffs: Willy couldn't arrest a Criminal witho those Cuff.


He can say "Go-Go R.O.B." then says a Gadget's name before it pops up. He also detects people like Hamlin for saying the wrong crap. He also thinks of turning Hamlin into "Sausage meat" for prosecuting Sally for a moronic reason.


Well lets just say it weakens him to fight a Woman. It happened before the time he met the Iron Queen Regina Ferrum. It turns out that fighting a female like her makes him a tad too shy. Same Crap happens when he started to fight Fiona Foxx who escaped from Prison.


  • Team Chaotix (where Vector is Second in Command)
  • Crazy Critter Freedom Fighters
  • Council of Acorn (Though dislikes Hamlin for Prosecuting Sally Acorn)
  • Knothole Freedom FIghters
  • Game Central Securiay
  • G.U.N.

Voice Actor

I think that Mike Meyers makes the best voice of Willy. He has a same accent as Shrek. The difference is that Shreck speak Scottish and Willy speaks Ol' Ye English.


Loxley O' the Hedge = Father (Deceased)

Bella O' the Hedge = Mother (Deceased)

Andre O' the Hedge = Brother (Deceased)

Rob O' the Hedge = Nephew

Mari-An the Hedge = Niece-In-law

Jon O' The Hedge = Nephew

Jade Rose = Son

Amy Rose = Daughter 

Dr. Daria Rose = Girlfriend

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