Qultan is the main antagonist and the true final boss of the 2015 Wii U videogame Sonic and the Thousand Stars of Doom. It is an ancient demon (Dark God in the Japanese version) who seeks to destroy reality after he freed himself from his prison once the 1000 Stars of Doom is collected, just to have his revenge.

Role in the game


Qultan was once one of the Ancient Ones, a race of godlike demons who sought to maintain peace and order in the galaxy. However, Qultan betrayed the rest of his comrades for selfish reasons. However, his comrades imprisoned him as a punishment for his betrayal. Now he seeks to free himself from his prison and destroy reality, just to have his revenge.

Story Mode

After unlocking Last Story once the player collects all of the 1000 Stars of Doom, the stars explode then the energy of the stars manifest itself as the demon Qultan. Qultan reveals his plan to Sonic and his friends to destroy the reality just to have his revenge. Cicada gives Sonic, Shadow and Silver the Chaos Emeralds and they transform into their respective super forms in order to defeat Qultan. After the player completes the final boss fight against Qultan, Qultan dies, then explodes.

Boss Battle

The player must control all of the three characters (Sonic, Shadow and Silver) in their respective super forms against the final boss fight against Qultan. The player must avoid Qultan's energy ball, laser and fire attacks. The player must aim and attack the two floating masks 11 times until the boss is defeated.


  • He is one of the darkest villains in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.
  • He hates Sonic.
  • He is also similar to villains Solaris, Dark Gaia and Time Eater.

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