Quintessa the Bat/Rift

What happens when Tess and Quinn can't agree for a single second on what to do? Instead of the one in control being paralyzed while the two of them squabble, Rift takes over. As awkward as it may be that he's male and all of Quintessa's other forms are female, he does make the collective being that is Quintessa actually move and live and do stuff, which is the point of his existence. Also, he's a geokinetic, which comes in handy sometimes when Quintessa's voices all agree that they really need to lift some rocks.


Rift's most distinctive appearance trait compared to Quintessa's other forms is being generally considered male: while the other personalities and relative appearances are all female, Rift has an average Mobian masculine build, a taller-than-average male Mobian height, and a voice at a normal male pitch, making others consider him to be male (something that the other personalities inside his head find fairly weird).

That aside, Rift has his own share of appearance traits that are unique within the set of appearances of Quintessa's forms. Rift has dark gray fur and wings, dark bluish-gray skin, black wavy hair that comes down to the back of his neck, bright green eyes, and long, narrow, pointy ears.

Rift usually wears casual clothing, mainly consisting of T-Shirts, cargo pants, socks, sneakers, and fingerless gloves (making his clothing similar to what Tess usually wears). His clothing generally tends to be black, gray, or dark blue.


From looking at Rift, it's clear that he has a lot of internal conflict. What this really means for him is that, most of the time, if he exists, Tess and Quinn are arguing in his head, and he's trying hard to ignore them and get something done. As such, he'll often seem tense and brooding to others, just because he's trying to focus and get the other voices to go away. To someone outside his head, though, he'll just look like a guy who's a little too withdrawn and quiet.

Rift does have another side, though, one that only shows itself rarely. If he appears because all of Quintessa's voices have agreed that he should be the one whose form they're in, he'll be much more focused, much more open, and generally a better person to be around. Most people don't see this side of him, though, as he usually only exists due to internal conflicts (as stated earlier); Jack, one of Rift's close friends, is one of the few people to see this.

Strengths and Powers

Rift is a geokinetic, allowing him to create, destroy, and move rocks, dirt, sand, and similar types of materials at will. His power is only moderate, as it is inherited from Quinn, who didn't practice with it all too much before she was combined with Tess and formed Quintessa. Nevertheless, it can be quite useful on some occasions. Rift also has the greatest physical strength and durability of all of Quintessa's forms (with the sole exception of Quintessa herself), and can fly, being a bat.


This character's sixstat code is 442334

  • Health: 4 – Rift can take a lot of hits without getting beaten down.
  • Damage: 4 – Rift's physical strength is pretty good. His geokinesis is not as good, but still lets him pack a punch.
  • Speed: 2 – Rift has below-average speed, largely due to his frequent confusion from the other voices in his head limiting his speed.
  • Reflexes: 3 – Rift's reflexes are about average. They'd probably be better if he didn't have voices talking to him all the time, but he manages to keep them about average despite the other voices.
  • Intelligence: 3 – Rift is decently smart, but not much better than average.
  • Regen: 4 – Rift recovers from damage quickly.

Fun Facts

  • Rift's masculine build, while originally simply conceived as a fun idea that had no particular meaning, turned into a metaphor for the fact that he's a sort of combination of Tess and Quinn, making his masculine build represent the combined bulk of both of his component forms (minus some). This resulted in the builds of every other one of Quintessa's forms being a metaphor for that form's role in relation to the other forms.
  • Rift is ambidextrous.
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