This is a page about Quintessa, one of the forms of Quintessa the Bat, a character created by Wikikinetic

Quintessa is the moderator, the mastermind, the personality who keeps watch over Quintessa's other personalities to make sure that they don't all go haywire. Additionally, on the occasions that she actually takes over the body, she's the most physically and magically powerful of all of the forms, leading to her taking over whenever her other forms need extra powers. However, she's usually just quietly hiding in the background, waiting for a moment when she's needed.


Quintessa has a fairly average female build, except for the fact that she is approximately 4/3 the height of the average male Mobian and her body scales accordingly. Aside from that, her body shape is basically what one would expect from an adult female Mobian.

As to normal appearance traits, Quintessa has dark purple fur, very dark purple (almost pitch black) skin and wings, medium purple waist-length straight hair, white eyes that turn bright green when she uses her Chaos powers, and normal-size bat ears (scaling to fit her head, which is 4/3 normal Mobian head size to fit her body).

Quintessa's outfits are an amalgam of her other forms' outfits. She wears a long-sleeved T-shirt and pants (resembling those that Tess or Rift wear), a skirt that holds up her pants (resembling Quinn's typical dresses' skirts), a pair of boots like Fay's, and fingerless gloves resembling those that all of her other forms wear. All of the parts of her outfit are in dark purple (as opposed to the original colors of these parts in her other forms' outfits).


Quintessa is by far the quietest and most reserved of the personalities. She'll rarely intervene in anything, unless either her other personalities all agree that she should intervene in something (in which case she'll do it) or her other personalities are having negative interactions in a way that she feels requires her to step in and fix something. This is due to the fact that the reason for her existence is to keep order within her being at a very high level; as such, she is practically forced to stay out of low-level debates and quarrels. When she does get involved in something, however, whether that's with her other personalities or actually being the one of Quintessa's forms who's active, she is incredibly effective in accomplishing her tasks, due to the combination of her maturity, intelligence, and sheer physical and magical power.

Strengths and Powers

Quintessa's main power is her chaokinesis, or Chaos manipulation. This allows her to teleport, shoot energy beams at people, and do other meta-abilities. In addition to this, Quintessa has high resistance to damage, is very strong, and is quite intelligent, making her a fearsome adversary. Her other personalities will frequently try to get her to take over in battle whenever possible due to this. Also, Quintessa can fly, being a bat.


This character's sixstat code is 553251

  • Health: 5 – Quintessa is very durable, largely due to her immense size.
  • Damage: 5 – Quintessa is also very strong, again largely due to her size. Her chaokinesis is very powerful as well.
  • Speed: 3 – Quintessa's movement speed is slower than average, but her teleportation makes up for this somewhat, and her speed at which she actually deals blows in battle is fairly normal, making her overall speed factor come out to about average.
  • Reflexes: 2 – Quintessa's reflexes are a bit slow, largely because they usually don't have to be.
  • Intelligence: 5 – Quintessa is very good at assessing situations and figuring out when she should do what. Her actual skill at coming up with battle plans is not as good, but she is overall pretty good in terms of intelligence.
  • Regen: 1 – Quintessa's regeneration is not very good, for reasons unknown.

Fun Facts

  • Quintessa's name is an amalgamation of the names Quinn and Tess, which are the names of Quintessa's two original forms. Also, Quintessa sounds similar to the word quintessence, which is another name for Aether.
  • Quintessa is ambidextrous.
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