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This is a page about Quinn, one of the forms of Quintessa the Bat, a character created by Wikikinetic

Quinn is one of the original two personalities of Quintessa, along with Tess. Of the two, Quinn is less social, more selfish, and also more powerful…not the best combination as a whole. Fortunately for Quintessa, Tess is always there to balance out Quinn and keep her from making terrible decisions. Plus, Quinn's power and tactical thinking can be incredibly useful at times, making her a valuable asset to Quintessa's other forms (if an unreliable one).


Quinn has cyan fur, bright blue wings, icy blue skin, bright blue straight hair (which she usually leaves in two ponytails) and lime green eyes. She has a somewhat bulky and curvy build, and her ears are somewhat smaller than average for bat ears (although still fairly large, being bat ears).

Quinn's outfits generally consist of dresses (usually with short skirts), tights, and flats. Pretty much all of her pieces of clothing are bright blue, as well. Additionally, Quinn insists on carrying around a short staff on her back at all times for self-defense; despite the fact that she is a trained hydrokinetic and used to possess geokinesis, aerokinesis, and chaokinesis, she firmly believes that her powers are only accessible by channeling them through her staff, which is why she carries her staff at all times.


Quinn is serious and tactical, as well as somewhat selfish. She'll never approach another person with the sole intent of being friendly; there has to be something in it for her or for some sort of larger scheme involved before she'll even start to interact with someone. The same goes for just about anything else in her life, be it battles, job opportunities, or anything else; if there's nothing in it for her or for some larger plan, there's no way that she'll even consider it. This selfishness greatly conflicts with Tess's selflessness, and, as such, is the source of most of their arguments (and, consequently, is the main reason for Rift's appearances).

Note that, if there is something for Quinn in a given task, even if that's getting involved in a battle, she will commit herself to it relentlessly until it's over, at which point she'll return to normal. On the occasions that Quinn finds a task like this that she is able to become very invested in, this may allow her to actually get along with Tess well enough to allow them to fuse into Fay (although, if the task is too personal in who it benefits, Tess may vehemently oppose Quinn's actions and force Rift to appear).

Quinn is also fairly religious. She firmly believes in a ditheistic system involving Solaris, a violent god of light, fire, and discord, and Lunastre, a more peaceful goddess of night, water, and balance. This doesn't come up much, except in the fact that Quinn frequently swears by one or the other, and it helps to know what she thinks of them (e.g. if Quinn calls someone a "pawn of Solaris", that's very negative). It also contrasts directly with Tess's wavering monotheistic/atheistic belief system, causing yet another source of arguments between them. (Quintessa spends a lot of time trying to get them to stop arguing about their religious beliefs, with low to moderate success.)

Strengths and Powers

Quinn is a powerful hydrokinetic; she can create, destroy, and move large quantities of water at will, allowing her to unleash powerful waves of water to attack her opponents, knock them over with streams of water, knock them into the air with geysers, and do much more. This power has all been inherited from her large amounts of time spent training to become an excellent hydrokinetic, as hydrokinesis was always her favorite of her four elements (when she also possessed geokinesis, aerokinesis, and chaokinesis). Additionally, Quinn can fly, being a bat.


Quinn's main weakness is that she believes that she can only channel her elemental powers through her staff. Despite Tess's attempts to convince her otherwise, Quinn firmly believes that if she loses her staff, she's powerless. Thus, disarming her is the most effective way to get her to stop attacking, as counter-intuitive as that may seem from analyzing Quinn's powers.


This character's sixstat code is 353342

  • Health: 3 – Quinn has average resistance to attacks.
  • Damage: 5 – Quinn is capable of doing fairly large amounts of damage, although not incredibly large.
  • Speed: 3 – Quinn's speed is approximately average.
  • Reflexes: 3 – Quinn's reflexes, like her health and speed, are about average.
  • Intelligence: 4 – Quinn is fairly tactical and reasonably intelligent. However, she has various roadblocks, including not being very up-to-date with facets of modern society and being bound by her superstitious and/or religious beliefs; that, combined with her being not as great with coming up with plans on-the-fly as in advance, makes her intelligence only appear to be slightly above average in a fight.
  • Regen: 2 – Quinn's regeneration from damage is not that great.

Fun Facts

  • Lunastre, the "good" divine being in Quinn's religious system, has the same name as the surname of a number of characters in World of Warcraft. The similarity was unintentional on my part, although I'm sure that the name was mulling around somewhere in my head before it became unintentional inspiration for this divine being.
  • I did not make up Solaris; this version of him was created by SEGA, first appears in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), and can be found on the Sonic News Network here. I also did not make up swearing by Solaris; Skyblade does that (or at least did that, sometimes).
  • Quinn is right-handed.