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Quintessa the Bat
This is a page about Quintessa the Bat, a character created by Wikikinetic

Tess was a normal college kid who happened to also be a pyrokinetic. Quinn was a medieval Mobian and a master of all of the classical elements except for fire. When Quinn created an odd power imbalance from trying to use Aether (now called Chaos), assisted by Water, Earth, and Air, but not Fire, she was pushed into the present, where she was combined with Tess, forming Quintessa: a being with five personalities—Tess, Quinn, Rift, Fay, and Quintessa—each with its own distinctive appearance and classical element.

General Info

Quintessa's appearance is inconsistent; the only trait that her forms share is being Mobian bats (they're not even all the same sex). Their outfits also vary per appearance set, as they all have different fashion tastes, and their outfits are attached to their individual form (making it that when they switch from one form to another, the outfit switches too). Similarly, their personalities vary widely, as do their strengths and powers. See the individual subpages of this page for more information on the individual forms' details.


Quintessa's Creation

About 700 years ago, back in circa. -400 SY, a bat named Quinn was one of the most prominent magic-wielders. Working her way up from what was considered the standard one element per user (hers was Water), she managed to acquire three more elements (through more or less moral means): Earth, Air, and the most powerful of them all: Aether (now called Chaos). Quinn desired to also obtain Fire, giving her control over all five classical elements, but was unable to resist testing her powers once she had obtained Aether/Chaos. Using this new power, fueled by her other powers, she attempted to manipulate time itself, using Aether/Chaos backed by her three other powers (Water, Earth, and Air). She succeeded, but was unable to control her destination; as a result of this, her power imbalance (as she lacked Fire), and her personal desire to obtain Fire, she was shot 700 years through time to the location of a compatible Fire-wielder.

Cut to the present, where a random college sophomore named Tess (who happened to also be a bat and a pyrokinetic) was just trying to live a normal life. She had made some friends, was trying to find some sort of a useful career path, and was generally not trying to do anything out of the ordinary. However, as it would seem, she was not in control of her fate, at least not in the regard of being ordinary. As Tess was a perfect compliment to Quinn, in that she had the element of Fire and was similar in various mental and physical aspects to Quinn while also being the exact opposite of her in various other ways, Quinn unintentionally crashed into Tess upon landing, fusing the two of them together into a new being with all five elemental powers.

Fortunately for the new being, the two very different original personalities were not left to manage the new being between themselves. The new being had its own personality, dubbed Quintessa (as a combination of Quinn and Tess). In addition, the Quintessa being and its sub-personalities quickly found that each personality had its own form, and, to match Tess only having one power, each of the other forms only had one power as well; Tess kept Fire, Quinn kept Water (as that was her favorite and most practiced element), Quintessa got Chaos (as Chaos was the most powerful of the elements, making it go to the most overarching personality), and two new personalities were created for Earth and Air: Earth went to Rift, a personality formed to take over when Tess and Quinn couldn't agree on what to do, while Air went to Fay, a personality formed to take over when Tess and Quinn were so closely in harmony that they essentially blended together into one being. Quintessa's role, then, was to oversee everything and take over whenever conflicts between all four other forms should arise, when any other sort of bizarre confusion should occur that would require her assistance, or when the personalities decided that she should take charge (as the forms shortly discovered that all personalities could and would talk in the heads of all others, as well as seeing what the other forms were seeing, meaning that the personalities could make such decisions). With all of that settled, the new, five-personality, five-form being set out to try to retain Tess's normal life as much as possible while experimenting with the new powers of the new five-part being: Quintessa.

Jack and Sigma Mu Nu

In Tess's junior year of college, things got a bit more complicated for Quintessa. She met a freshman named Jack who was having trouble trying to get into a local fraternity named Sigma Mu Nu. As a result of this trouble, Jack was acting temperamental and overall annoying, which made Quinn want to have nothing to do with him. However, Tess saw that he was feeling vulnerable and needed a friend, so Tess and Quinn argued until Rift took over and made the executive decision to reach out to Jack and try to help him. Thus began an incredibly awkward friendship that necessitated Quintessa's forms having to all consent to have Rift take over whenever they had to interact with Jack (something that not all of them were that pleased about).

Six months passed, and Jack was becoming increasingly temperamental and, now, apathetic, despite Rift's best efforts. One day, for reasons unknown to Quintessa, Jack disappeared. Three days later, Rift got captured by Sigma Mu Nu, who explained everything to him: Jack had gotten mad during a hazing ceremony and beaten up the fraternity members before disappearing, so they decided to exact revenge by humiliating Rift while videotaping him.

At this point, all of Quintessa's forms agreed on what to do. Rift morphed into Quintessa—the process of which scared the Sigma Mu Nu members out of their lives—before proceeding to use Quintessa's Chaos powers to knock out the Sigma Mu Nu members. Then, using the video footage of the Sigma Mu Nu leader threatening Rift and having mentioned what he did to Jack, Quintessa was able to turn Sigma Mu Nu's members in to the local police.

Current Times

After the whole Sigma Mu Nu fiasco, Quintessa returned to her normal life of having Tess attend college as normal while the other personalities took over whenever necessary. Although nothing particularly special has happened to Quintessa or her forms since then, they've all been at the ready, just waiting in case they need to help out with anything important again.

Fun Facts

  • This is one of my few pages not to have an infobox or even a picture or placeholder picture. This is due to the fact that the pictures would be based on Quintessa's sub-forms (as the overall character does not have a unified appearance), and all of the infobox's fields would be filled in with "Various" (with the sole exception of Species, which would be "Bat").