"The Usurper burned my village. My people have nowhere to sleep this night. He must be brought to justice before more townships fall to his unsavory wrath."
Quills Doll
Quills the Porcupine
Biographical Information
Age 15
Relatives None known by name
Aliases None
Physical Description
Species Mobian / North American Porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum)
Gender Male
  • Height: 4'9"
  • Weight: 89 lbs
  • Fur: Purple
  • Muzzle & Chest: Tan
  • Eyes: Green
  • Black Knuckleless Gloves
  • Gray Socks
  • Black Shoes with White Tips
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Team Boreal
Allies Rage the Wolverine, Trick the Raven, Team Gelid
  • Multitude of Quills
  • Quillbash
  • Quillshot
  • Super speed
  • Enhanced agility
  • Infallible memory
  • Resistant to cold environs
Other Information
Original Creator Somarinoa

Quills the Porcupine is a super fast porcupine member of Team Boreal. Because of his serious attitude and calculating mind, he could be considered the unofficial leader of Team Boreal, although no official leader has ever stepped forward.


Quills is relatively typical of an Oloshkan Porcupine-based Mobian. Only standing 4'9" and weighing a mere 89 lbs, he is covered in a deep purple-hued fur, with long quills hanging down in makeshift locks, akin to both Knuckles the Echidna as well as his partner Rage the Wolverine. A number of the shorter quills adorning his head curl forward however, producing bangs. Quills also cover his backside as well as his tail, although these can lay down flat unless needed, such as during his version of the infamous Spin Attack technique. Each and every one of these quills are incredibly sharp. In direct contrast to these sets of quills, his muzzle and stomach are covered in soft, velvety fur of a tan coloration. He also possesses a small button nose, relatively large ears and vibrantly green eyes. Like most Oloshkans in his era, he is not a happy individual and is usually seen with a determined look on his face. He is

Quills is a minimalist when it comes to clothing, although his body can perfectly handle the local climes and they are actually relatively unnecessary to his kind. He typically can be found wearing black knuckleless gloves, gray socks that extend only a short distance past his ankles, and a pair of black snowboard boot-like shoes with a white patch for the toe area.

Background History

Like his fellow teammates, Quills was directly affected by the mysterious usurper's mad invasion. His town, a Porcupine settlement known as Nenalchek, was subsequently burned by badniks when they failed to aid in the Usurper's demands for the power that allowed their continent to periodically fade in and out of existence. Little remained afterwards structure-wise and the town was decimated, although far less Porcupines perished that day than Wolverines did at the Soldokna massacre, partially due to Quills stepping up and attempting to save whom he could, such as those suffering from smoke inhalation.

Before the loss of his hometown, he was a happy-go-lucky, naive and childish porcupette; however, all of this changed on that day as he was forced to grow up to aid his people. Since that day his personality has shown a significant alteration, and he generally is a more serious individual because of it.


Quills is known for his Quillshot, an ability where he uses but one of his thousands upon thousands of quills and flings it forward, allowing it to dislodge and fire forth at a would-be opponent. It is not quite as powerful as his melee attacks, but still is a worthy ability, especially given his inherent speed, which allows him to perform hit-and-run tactics. Another related technique of Quills is the Quillbash, during which he simply swings his tail around and smashes its quills into an opponent at close range. He is also adept at the spin dash and simple smashing techniques due to his many hardened quills.

Being a North American Porcupine, he is also has a jaw-dropping memory, bordering on semi-permanent photographic memory. He can remember in detail things such as complex mazes for upwards of 100 days.


  • Quills the Porcupine was created as early as June of 1997. He and the rest of Team Boreal were created on the idea of a Sonic fangame based on a mystical continent based on Alaska, where Somarinoa is from.
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