Quick Attack is a fast-paced attack, popular among fleet-footed Mobians (such as cheetahs, ferrets, cats, etc...).


Quick Attack is a very basic but highly swift tackle, designed to catch an opponent before they have time to counterattack. As such, it has a usable radius of 360 degrees, with users capable of diving towards the opponent from the air, or rising up from the ground or water, while using this technique. On most occasions, a trail of color, typically the color of the user, follows behind as they use it, although this isn't always the case. By combining this attack with Agility, another speed-enhancing move, it's power grows greater, especially in the aspect of evasion.

Of course, this technique, due to it's common nature, has many different forms. Some users generate friction to the point of forming a flaming cloak around themselves, although this field can be damaging to those who do not wield fire. Others reach speeds where they appear to teleport, moving at a speed similar to Flash Step over a short distance. Other users form a colored aura around themselves, which is believed to be the point before the user unlocks an elemental variation of this technique, a rarity as most users prefer to focus on elemental attacks of a similar speed. Some users, due to their physical movement preference, have been known to use this technique while running on all four limbs.

Some users have been known to replace the tackling impact with a stab or kick at the same speed, which can push this technique to a lethal level on impact from either blunt force trauma, or intense penetration on a stabbing motion. Despite that, users of the more fatal version of this technique are few and far between, and a user trained in combat can typically counter such a technique.

As of yet, despite the technique showing potential to have elemental variants created, no such variations exist. However, the technique is a stepping-stone towards other high-speed attacks, such as ExtremeSpeed


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While this attack is useful, it isn't that strong, and is fairly common, so this technique has a D-Rank. However, some users argue that this attack is more powerful that claimed and deserves a higher rank, due to the potential for internal bleeding or deep levels of penetration at max speed.

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