This is the Greek legend of the quest for the Golden Fleece -- Sonic Style!

Knuckles as Jason


The Argonauts

Jason: Knuckles

Theseus: Sonic

Hercules: Vector

Castor: Mighty

Pollux: Ray

Atlanta: Amy Rose

Sons of the North Wind (or in this case, the daughters of the North Wind): Breeze and Rita


Orpheus: Tails



Julie-Su the archer



Old lady w/ peacock: Aurora (in disguise)

King of Iolchos

King Pelias: Kragok

King AEtus: Dr. Eggman

Princess Media: Blaze

With also..

Lien-da (as Kragok's sister, of course)


Princess Ariadne: Sally Acorn

The Story Begins

(Years ago, the throne of the kingdom of Iolchos was overtaken by Kragok and the "Dark Legion." The unthroned king sent away his son, Knuckles, only a baby at the time, to be taught under the care of Chiron the Centaur, where he would be safe. Years later, when he was now 16, Knuckles left Chiron's place to go back to Iolchos, determined to take back the kingdom)

Knuckles (walking through the woods): Da dum.. Da dum.. and together we'll stand strong no matter how.. da da.. da da da (comes up to a huge river, raging in gushing torrents) Oh, great. How do I get across this thing? Maybe if I find high ground I glide across?

???: You traveling this way?

(an old echidna lady walks up beside him wrapped in cloaks, looking across the river)

Knuckles: Well, yeah, I just need to get across this river.

Old Lady: As am I. Could you be a kind gentleman and carry me across?

Knuckles: Whoa.. Hey, I'd love to help and all that, but I'm not really sure about how I'm gonna get across, much less the two of us...

Old lady: Very well. If you will not bother to help an old lady get across a river, then I will find my own way across. (starts looking for a shallow point to cross the river at)

Knuckles: (Oh great, way to make a guy feel guilty..) Wait! Wait.. um.. yeah.. *sigh* I'll carry you across on my back.

More coming soon!

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