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This is the Greek legend of the quest for the Golden Fleece -- Sonic Style!
Greek Knuckles

Knuckles as Jason

Of course, being a parody, I will be changing some stuff around. Some events will be different or added. In other words, artistic and sonicization liberties will be taken. Enjoy! (by the way, if you want to see the original story, you can find it on


The ArgonautsEdit

Jason: Knuckles

Theseus: Sonic

Hercules: Vector

Castor: Mighty

Pollux: Ray

Atalanta: Amy Rose

Sons of the North Wind (or in this case, the daughters of the North Wind): Breeze and Rita

Lynceus: Espio

Orpheus: Charmy

Tiphys: Tails


Julie-Su the archer



Old lady w/ peacock (Hera): Aurora (in disguise)

Aeson: Locke (Knuckles' dad)

King Pelias: Kragok

Argus: Rotor

King AEtus: Dr. Eggman

Princess Media: Blaze

With also..Edit

Lien-da (as Kragok's sister, of course)


Princess Ariadne: Sally Acorn

The Story BeginsEdit

(Years ago, Cretheus, king of Iochlus, died, leaving the throne to his son, Locke. Locke's stepbrother, Kragok, however, had different plans. With the help of his sister Lien-da and his army, the Dark Legion, Kragok took over the kingdom and banished his stepbrother. Lara-Lee, Locke's wife, had to flee the kingdom, but she left her son, Knuckles, only a baby at the time, to be taught and raised by Chiron the centaur so that he would be safe. Years later, when he was now 16, Knuckles left Chiron's place to go back to Iolchos, determined to take back the kingdom.)

Knuckles (walking through the woods): Da dum.. Da dum.. and together we'll stand strong no matter how.. da da.. da da da (comes up to a huge river, raging in gushing torrents) Oh, great. How do I get across this thing? Maybe if I find high ground I glide across?

???: You traveling this way?

(an old echidna lady walks up beside him wrapped in cloaks, looking across the river)

Knuckles: Well, yeah, I just need to get across this river.

Old Lady: As am I. Could you be a kind gentleman and carry me across?

Knuckles: Whoa.. Hey, I'd love to help and all that, but I'm not really sure about how I'm gonna get across, much less the two of us...

Old lady: Very well. If you will not bother to help an old lady get across a river, then I will find my own way across. (starts looking for a shallow point to cross the river at)

Knuckles: (Oh great, way to make a guy feel guilty..) Wait! Wait.. um.. yeah.. *sigh* I'll carry you across on my back.

Old Lady: Oh thank you so very much!

Knuckles: *sigh* Here goes nothin'... (starts to carry her across the raging river; he loses his balance and starts to fall a couple of times, but keeps on going; in the middle of the river, he loses his sandle in a rock) Aw, dang it!

Old Lady: Is something wrong?

Knuckles: Nothing, I just lost one of my golden-stringed sandals that my dad gave me, but I can't get it back now.

Old Lady: *chuckles* Oh, believe me, losing that sandal was the best thing that has happened to you so far. Now I know that you are the one.

Knuckles: "The one"? The one to do what?

Old Lady: Oh, you'll see.

Knuckles: *sigh*

(When they got across the river...)

Knuckles (catching his breath): Wow..we actually made it.

Old Lady: You act suprised. Well, thank you, young lad.

Knuckles: So...what was I "the one" for?

Old Lady: No need to worry about that now. Just keep doing what you set out to do, and know that you have my blessing. (takes off some sort of cloak, revealing her true self)


Aurora: Aurora. That over there was a test, and you passed very well. You will have my protection. (turns and walks into the woods, then disappears)

Knuckles: Wait, I still have que-- ...questions. Wow..that was

The City of IochlusEdit

(Knuckles then continued his journey until he finally reached the kingdom of Iochlus. Upon entering the city, everyone around stared at him in shock, as he had only one sandal. Knuckles went to the center of the city, where he found the palace of his uncle, Kragok. )

Messenger: Your majesty! Your majesty! There is someone here who wants to see you. He.. he...

Kragok: Oh, just bring him in.

(Knuckles was led into the throne room and a crowd of townspeople followed. Kragok tried to keep a stern look on his face, but on the inside he was horrified. Years ago, he was given a prophecy that one day someone with one sandal would come and take over his kingdom. While he contemplated what to do with him, to his side his sister, Lien-da, and his scribe waited for his response. Lien-da actually hoped that this newcomer would take him down. Kragok told her that they would become equal rulers once they disposed of their half-brother, Locke, but Kragok ended up becoming king and making Lien-da second-in-command. She was infuriated with him ever since. She knew she couldn't take him down herself without the Dark Legion fighting for him, but if the newcomer takes power, she could get the Dark Legion on her side and she would take him down. The question for her was how to make it happen.) Knuckles: Well, I have a score to settle with you, uncle.

Kragok (standing up, trying to look powerful): Ha ha. Well, if it isn't my little nephew. My own flesh and blood. What brings you here today?

Knuckles: Oh, stop that. You know why I am here. I'm here to avenge my father, the true king of Iochlus.

Kragok: Please, is that what they told you? Your father was weak, so I took over. I brought order to this empire.

Knuckles: With all your little Dark Legionarre helpers on the streets? If you're so strong, come down here and fight me yourself!!

Kragok: Really. Let me discuss this. (turns around to his scribe and Lien-da)

Lien-da: Who's he to defy you like that? Go ahead, fight him.

Scribe: No, my king! What if he defeats you? You will be humiliated!

Lien-da: Hey, he's just a little weakling. You are a... king, aren't you?

Scribe: But rumor has it that Lara-Lee sent her son to live with Chiron! He would have trained with the master!

Lien-da: Please. You don't really believe that, do you?

Kragok: Enough! I have an idea. (turns to face Knuckles again) Well, my little nephew. You wouldn't mind if I asked you a question, do you? Of course not. If you were a king, and you faced someone that you knew would take you from your throne, what would you do with him?

(The crowd that had gathered started muttering among themselves as Knuckles pondered on what to answer. It seemed as if he was trapped. If he answered, "I would let him go", then he would not seem truthful. If he answered proposed the norm, imprisonment or death, then Kragok would have the grounds to do just that to him. But, after thinking through his options, Knuckles answered.)

Knuckles: I would send him after the Golden Fleece.

(The crowd gasped. No one had ever went after the Golden Fleece and made it back alive. Word was that it was guarded by a dragon in an island ruled by an extremely territorial king. Kragok, however, seemed pleased by the answer.)

Kragok: Well then, you shall do just that. If you bring me the golden fleece, I will give you the throne. But remember, the Dark Legion will never let you back in the kingdom if you don't have it. (turns to face Lien-da and his scribe) Don't worry, he will never make it back.

Lien-da: Yeah, let's hope so.

Enter the ArgonautsEdit

More coming soon!

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