Queen Aleena

Queen Aleena is the secret wife of Batula the Hedgebat, and the mother of Sonic, Sonia and Manic. She was the ruler of Mobius who had went missing several years before, and her advisor, Joseph T. Marley, is currently taking her place.


Early Life

Very little is known about Aleena's early life, though it can be assumed she was born into the royal family, and later took reign of the throne.

Prior to Sonic Fanfiction

Not long after her coronation, she had at some point encountered the Batula the Hedgebat. They had became good friends, and later fell in love with each other. Aleena and Batula married in secret, and even though there were no legal documents, it was still considered legal as only those among the highest authority can grant this. Since Queen Aleena was the highest power in Mobius, she was able to do so.

Some time after, she was expecting their children, triplets, two boys and a girl. Batula told Aleena she should continue to keep their marriage a secret, and she agreed, not because she was afarid of him, but because she was afraid for him, thinking her people may try to harm or even kill him, due to the bad reputation his family had recieved over the years. Before they were born, Batula requested that one of his sons be named Oligvie, after one of his distant grandfathers.

After their children were born, one of her sons, Manic, had been born with bat wings. Aleena had brought him to his father. Batula made a potion that removed Manic's wings painlessly, and turned him into a hedgehog, thus lowering the suspicions of their children's father.

Two years after the birth of her children, she made Joseph T. Marley her advisor, after the old one passed away, since he was one of the most trusted men in Mobius. Seven years afterward, Batula grew wary of him, and tried to warn her of his intentions to betray her, though she often dismissed him because of her own trust in Joseph.

Not long after, Aleena was announced missing, and Joseph agreed to take over the throne until her hopeful return. Because of this, her three children set out to look for her, the Marley and Seawall Detective Agency was formed, in hopes of finding her, and Batula was left in grief, convinced she was dead.

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IncaIceBunny's Fanfictions

Sonic Fanfiction

Aleena is the mother of Sonic, Sonia, and Manic the hedgehogs, and the secret wife of Batula the Hedgebat, who has mysteriously gone missing. Her advisor, Joseph T. Marley, agreed to take over Mobius, until her hopeful return.

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Since Aleena has made no formal appearances yet, it is difficult to determine whether or not her personality has any differences or not. If she does, they have yet to be shown.

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Since her daughter, Sonia is skilled in fencing, it is possible Aleena was the one who taught her how, meaning she also knows fencing.

Aleena was taught leadership skills as a child, so that she would lead her kingdom with peace and harmony.

She may be skilled with weaponry, to an extent.



Current Relatives

Future Relatives

  • S.J. the Hedgehog (Grandson)
  • Amy Rose (Daughter-in-law)



  • Joseph T.Marley
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