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Queen Aleena of Mobius.

Queen Aleena, in her turquoise gown and lavender-colored hood.

Queen Aleena Chrysos Hedgehog-Celeritas is a character in the AngieYaz/RoseOfSharon reboot of the Sonic Underground television series. She is an anthropomorphic hedgehog and the mother of Sonic, Manic, and Sonia. She is also the original leader of the Freedom Fighters, alongside her husband King Jules Celeritas.


Queen Aleena in her gown and hood.

Queen Aleena in her white armored dress.

Queen Aleena is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with dark purple hair/quills, as well as purple fur and black eyes. She wears a gold crown—the Crown of Mobius—made from the same material as Rings - Mobian gold. While her armor covering her body is white, the jewel on the middle of it is cerise. She wears a white armored dress with a gold decoration on the skirt and a long yellow cape with a heart-shaped pendant on the front. Other than this outfit, she also wears Tudor-style gowns and some casual clothing.

She wears a purple, fur-trimmed cloak when she is keeping an eye on her children. (A later episode's flashback sequence reveals that this is her cloak that she usually wears during the cold winter months on Mobius). However, she was seen wearing a red cloak and hood when giving up the triplets in the theme song and in the episode "To Catch a Queen and King". (In that same episode, it's also revealed that she owns a red scarf.) She wore a blue hood in "Head Games". The majority of her hoods and cloaks, as well as her red scarf and her Tudor-style gowns, were gifts bestowed upon her by her husband Jules.

Aleena is described by Mercian ambassador Marrilac as tall and slim, "of incredible beauty and of very assured and resolute countenance." She was amethyst-haired and was said to have had a lovely face. In the words of the chronicler Jaxon on Jules' and Aleena's first date, "Her hair hanging down, which was fair, purple and long ... she was apparelled after the Erinian fashion, with a Mercian hood, which so set forth her beauty and good visage, that every creature rejoiced to behold her." Jaxon also described the bridal gown that Aleena wore on her wedding day: “Then the Lords went to fetch the Lady Aleena, who was apparelled in a gown of rich cloth of gold set full of large flowers of great & orient pearl, made after the Erinian fashion.. her hair hanging down, which was fair, purple and long: On her head a Coronal of gold replenished with great stone, and set about full of branches of Rosemary, about her neck and middle, jewels of great value and estonation."


Queen Aleena in a turquoise gown and lavender-colored hood.

Queen Aleena wearing a blue cloak and hood made of silk and lined with fur.

She is the twin sister of Charleston "Charles"/"Chuck" Hedgehog. In her youth, Aleena was a free-spirited and energetic girl. She was physically active, but she was not as fast as her future husband, who was connected via his royal bloodline to the Speed Grid, an interdimensional energy field that grants his family line their powers of super speed. She was also peppy, as she would randomly pop in during Jules' reading sessions with a beaming smile. She and her husband were also great singers too. Like her future daughter in law, Amy Rose, she was fiery, sweet and kind, as well as vivacious. Despite her fun-loving attitude, Aleena also had a strong sense of justice, something which carried over into her adulthood. At one point during her youth, she and her parents were locked up in a prison tower for an unknown reason, but records confirmed that they were trapped in there for some time.

The Queen again wearing her blue cloak and hood that her husband Jules gave her.

The Queen smiling at her one-year-old daughter even though she is about to be separated from her and her husband.

In adulthood, Aleena matured greatly and appeared to be passive, gentle, and openly emotional, though with the crucial motherly nature needed to raise her children Sonic, Sonia and Manic.

Jules and Aleena also were the owners of a royal hovercraft that they used to conduct journeys of royal business; it would later be passed down to Sonic and Amy after their journey to Celes Island (they were going to the Temple of the Speed Grid in search for the source of the super speed gifted to the firstborns of the Celeritas half of the royal bloodline; they were captured and placed under a sleeping spell while on the island, forcing their eldest son and his court to initiate a rescue).

Queen Aleena was the former queen consort of Mobius, ruling alongside her beloved husband Jules, but was deposed at the hands of Doctor Robotnik. The Oracle of Delphius informed her and her husband that she was forced to leave her children in a basket and give them to two separate families (by placing them in front of their house and knocking the door) in order to protect them. At first the royal couple refused, saying that they could never afford to lose their heir Sonic, but they were forced to relent when the Oracle told them that their caretakers should be given specific instruction to raise the children in the ways of the royal family.

Aleena and her husband are also the guardians of the ancient city of Mobupinchu. It is unknown, however, if Sonic and Amy will succeed them in this duty.

She is a childhood friend of Lady Anaris Windermere, and this is why she entrusts her to take care of her eldest son Sonic and her middle daughter Sonia. She is also the twin sister of Sir Charles Hedgehog (formerly Prince Charles Hedgehog); she entrusted her brother to care for her youngest son Manic.

Throughout the series, she and her husband assist Sonic, Manic, and Sonia, whose main goal is to find them, which they fail to do despite everything. Along the way, the Queen and King leave cryptic messages and clues for them to find, and several times intervene directly to save their children. According to a prophecy, the royal couple and their children will one day reunite and form the Council of Five, bringing about Robotnik's defeat. Then Sonic, as firstborn, will be crowned King of Mobius. Thanks to the assistance of the prince's girlfriend Amy Rose, eventually the prophecy is indeed fulfilled and Robotnik is defeated, the crown passing on to Sonic. She then forfeits the title of Queen after this, becoming known as Lady Aleena Chrysos Hedgehog-Celeritas.


Queen Aleena is caring and does her best to help her children—she and her husband once openly fired on a group of Swatbots and a Roboticizer to save Manic and then Sonic. Unlike Robotnik (the one from their dimension), they also cared about the people of Mobius since before Robotnik ruled, everyone lived peacefully and prosperously. In fact, if they were not risking the fate of the children, they would have joined them and become Freedom Fighters. But they believe that if they reunite with their children before the time is right, the prophecy will not come true and something horrible will befall upon them.


Aleena's past often influences the adventures of her children. In the episode "Friend or Foe?", she is revealed to have visited the Floating Island in the past with her husband and the Oracle of Delphius and met Knuckles the Echidna and Julie-Su the Echidna. The Oracle of Delphius left a message on the island at her request, saying that Knuckles would be the first in a series of allies who would join her children in their quest to find her and the King. She and her husband also built Mobius' Hanging Gardens for their children before they were born. The Gardens housed a specimen of the Velocitree, which Robotnik used to make Sonic Tonic, a liquid that when poured on the feet made one go super fast. She also attended a debutante ball when she was a teenager, wearing the same pendant that she gives to her daughter. During the ball, she met her future husband for the first time and they fell in love. Together, they found the Power Stone and gave it to the citizens of the jeweled city of Mobodoon to bring power and life to their city.

Powers and abilities

Queen Aleena and her husband King Jules often project their image to their three children in order to communicate with them at great distances.

While she and her family members are not capable at moving at super speed, Queen Aleena appears to possess certain magical abilities, such as projecting her image to other locations (to communicate with her children) and teleporting from place to place, powers she shares with her husband (although, like his ancestor Aman-Rapi, Jules had to learn his spells). Her crown contains a jewel that acts as a signal device; if separated from her, it will pinpoint her location.

As her name means "light", she can also draw power from sunlight and moonlight to strengthen herself and heal her wounds the same way that the Speed Grid does for her husband and eldest triplet son, while also being able to use it to directly harm enemies in beams of solar fire or even imbue her weapons with for more damage.


  • While she is voiced by Gail Webster in the original series, she is voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (voice of Cetrion in Mortal Kombat 11) in the reboot. Her Cetrion voice is just pitched up a few semitones.
    • Wendy Lyon, voice of Queen Serenity in the DIC English dub of Sailor Moon, was also considered for the role.
  • Anaris Windermere and Owlette Whooverton, as well as Alexisa Whinnyham, are some of her friends since childhood.
  • Aleena's dark purple hair/quills, as well as her purple fur, make her resemble Breezie.
  • Aleena's abilities in the use of magic are even more advanced than Queen Callista's.